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    Celtics vs Lakers Post Game Podcast: Kobe Bryant last game at TD Garden

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    As 2015 is wrapping up, so is the Kobe Bryant era at TD Garden. The Black Mamba says farewell to Boston tonight and CLNS Radio has the action covered.

    CLNS Radio's Celtics Postgame Show is powered by Harry's Razors (claim free trial and use promo code: Celtics) and FanDuel (Claim Free Trial here and use PROMO CODE: CELTICS for FREE PLAY).

    Tonight's hosts will be Jess Thomas and Cory Prescott. The call-lines will be open throughout the 90-minute broadcast. You can expect to hear from some of your favorite CLNS Radio veterans with their memories of the Celtics vs Lakers rivalry of 2008 thru 2012.

    The The Garden Report's Jared Weiss will be calling in with the Grandstand APP report from both the Celtics and the Lakers locker room.


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    Los Angeles Lakers Season Preview with Darius Soriano

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    Darius Soriano (@ForumBlueGold) of Forum Blue and Gold joins Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA)  to preview the Los Angeles Lakers season.  Topics include:  How good D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle can be; what to make of Kobe Bryant's potential last year and what will happen next year if he wants to return; the impact of Roy Hibbert on both ends; assessing the job of the front office, coaching, and training staff, and finally predictions for the Lakers season. 

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          So, this is the final season for Kobe Bryant.  He will rank in the top portion of all time great basketball players.  In the top.  I have never seen anyone as intense as Kobe.  Michael Jordan may be the top BBall player of all times, but I didn't see the intensity that Kobe played with when he was on the court.  This doesn't make him better than Jordan, and you are looking at a wounded Kobe, who is probably still better than quite a few players, but his intensity?  Put in Mike Singletary from the Chicago Bears football, and Ray Lewis from the Ravens - for their intensity.  Intensity gives you an edge - YOU ARE TOTALLY FOCUSED - Totally, as focused as Stephanie Beard is going to be on today's show - share that spark of interest on B Ball with her - 347-205-9366.

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    Lakers Nation Podcast Episode 11: D'Angelo Rising

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis was joined by Jamieson Welsh (Fox Sports Radio) and Jordan Buscarini (Castle Country Radio) once again for this week's episode. The three of them discussed Kobe Bryant's condition and where the bulk of his remaining minutes should be devoted, as well as D'Angelo Russell's continued improvement both by the eye-ball test and the numbers and whether he should be the permanent starter at this point.

    Corey Hansford also joined the show in order to give a mid-season assessment and chime in on this week's LakersNation.com Roundtable Discussion: which of the young core players has shown the greatest potential to be a superstar at this level?

    Davis also asked each of them to put on their proverbial GM hats and decide which direction would be the best way to go with the future of the small forward position with rumors of potential interest in upcoming free agents like DeMar DeRozan, Hassan Whiteside and Harrison Barnes (amongst others) from the organization.

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    The Late Shift: All-NBA Podcast - Rare Kobe Bryant Interviews

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    The Last Shift is the web's #1 late night sports show. On the All-NBA podcast, host Rodney Fisher reviews the past week of NBA action and previews the week to come.

    On this episode, we talk about the retirement of Kobe Bryant. Plus: 

    Phildelphia 76ers, worst ever?
    Los Angles Lakers without Kobe
    Next Era
    Kevin Durant and Paul George names Players of the Week

    The Late Shift is brought to you by NTXGAME.com and credentialed by the NBA.

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    Lakers Nation Podcast Episode 12: Dave Schilling

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis caught up with former Grantland.com contributor and current writer for outlets such as The Guardian and Vice Sports (among others) Dave Schilling for this edition of the podcast. The two of them discussed the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers, how watching Michael Jordan compete with Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp made Schilling fall in love with the NBA during the 1990s, Schilling's thoughts on the young core and several other topics related to the current team.

    Schilling voluntarily acknowledged his desire for the team to move in a different direction with the coaching staff after the season and even offered a 'familiar' solution as a potential head coach. The two of them also addressed the upcoming free agency period and which strategy the front office should take as well as Schilling's belief that LSU's Ben Simmons is the prospect the Lakers should most covet in the upcoming NBA Draft

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    Lakers Nation Podcast: Episode 7

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis was joined by Jamieson Welsh (Fox Sports Radio) and Jordan Buscarini (Castle Country Radio) for the seventh installment of your Lakers Nation Podcast. The trio discussed Magic Johnson's recent comments about the front office and Jim Buss in particular. Davis asks if Johnson's criticism, while somewhat accurate, comes across as a bit of revisionist history given the fact that the former Laker-great publicly endorsed several of the moves he seems to be critical of at this point. 

    Davis also asked the panel to discuss some of the positive developments they've seen from the young core, while also addressing the current rotation, player frustration and whether the team may consider moving anyone if a more compatible or promising player were to become available on the market.

    Rather than their customary 'Final Shots' to close the show, the three of them took a moment to acknowledge some of Kobe Bryant's greatest moments since the 20-year-veteran officially announced his retirement last week.

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    6 Things to Admire about Kobe Bryant

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    Los Angelenos have plenty to chew on coming out of the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant has decided to retire after this season.  We'll discuss 6 things to admire about the future NBA Hall-of-Famer.  We'll also discuss how the Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is the closest player to Michael Jordan that we've seen since his Airness retired.  

    On the college football front, USC has selected current interim head coach Clay Helton to be their permanent head coach.  We will tell you what rings right about his hire.  

    On the NFL front, we will react to Brock Osweiler leading the Denver Broncos to a victory over the New England Patriots and establish the main reason why they have returned to the ranks of Super Bowl contenders. We'll also reveal a fatal flaw in the undefeated Carolina Panthers as well as discuss why finding the right quarterback for his system won't necessarily save the NFL career of Philadelphia Eagles head coach, Chip Kelly. 

    In the Ramscentric segment, we'll have 2 more guest analysts from the Facebook page LA RAMS vs St Louis Rams to discuss the primary key to brokering a deal for the NFL to finally return to Los Angeles.  

    Happy holidays to you and your's.  

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    Just felt it was neccessary, to go on air and share my thoughts about the great Kobe Bryant, who announced his impending retirement from the NBA at the end of this season, last night. Listen as I discuss everything Kobe when it comes to his retirement, my favorite memories of him, his impact on the game and how he's a prime example of today's relationships between athletes, fans and the media... check it out!


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    SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! YouTube.com/kingarden23

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    wwwashtarenespanolcom todos los domingos8pm los angeles ca

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    EVERYTHING LAKERS w/ STEPHANIE "LG" BEARD -Lakers -Kobe Announces His Retirement

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       Kobe Bryant to retire after this season

    There once was a Laker Gurl who lived in a tree high over the place they played, just so she could see.  And just because the height was high, a top the building up, She could never see the game cause she was just a pup.  She followed them to school one day, and it was really hotter, she thought she had the Lakers, but it was the Globe Trotters.  She called out loud HEY KOBE, cause she thought he was a dream, and someone screamed back her "Child you got the wrong team!)


    Check this LAKER GURL out - Stephff, not to be confused with Steph CURRY of the GSW, can be reached at 347-205-9366.  347-205-9366.