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    lola kold

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    Kold Ass Bitches

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    We Cute n Funny Ass Helll with Us,..

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    Nano Reef Hour - Starting Reef Keeping

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    On Sunday March 15th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Join 

    Albert and Joe as they discuss all things H2O.  The starting point of reefkeeping.  We will cover topics like Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Kold-Steril, Well water, water softeners and other topics. Everything you want to jnow about reef keeping.






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    Kold Creation

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    Badd Bitches Gone Too Real

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    A NEW SEASON and A NEW REASON to listen!

    THIS WEEK- TOP 3 FANTASY DRAFTING STRATEGIES! Die-hard Bears fan Greg "THE BEAST" Reifsteck hosts Green Bay Packer Backer and partial Team Owner Neal "PROST" Goforth and Bears SuperFan "KOLD KA$H" Khan. 

    If you want to win this season you will learn and listen!  More strategies and more ways to win at BIGBALLSFANTASYFOOTBALL.com

    Don't forget to listen to The Beauty and The Beast of Fantasy Football Experts on the BIG BALLS weekly Videocast at http://www.youtube.com/bigballsfootball

    Do you have any questions about your line-up or need tips on who to draft this season? Hit us up on Twitter (@BigBallsFball) or Facebook (facebook.com/bigballsfantasyfootball) and we will answer your question on the air.

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    Next Moto Champion Flat Track w/ Bryan Bigelow & Brandon Robinson

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    Get the inside scoop from riders, mechanics, and industry professionals from around the AMA Pro Flat Track community. NMC Flat Track Show brings you content and breaking news you won't find anywhere else. Hosted by AMA Grand National Rider #65/Next Moto Champion Associate Editor Cory "CTex" Texter & Former AMA Grand National Rider #43/AMA Pro Announcer Scottie "Hollywood" Deubler".

    Bryan Bigelow - Former National #11 - 2001 AMA Supertracker Champion. 2x AMA GNC Main Event Winner. 5x AMA Kold Kutter Ice Racing Champion.

    Brandon Robinson - Current National #44 - 2013 3rd in GNC Expert Points. 2013 Three Main Event Victories . Daytona II, Springfield Mile I & Springfield Mile II.

    Featured Amateur Rider: Stevi Smith

    Have a question for us or our guests? Ask us on Twitter! @nextmotochamp @corytexter @scottiedeubler

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    Talking Motorcycles with Beau Braswell, Henry Wiles, Dan Ingram and Chris Carr

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    Beau Braswell does an encore performance on Talking Motorcycles. We will discuss the video to support the soon to be released single "Sideways" on Twist Grip Records and his true passion that involves the all new Twist Grip Motorsports Grand National effort. Things are happening fast for Beau on and off the race track. He will announce his three rider Grand National team for 2014 and its definitely newsworthy! #sideways
    Henry "Hammerin' Hank" Wiles, National #17 is on the show to discuss his Kold Kutter Ice Racing Championship win. The 9 time Peoria TT winner will talk about his quest for the 2014 Grand National Championship, his team and how he plans to earn the #1 plate this season!
    Dan Ingram, National #31 is revved up about his full season ride with a brand new race team. The Clermont, Indiana natives' early days of Grand National racing in the 90's is history. He is focused on a full throttle assault on the series in 2014 with a full time ride in the Expert Singles and Expert Twins! His fan supported "Dollar Bill Racing" got him through 2012 and now it is definitely on for this determined veteran.
    Chris Carr will give his take on the X Games, the HD Street 750's viability as a flat track power plant, the multiple brands for '14 and the big group of new Expert riders including Shayna Texter following her announcement on the show last week that she is riding the Latus Motors Racing Castrol Triumph. The 7 time Grand National Champion will be taking your calls!
    Barry Boone,  will ride back in history by revisiting 1964.

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    This Week Chicago Bears Fans JENILEE BOREK and GREG REIFSTECK the BEAUTY and the BEAST of Fantasy Football Experts present a Pre-season special.   J&G take you out of your Pre Season Panic. They know you have watched your teams struggle, and players have dropped faster than bodies in a 2 a.m. drunken game of Call of Duty,   JENILEE gives her REAL MEN you must pick no matter what in your draft for sure results, GREG goes into BEAST MODE and tells you who are the most ferocious draft picks that were on a roll at the end of last season.   Packer fan PROST gives you the BALLS TO THE WALL INJURY REPORT of players you would have titanium testicles if you picked them up in your draft.   Finally KOLD KA$H gives you his GAMBLES OF THE WEEK, players that will have the other managers in the draft scanning their sheets, while you smile with satisfaction.   Then everyone gives their FYIs and we do one round robin dedate of the BALLS CHALLENGE.

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    Part one for conservatives to take back America

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    How republicans can take back America! 1) reduce taxes on everyone 2) Fairness doctrine 3) reduce unemployment insurance to no more than 13 weeks 4) Vote the democrats out of office with their divisive politics 5) reduce capital gains 6) Barrack Obama, the man from Kenya is not qualified to be president. I support tax cuts, I am a staunch Ronald Reagan conservative. By cutting taxes, you encourage people and businesses to take prudent risks to stimulate the economy. i support this bill, but it will not hurt me to suffer tthrough two more years to vote all lying democrats out of Office. Once its found out he's not eligible to run or kold office, anyand all laws he implemented will be invalid, null, and void. The truth always prevails in the end. The democrats, socialists like Barry Hussein Obama, radical muslims, and communists all Lie! Reduce taxes, the Tea party movement is real. TEA stands for taxed enough already There is one big government of elitist career politicians. It has a left wing and a right wing. The Democrats and the Republicans both are responsible for the mess this country is in. Average, everyday citizens have had enough of them both. Big government no longer listen to the will of the people and has turned against the American people. It is out of control. It needs to be reined in. 

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    So BBFF left all of the bullshit NFL DRAFT prognosticating to Mel "High Hair" Kyper, since none of that will have an impact on your Fantasy Draft.
    But now that all the picks have been made, it's time for Die-Hard Chicago Bears Fans JENILEE "THE BEAUTY" BOREK and GREG "THE BEAST" REIFSTECK to tell you how these rookies will effect your Draft Day this fall.  We will also throw down with Packers fan  "HOT TUB" PROST about which team had the better Draft. 
    Finally we introduce our Lone Star correspondent KOLD KA$H who will give his GAMBLES of the Draft.

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