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    Live With Kola Boof

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    Today's live broadcast features Author Kola Boof at BeFramed in Baltimore, MD to discuss her latest novel, "The Sexy Part of The Bible".

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    CREE w/ Kola Boof

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    Acclaimed novelist, essayist, and activist,  Kola Boof, will join the CREE venue to discuss her views on the global system of white supremacy.

    Cree will ask  about Ms. Boof's views on the relationship of the colorism in use by many black males as well as about other forms of anti-blackness to the system of white supremacy.   And, we'll inquire about her thoughts on the newest nation recognized on the globe, the Republic of South Sudan.  The people in this new nation state have been the victims of genocide by the people of the area from which she immigrated to the United States at the age of eight, north Sudan.
    Ms. Boof's newest book is the novel, The Sexy Part of the Bible.   She has published ten other works; novels, poems, essay collections, and anthologies and an autobiography, Diary of a Lost Girl. 

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    A Special Edition of On Point with Kola Boof

    in Politics

    The infamous mistress of Osama Bin Ladin and novelist Kola Boof will be interviewed by Catalina Byrd. Tune in at 8pm. You do not want to miss this! She will be in Baltimore Friday December 9, 2011 at BeFRAMED on Liberty Rd. Email B-FLY at makingartmove@gmail.com for further info and RSVP's.

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    Topically Yours - Author Kola Boof

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    Controversial author Kola Boof, who has lived a colorful and intriguing life to date, claims to be the ex-mistress of Osama Bin Laden and Egypt's ex-president Hosni Mubarak.  Ms. Boof occasionally demonstrates she is unabashed about using acerbic language to express her viewpoints.  Boof talks with host Deardra Shuler, about her book "The Sexy Part of the Bible," a fictional tale about how colonialism left some Africans embarassed by their black skin tone, thus resorted to bleaching their skin.  Ms Boof has written several novels and poetry collections including Nile River Woman, The Swallowers and Flesh and the Devil. Born in Omdurman, Sudan, Boof now lives in Southern California. The title of Kola's book came about as a result of something a Christian named John Theodosius van Elder wrote in a pamphlet in 1651.  A portion of the pamphlet which read:  "The white woman is the virtuous part of the Bible, the prize above rubies, the jewel of God's heart, her hand is fair…but the black woman is the sex in the bible, everything about her is wicked." 

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    K.W.E.E.D Da 420 Show Vol. CCXI "Cherry Kola"

    in Music

    Da 420 Show hosted by DJ RoC and DJ BiG FLIP.

    Tuesday March 25 10pm to 12am CST.

    Vol. CCXI "Cherry Kola"

    Artist Interview "Fortune" 

    Da 420 Show plays music from all over the world.

    In the secondhour DJ RoC interviews some of the best Artist in the world.

    Listen to the #1 Underground Internet Radio Show

    K.W.E.E.D The Station With The Green

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    ANU Asafo, Baba Kola Abimbola, & Eric Mason - Philosophy of Education

    in Spirituality

    Baba Kola Abimbola & Eric Mason: 

    Baba Kola Abimbola is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Leicester, UK. He was previously an Assistant Professor at Seattle University where he taught Critical Thinking, Philosophy of the Human Person, and Philosophy of Law. Dr. Abimbola is the Coordinator of the International Congress of Orisa Tradition and Culture, the Secretary of the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies, and he has held visiting professorships of religion at Amherst College MA, Haverford College PA, and Temple University PA.

    Awo E. Adewuyi Mason:

    Baba Mason was consecrated to Ifa in Ile-Ife in September of 2000.  He is a student of Awise Wande Abimbola and an apprentice of Kola Abimbola.  He has studied world religions since the age of 10, and has become skilled in assisting students transitioning into the Yoruba tradition. 

    For the last 2 years, Baba Wuyi and his wife, Iya Olomide, have been developing a holistic children’s educational and character development methodology grounded in the Yoruba tradition.  The curriculum covers the philosophy and cosmology of the Yoruba tradition, politics, current events, history, relationship guidance, behavior assessment, etc. In addition to the spiritual work that Baba Wuyi performs, he is the President and CEO of Mason Business Services, LLC.  A firm focused on corporate training and development, strategy development, operations and general business consulting.

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    Curtis Harwell & Kim Duke Discuss Evertything You Wanted To Know About Caffeine

    in Fitness

    Caffeine myth or caffeine fact? It's not always easy to know. Chances are you have some real misperceptions about caffeine. For starters, do you know the most common sources of caffeine? Well, maybe two of the sources aren't too hard to name -- coffee and tea leaves. But did you know kola nuts and cocoa beans are also included among the most common caffeine sources? And do you know how much caffeine content can vary from food to food? Turns out it's quite a lot actually, depending on the type and serving size of a food or beverage and how it's prepared.

    Caffeine content can range from as much as 160 milligrams in some energy drinks to as little as 4 milligrams in a 1-ounce serving of chocolate-flavored syrup. Even decaffeinated coffee isn't completely free of caffeine. Caffeine is also present in some over-the-counter pain relievers, cold medications, and diet pills. These products can contain as little as 16 milligrams or as much as 200 milligrams of caffeine. In fact, caffeine itself is a mild painkiller and increases the effectiveness of other pain relievers.

    If you stop taking caffeine abruptly, you may have symptoms for a day or more, especially if you consume two or more cups of coffee a day. Symptoms of withdrawal from caffeine include:

    depressed mood
    difficulty concentrating

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    Black Bag Talks with Charles Williams about Journey to Manhood

    in Film

    Journey To Manhood takes an in-depth look into the African American community and the challenges Black men face on a day-to-day basis in our society. It seeks to showcase the dynamics of maintaining families, relationships and socio-economic status despite academic limitations in the so-called post-civil rights era.

    Renee Warren of Arielle Wren, along with the documentary’s director, Charles E. Williams have been working hard for more than a year interviewing and speaking with men from 8 to 80 around the country, editing, planning and more.

    Recently adding to their list of intriguing interview subjects the director and producer had the opportunity to sit down with actor Jamie Hector of the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire; to interview him on his journey to manhood.  Others they have interviewed include: Award-winning Actor | Author | Writer | Composer Daniel Beaty Nationally Known DJ Boof
    Actress | Singer Margot Bingham, U.S. Senator Cory Booker, New Jersey
    Actor | Comedian | Author Bill Cosby, Sportscaster James Brown,
    Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews,Former Mayor of NYC David L. Dinkins, Scholar Michael Eric Dyson and many others. Make sure you save the date and time to tune in live!  Always searching for the innovative, unforgettable and excellence, Black Bag Productions brings it to you.

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    Rant Radio: Variety Show

    in Radio

    Tuesday October 22nd show will be a variety show. Touching on a lot of national topics. Question of the day, Why are we seeing a rise in self-hating black personalities in the media? Some of the topics of todays show will be Grambling Univeristy, Don Lemon & Kola Boof. To call in dial 347-826-9600 Option 1 to talk.  5pm Central

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    CREE Reads Kola: The Authentic Black Man

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    In preparation for the discussion w/ TaterPie about sexual colorism's relationship to the system of racism (white supremacy), Cree will again read her condensed version of Kola Boof's essay, "The Authentic Black Man."  There is some mild profanity in this version imparting emphasis on serious matters pertaining to procreation. This excerpt is presented with the express written consent of the author, Kola Boof.

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