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    Jeju's 4.3 Massacre Remembered

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    On April 3rd, 1948, Jeju Island was caught in a civil war-like time of violence and human rights abuses. This is when the period known as the Jeju Uprising and Massacre began.

    The Korea File spoke with participants at the Jeju 4.3 Commemorative Street Festival last Friday to hear their impressions of this tragic event in Jeju's history.

    Live music performances include Hallasanhoe's Songs for Jeju 4.3, Dedicated to 4.3/Antiwar Peace by the Parkbo Band and The Changwon Grandmothers Singing Group's songs from yesteryear with "Girls’ High School Days”.

    Activist/Artist Lee Do-hee's work can be found at http://www.doheelee.com

    The image for this episode is a still from the film '?? (Jiseul)', a semi-fictionalized account of the events of 1948 and after. A review on the award-winning film can be found at Koreana, a quarterly journal of Korean arts and culture at http://www.koreana.or.kr/months/news_view.asp?b_idx=3025&lang=en&page_type=list and the film is wildly available online.

    For a long read on Jeju's 4.3 tragedy see the official governmental document The Jeju 4·3 Incident
    Investigation Report at http://www.jeju43peace.or.kr/report_eng.pdf

    For a brief summarization, go to http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Jeju_Uprising

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    TOMMY TRAN on Jeju's Hidden History

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    Tommy Tran is a PhD student at the University of California at Los Angeles in the department of Asian Languages and Cultures. His primary focus is urban ethnography in Korean Studies.

    In this interview he discusses the hidden history of Jeju-do's streets, architecture and urban planning initiatives during the Chosun dynasty and Japanese occupation.

    You can read more about his work at his blog, Jeju Palimpsest:

    Music on this episode is Trot King Ko Bok-su's ???? circa 1960. See it on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNY_z9AC9P4

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    News: Pope Francis, Burke, Cuba deal, Royals visit and Pakistan Massacre

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    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on the alledged drama or conflict between Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke.  He also speaks on the Cuban deal in which Pope Francis played a big role as well as the visit by the Royals to the United States and the Pakistan school massacre.  



    Images are from Google Images. 

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    TOMMY TRAN on Jeju's Unregulated Growth

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    Tommy Tran is a PhD student at the University of California at Los Angeles in the department of Asian Languages and Cultures. His primary focus is urban ethnography in Korean Studies.

    In this interview he discusses what happens when Jeju Island, a former periphery of Korea, becomes a premier testing ground for development highlighting the contradiction between urban expansion and cultural and ecological preservation.

    He also speaks about his (extremely painful) 7 day, 150 km pilgrimage around the entire perimeter of Jeju (in straw sandals) in 2011 and his relationship with Korean Son Buddhism.

    You can read more about his work at his blog, Jeju Palimpsest:

    Music on this episode is ???? with ?? (Banigeoulseu- Wave) circa early '80s. Watch their video on youtube at

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    JON DUNBAR on Korea's Cults

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    In part one of a two-part interview, writer and journalist Jon Dunbar discusses the seedy reputation of Korean cult culture, including Cheonghaejin Marine, the company behind the sinking of the MV Sewol.

    For more on Cheonghaejin Marine's alleged culpability in the Sewol's sinking, go to

    Jon Dunbar's writing and photography can be found at http://daehanmindecline.com/

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    BEN SPENCER: Chuja Exit Interview

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    Ben Spencer made it through 6 months on the biggest hardship posting in Korea's EPIK public school program, the rapidly shrinking fishing community of 2000 on Chuja Island, 2 hours north-west of Jeju by ferry.

    I spoke with him in October and agreed to catch up again at the end of his contract to see how he had maintained morale and motivation in such an isolated environment.

    In this exit interview two days prior to leaving Korea forever and returning to life, love and home in Ireland, Spencer speaks about life in a one industry community, Chuja's lack of self-sufficiency and why he ended his teaching contract early. He also expands on some Chuja-related topics established by The Jeju Weekly article 'And You Thought Jeju Was Remote' from August, 2009.

