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    Guest Host: Steve Gardner, he is the "man" responsible for business development, partnerships, contests, and all the other important non-technical stuff. Steve is also a Kompoz member and singer-extraordinaire; better known to most as simply "Sanger"
    Romantic masterpieces created on Kompoz.com are featured tonight.
    Songs featured:
    Shadow in the Night
    Beautifully Broken
    They Don’t know you Like I Do
    Take My Breath Away
    Love Has Come
    Radium Love
    If you want to give a shout out to your Valentines, email us at Marta@Cubanarama.com
    Subject:Valentine Shoutout and we will make it happen....

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    Kompoz is an online workspace for musicians, singers and songwriters collaborate to write, record, play, publish and market their music.
    Steve is responsible for business development, partnerships, contests, and all the other important non-technical stuff. Steve is also a Kompoz member and singer-extraordinaire; better known to most here as simply Sanger.
    Featuring THE CONDITION. 24 musicians from all over the world make up The Condition,  a virtual group featuring the words & vocals of Steven Gardner, created with musicians from around the globe with kompoz.com
    Also featuring THE DEAD CLOWNS, The Dead Clowns are an online-band / internet-band / virtual-band that use online music collaboration technology to bring musicians, vocalists, composers, lyricists and audio engineers from around the world together to make new music primarily in the Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, Pop, and Dance genres.
      While The Dead Clowns mainly compose in the Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, Pop, and Dance genres with a bit of that Top 40 sound mixed in, the group does not limit itself to any one type of music. Rather, they strive to fuse different genres together when appropriate. So ... what is The Dead Clowns Sound? Best Answer: A mash-up of music genres and styles that are usually fused together with Dance and Hip-Hop beats.

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    The Leprichaun Love Dr. returns with his little Pot of Songs from Kompoz that are golden to listen to.
    Keep the secret! His real name is Steve O' Gardner! :-)
    Nutty Irishmen will be served......

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    Maybe the days when we used to put a dime in the record machine are long gone, but ROCK & ROLL is alive and here to stay.
    If you want to ROCK with me ? Come join KOMPOZ.COM
    Also, an announcement about an exciting Berklee College of Music program for students 4-12th graders across the nation. Steve Gardner will explain.

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    Talented Indonesian singer Alice Leonz & Swedish bass player Björn Pehrson write and perform classic swing jazz songs with traditional sounds and ingenious lyrics that reminds us of great jazz classics of the 1940's and 1950's.
     Alice and Bjorn met on Kompoz, an online social network designed for music lovers to create songs with artists from around the world. Their professional union flourished as the couple worked together and recognized a similar vision for writing, singing and playing Jazz
    They continue refining their music and carrying on in the footsteps of legendary musicians reaching old and new fans worldwide with their extraordinary sound. 
    In this project they are joined by gifted musicians from around the world.
    "The Swinging Boys" are: Raul Rodriquez.Jr.,Chuck Mac, Marty Keil, Ronggowisnu Prihadi, Pascal Lopez , Hernan Alizieri, Mauro Clerici, Fredrik Zetterberg, Lonnie Wilson.

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    Raul Rodriguez Jr., alias heart-throbbing Latin Crooner, will be winning women’s hearts with this latest endeavor. He’s humble and passionate and according to Casia, “He’s so charming to work with, I never want this album to end. Raul does it all, a man of many talents. He writes, he sings, he plays more instruments that I can count on my fingers, he arranges, he produces and he’s been doing it for enough years that you can see the music in him, and he never hesitates to go out of his way to assist newcomers to the music scene.”
    E.G. Holmes started playing piano at about 8 years old. One day when he was out with his parents, they heard him playing an electric keyboard at Woolworth's having no idea Eddie even knew the instrument. By age 10, his parents bought him a piano and he began composing. At age 11 he won the opportunity to sing and also perform a short solo in the Opera "La Boheme" with the Metropolitan Opera Guild.
    Casia is a lyricist from Canada working with solo performing artists, bands and hobby musicians from Russia to Australia. Compared many a time to great songwriters such as Dianne Warren and Paul Williams, Casia just smiles.

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    A Not Ordinary Christmas

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    A NOT Ordinary Christmas Album" is now available in CD format from select CD Warehouse Stores and on-line from Reverbnation as a CD, downloadable album or ringtones: http://www.reverbnation.com/anotordinarychristmas.

    As well, thirty eight on-line stores worldwide carries the album available for download and ringtones...check 'em out.

    The album will be playing in various venues in the city of Kitchener,Ontario during the holiday season and in Cole's Bookstore in the largest west-end shopping Centre in Ottawa, Ontario...more to come.

    "A NOT Ordinary Christmas" consists of 38 musicians, singers, arrangers, producers and mixers from ten countries singing the lyrics of Casia, a lyricist from Ottawa, Canada (Canada, USA, Sweden, Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and South Africa).

    The album consists of 45+ minutes of playing time in a fusion of genres from jazz to pop to blues to wacky punk rock and in between. Each song is like opening up a present as you don’t quite know what to expect from song to song. Fans have enjoyed trying to figure out what countries each of the artists are from on each song because the influences are so varied and so mixed together…a bit of sultry Belgium vocals, crazy British humor and Europop guitar riffs makes this album something unique.

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    Indie on Air! Casia

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    Casia in her own words: I work with musicians from all over the world in a collaboration of Peace and Understanding. Through our music we are one for music truly is the universal language. Music is empowering. It brings out emotion. It helps you see and feel things, to let you know you are not alone and we are all connected by a common human bond.

    I am called "Master of Collaboration" because I seem to have a way of bringing people and talent together to produce something amazing and that name has kinda stuck so I've actually started using it to promote my work. My newest venture "A NOT Ordinary Christmas" was 4.5 months in the making with 38 artists from around the world from ten countries (Canada, USA, England, Scotland, France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, South Africa). It consists of 12 original songs never heard before and all produced through the virtual studios of Kompoz and MusiciansCollaboration. And, it didn't cost us a penny just our time. A portion of the album proceeds will go to a Children's Charity.

    I initiated the project in mid June, wrote my lyrics, hand-picked most of the arists on the album and managed the project from concept to completion. It is currently available as a downloadable album and ringtones from Reverbnation and will be up and running on 38 on-lines stores around the world any day now. The album will be available as a CD as well and we're expecting it to be available for sale within the week. It will also be available at select CD Warehouse stores as well. We have several radio stations who are interested in playing our album over the holidays and are just waiting for me to send them a copy.

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    The vision, the dream is to create music. When ordinary people from around the world collaborate to make the harmony of their hearts sing, something magical happens it is called: "The Sound Of Music"