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    Guard/Tackle Alum Vernon Carey Joins Us Live....aAnd More

    in Football

       So the 3rd pre-season game is here and the "HOT TOPIC" is... "Should we even play the starters?"  When I heard that I thought..."what a stupid question" but then,  I see em dropping like flies around the league and the thought of losing Tannehill for the season to a silly pre-season game is an APPAULING thought!! So now I propose it to you.... Usually we play our starters into the 3rd quarter so everyone can "GEL" and get the "Chemistry" together for the season opener in just a couple a weeks.  Albert is just now coming back from a long time healing injury as is Misi...  Taylor got hurt last week and could be out 2 weeks...  Fox got concussed at Carolina last week...  Do we risk more??

      I SAY YES!!!!

      Vernon Carey  the great 1st RD draft choice O-Linesman for the Dolphins from  2004-2011 will be our special guest to share his thoughts and to take your questions LIVE on Thursday at 6:30PM est...  (516) 453-9433 is your ticket to this, all the latest news and rumors, and so much more!!

      SEEYA THEN!!!

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    Time For @Walt_Aikens To Step Up As Delmas Goes Down For The Year

    in Football

       It seems that as soon as joint practices start around the league, thats when the injuries start to really start!  The Dolphins are not immune to this as Stills was out for a few with a calf...Misi too...  Will Davis, Brandon Albert and of course Parker have all missed time in training camp.  The serious one is Louis Delmas.  As I write this he is waiting for an MRI and await the official results.  We were still bringing up a couple of young guys behind the former Lions stand-out, and,  Walt Aikens is coming along  showing major strides in his abilities to take over as "the main man" at safety.  He's not only doing well at practice but... he is a friend of this show and keeps us up to date on camp stuff all the time!!  YES WE ARE BIASED!!

       Other camp news and rumors abound and we will talk about all of them...  Exciting news about upcoming guests...former and current players...and of course we take your calls at (516) 453-9433 this and every Thursday at 6:30 pm EST...

    Seeya then :)



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    021. Blanca Molina de CEUS entrevistada por Angélica Salomón

    in Legal

    Angélica Salomón entrevista a la directora de CEUS, una organización sin ánimo de lucro que ayuda a la comunidad de inmigrantes en Estados Unidos.

    ¿Qué es CEUS?

    ¿Cual es la misión de CEUS?

    ¿Qué programas ofrece CEUS?


    Entrenamiento de Lideres.

    Servicios Legales.

    Programa de mujeres "Entre Nosotras".

    Mensaje para las madres que quieren mandar a sus hijos solos o ellas venir cruzando la frontera.

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 6-21-15... "Journey to Kīlauea" (and that "Solstice" Thing)

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/06/21/kp-radio-hawaii-6-21-15-journey-to-kilauea-and-that-solstice-thing
    Talked about (among other things):

    Messages from birds, link: http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_birds.htm.

    Message of confirmation I received from Koa’e Kea, and the connection to Mauna Kea.

    New construction to be attempted on Mauna Kea.

    Connection of all these events to the Journey to Kilauea.

    Importance of all these things happening near/at the solstice.

    MP3 download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/06/21/kp-radio-hawaii-6-21-15-journey-to-kilauea-and-that-solstice-thing.mp3

    [Pre-show notes: “Who knows…”]

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    The Holy Spirit leads Paul and Barnabas BBC6-19-15

    in Christianity

    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT: 1 Kings 20:1-21:29, NT: Acts 12:24-13:15, Psalm:137:1-9, Proverbs: 17:16

    In today's NT scripture, As the men were fasting and worshiping God, The Holy spoke to them and gave them instruction. The Holy Spirit told them to separate Barnabas and Paul for a special ministry that God had for them. After more time in fasting and prayer, they laid hands on Paul and Barnabas and then sent them on their way. The the Holy Spirit directed Barnabas and Paul to go to Cyprus and preach the gospel. MEN OF GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS A MISSION FOR YOU. GOD WILL DIRECT YOU AND GIVE YOU INSTRUCTION AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL GUIDE YOU AND TEACH YOU ALL THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! AND HE PROMISED HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU!