    Spencer's intriguing and articulate prose on Chuja life can be found at OBSERVATIONS FROM THE COUNTRYSIDE at https://countryobservations.wordpress.com/ and his earlier writings can be found at SPENCER COTTAGE INDUSTRIES at https://spencersteaandsympathy.wordpress.com/

    Music on this episode courtesy of '60s Korean girl-group THE PEARL SISTERS. An explainer on the group from kpopstarz.com: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/81483/20140227/pearl-sisters-hate-it.htm

    A link to The jeju Weekly article can be found here:

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    Pakistan, Fatherhood, & I Stand w Israel - A Voice for Our Time w Charlana Kelly

    in Christianity

    Join host Charlana Kelly for an update on Pakistan with Betty Swann and a discussion about the gifts of the Spirit then a poignant conversation with you about fatherhood in leadership. We are lacking true fathers in every aspect of our culture and society in America. This is why we find ourselves on the verge of collapse. If you are a man who loves the Lord, then you are called to a powerful fatherhood in everything you do; whether in the home, on the job, in the community, in church, or in national leadership. It's time to have an honest conversation about men in our nation. In the last segment Charlana give a fervent call to STAND WITH ISRAEL! Don't miss it!

    A Voice for Our Time is the flagship program of Voices of TRUTH Radio Network a production of SpeakTruth Media Group LLC © 2015

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    FANCY MAN live show + interview

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    Fancy folk trio FANCY MAN on playing in Jeju's music scene, using the school music room as a practice space and the joys of sharing a teaching gig with your bandmates.

    You can find more music and videos including Christmas Card From Korea (part 2) at http://www.timothycushing.com/

    This interview and live performance was recorded at Jeju City's Magpie Brewing Co. on 2/20/2015.

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Avi Lipkin a former Senior Editor for the News Department under Israeli Prime Minister Yizthak Shamir's office will be joining Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to disscus the current ISIS and radical Islamic crisis in the Middle East.  President Obama says "I Take Full Responsibility" for the US Operation that killed innocent hostages held by Al Qaeda in Pakistan leaving 2 hostages dead Weinstein and LoPorto. Also after 54 years of being dormant in Chile the Calbuco Volcano erupted sending ash and dust and smoke and fire 6 miles into the sky and causing 5,000 people to evacuate. Also a Russian Test Missile crashed on launch in Northern Russia causing embarrassment for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his military efforts. Also in Beijing, China "Red Dust" fell from the sky turning the city red and dark and people were saying in the streets "Like the end of the world". China reportedly issues new warning over North Korean nuclear production. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley. 

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    The "Mega Mega" Earthquake of 7.9 that hit Nepal has now lifted the death toll to over 3,800 dead and 7,000 injurred and expected to go much much more higher including 100 people stranded on Mt. Everest. Also Russian hackers accessed Obama's unclassified emails a breach far more intrusive than previously admitted. Also could the drought in California bring about the "Dust Bowls" of the 1930's? Also a scientific methhod is being considered to "Nudge a Asteriod with Nukes" is now on the table of NASA and world powers military forces. Also a date has been leaked of October 20, 2015 the World will introduce a "New Reserve Currency" or a New "Global Bill" lead by the economy of China replacing the American Dollar. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    BROTHER ANTHONY: Korea's 20th Century

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    Brother Anthony (???) is President of the Royal Asiatic Society of Korea, an academic organization which has participated in Korean intellectual and cultural life since 1900 . He`s also a scholar of Korean studies, a translator of Korean poetry and an expert on The Korean Way of Tea.

    In the 2nd of a two-part conversation he speaks about his work translating poet Ko Un (??), the changes he's witnessed firsthand in Korean society in the last 35 years and the unreality created by the division between the two Koreas.

    For more on Brother Anthony, visit his website at http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/

    For more on The Royal Asiatic Society of Korea visit http://www.raskb.com/

    This interview was recorded in Brother Anthony`s Sogang University neighbourhood office in December, 2014.

    Music on this episode: "Chuitaepyoung", Daegeum Solo, 1928