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    Off The Cuff! Tonight's Guest Kony Brooks

    in Entertainment

    This up and coming episode of Off The Cuff Radio is gonna be a special one, We the Guillotine Team are honored to have BX hip hop artist Kony Brooks as a special guest on our show. KONY is one of the nicest up and coming rappers out there in NYC so its a pleasure to bring him on the show and chop it up with us. We're also gonna touch on topics such as the latest Ebola Outbreak, How the Louisiana School System failed Lil Boosie, The topic of Relevancy in Hip hop, The End of XXL Magazine as a Staff, Magazine and as a muthafukkin Crew.

    We're also gonna be dropping some of the latest music throughout the show so if youre a up and coming artist then email me or Sandman and we're playing your track on the air.

    CALL IN NUMBER IS (914-338-1628)

    Showtime going down on Friday October 10TH at 9PM!



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    Celebrating the release of their album, we are inviting Kony Brookss and Teddy Grahams back on the show to discuss their project. We're also gonna tackle  the whole Suge Knight fiasco, Justin Beiber's Road to Recovery from Niggadom, Bow Wow and most importantly these Fake Pastor and Pulpit pimps whom are continuing to exploit the Gospel and the Community for the almighty dollar. This is gonna be a heavy show! Call in Number is 1-914-338-1628 if you want to ask us anything regarding the topic or topic of your choice!


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    KONY 2012

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    Joseph Kony

    in Current Events

    I know the last episode was supposed to be jokes and stupidity, and eventually, we went down the Joseph Kony road and got sidetracked. I've uncovered some stuff about the Non-Profit organization who started this movement, and I gotta get some shit off my chest. Gonna be a short show. Basically, it's me spreading the word. I'm not really publicizing this show for that reason. If you tune in, that's awesome. If you don't, I understand.

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    Religion & How Terrorism is connected to Islam...

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    Ever try and piece together how Islam is connected to terrorism? I'm tired of people jumping to conclusion and not knowing facts. 

    Also, ever wonder what happened to Ebola, the 300 women missing under Kony's reign and how things in media are huge for a couple days then we never hear of it again.... Why is that???

    Listen to tonight's show as we weigh in on these topics.

    Feel free to call in (646) 787-1811

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    Screaming Rebels Podcast Episode 12: Joseph Kony

    in Entertainment

    We break down this who Joesph Kony and scam running around this organization that brought Joseph Kiny to our attention

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    Award-winning novelist, short-story writer, poet and screenwriter Susan Minot joins Halli at her table Wednesday, September 16, 3 pm ET on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show.
    Susan Minot’s first novel MONKEYS was published in a dozen countries and won the Prix Femina Etranger in France. Her novel, EVENING, was a worldwide bestseller and became a major motion picture. She teaches at New York University and Stony Brook.

    Set against the haunting canvas of war-torn Africa, in her latest book, THIRTY GIRLS - her first work of fiction in ten years - Minot interweaves the stories of two young women, a precocious Ugandan teenager abducted by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army and Jane an idealistic, emotionally wounded American writer, each fighting for salvation in the face of ruinous brutality and loss.

    Emotional nuance, formal daring, stunning evocations of Africa’s splendor and its struggles and more when bestselling author Susan Minot visits The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, September 16, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

  • Underground Beat with Madam President and Special Co-Host the Freak Boyz #Take2

    in Hip Hop Music

    This week on the Underground Beat with Madam President we are going to return to our regularly scheduled programing and having Special Co-Host the Freak Boyz of Illicit Cut Records comeback and co-host, as you may remember the last time the show died on us right as we played their first track. However, hopefully we have figured out all the kinks and we’ll air smoothly tomorrow night from 8-10pm est and remember if you want to call in and speak with us the number is (646) 716-5926 just press 1 to connect with us. I’ll be playing tracks from; Kony Brooks, Cambatta, Nobi, Kazea B.Ills (new, and produced by JJ Beats), Phil Blount (new), Docent (still trying to play this shyts), Dutta (again still trying to play), T-Y Green (new), Prolific (and yet again still trying to play), not to mention since time has past I have all new tracks from the Freak Boyz so we’ll get into them as we discuss them during their interview. Of course I got those announcements, #PresidentialBeatDown/JJBeatsRapContest, hell we might even get into some Know Your Roots segment type shyt too. #PresidentialSalute to all the listeners, callers, supporters, and former co-host for making this all possible!   

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    Episode 10 Kony Rage

    in Entertainment

    Kony is not a massive problem 

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    Underground Beat with Madam President and Special Co-Host Nate Capone

    in Hip Hop Music

    You know how the Underground with Madam President runs. We are gonna drop those raw hip hop tracks from artist such as: Kony Brooks, Cambatta the Crackbaby, Kazea B.Ills, Nobi, Phil Blount, Docent, Dutta, King Trav/Clutch and Nate Capone. This week there are a few announcements to keep you on point on what hip-hop events are going on in your area. The #PresidentialBeatDown has been "beefed" up so we're going to fill you in. Finally, after that we'll get into an in-depth interview with Fresh Money Entertainment's very own Nate Capone. If you would like to call in the number is (646) 716-5926 just press 1 to connect with us. #PresidentialSalute to all the listeners, callers, supporters, people sending in tracks, and former co-host for making this show possible!! 

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    Kony 2012: Inside the Campaign

    in Education

    In this show, we sit down with Caitlin Cheevers (President) and Randi Shaffer (Promotional Manager) of the Central Michigan University Chapter of Invisible Children.  Caitlin and Randi will discuss the hugely successful KONY 2012 campaign from the inside.  Our objective is to provide our listeners with a deeper understanding of the Kony 2012 campaign - its overall aims, and the challenges it has faced.  Additionally, both Caitlin and Randi will talk about how this campaign has changed the nature of their leadership positions (both have been working with Invisible Children for a number of years, well before KONY 2012 put Invisible Children on the radars of young people).   If you are intrigued by Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 campaign, tune in!