    En la escritura de hoy, Mientras los hombres estaban ayunando y adorando a Dios, El Santo les habló y les dio instrucciones. El Espíritu Santo les dijo que separar Bernabé y Pablo para un ministerio especial que Dios tenía para ellos. Después de más tiempo en ayuno y oración, les impusieron las manos sobre Pablo y Bernabé y los enviaron en su camino. El Espíritu Santo dirige Bernabé y Pablo para ir a Chipre y predicar el evangelio. HOMBRES DE DIOS, EL ESPÍRITU SANTO TIENE UNA MISIÓN PARA USTED. DIOS le dirigirá Y DARLE DE INSTRUCCIONES Y EL ESPÍRITU SANTO te guiará y ENSEÑAR QUE TODO LO QUE USTED NECESITA SABER! Y prometió ÉL NUNCA DEJE USTED NI abandonaré!

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    Music, Movies and More featuring Koa and Billy Bates

    in Entertainment

    This week, Matt and Shawn talk the CMA Awards despite not being involved. They did, however attend the Broken Bow Records' pre party! Matt also went to see O.A.R., and shawn went to Birmingham, AL.

    We also feature an interview with Jen DeLia and James Worte from the independent film Billy Bates! The film explores the fiery world of Billy, a thirty-year old enigmatic artist. On the one hand, Billy’s reality is a kaleidoscope of artistic beauty and on the other, an extremely troubled existence. As Billy floats the tightrope between brilliance and madness, he seeks solace in overcoming his personal inner-demons.

    And this week's #NUartist is Koa! Koa was formed in 2012 at Belmont University by Chase Bader (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Conor Kelly (lead guitar). After writing their first EP, “Cool It Down,” members Ryan Ladd (bass), Will Youngclaus (drums), Alex Mathews (saxophone) and Ryan McClanahan (percussion) came together to form the soulful beach-rock sound that is Koa.

  • 01:58

    Dating For Years!!! How Do I Get Him To Propose???

    in Relationships

    Its another day to reach out to our wonderful listeners and contributors, so  Misi sent us this topic! 

    In this age of timeless dating....yes!!! A term coined ?? we see folks dating for 3 to 9 years without a proposal in view. Indeed there are talks of an eventual marriage but ol' boy is still yet to pop the question. Poor chic has been waiting, dreaming or even planning her fairy tale wedding but dude is not asking....

    So how do you get him to propose? Is that even something you as a lady have to scheme up? 

    Join us on Tuesday night at 8:30pm as we discuss this! Let's swap tales!!! 

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    HOUSEofARMAGEDDON April 22, 2015

    in Film

    Spend a Night of Madness with The Boys of WALKING DEAD FILMS and THE KOA NATION!! Talking Horror, Conspiracy Theories, UFO Abductions, Ghosts, Paranormal, Hot Rods, Beautiful Women, Movies and All the Things that Make AMERICA The Greatest Country on Earth! 

    TONIGHT Horror Scenes #RudeRon

    CUDDLEZ Director Bryan Enright

    Coverage on HANG ONTO YOUR SHORTS Film Fest with The Real JK and Armageddon Ed. 

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    A Conversation with Munch-Dog

    in Hip Hop Music

    Munch-Dog’s interest in music began as a young man growing up in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, when he heard two prominent hip hop stars-- “2pac” and “Scarface.” Their gifts, talents, and passion were expressed in a real way that could be related to, understood, and felt deeply by audiences of varied status, culture, and ethnicity.

    With this inspiration, in 1993, he started freestyling. He would spend time practicing in his bedroom alone, and with his
    group of friends. They quickly became some of the best freestylist in their area.

    In 2000, Munch-Dog, Izy-O and two other members decided to form the rap click and record label “K.O.A.” (Knowing Our Aim). They made three mixed tapes and a compilation album. With the help of producers, “JT” and “Stretch” they became known for their lyrical ability and music beats. Performing all over the DMV with fellow KOA member “Relentlezz Dre” they became known for their stage presence and ability to draw a crowd.

    In 2008, Munch-Dog embarked upon his solo career. He has accomplished the following:

    • Recorded and released on iTunes, his first solo album, “Finally Here”
    • Has opened up for artists such as: David Banner, Knowledge (from the Grammy award winning group, “Diggable Planets”), and more
    • Recorded his
    first music video-- “Baby Let me Know,” with the three time, DMV award winning, Skinny


    Munch-Dog's New Mixtape "Nobody's Safe...Vol 1" is dropping this spring. with the 2 lead singles "Beat The Block" & "Everything"

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    Puntos De Vista Radio #ClaudiaLuque #AuraVasquez 323.927.2913

    in Entertainment

    Creado por: Claudia Luque y Aura Vasquez

    Nuestra misión es enseñar, compartir y recordar que si queremos un cambio tenemos que empezar por nosotros mismos. Individualmente tener presente que ‘Mi voz importa, mi experiencia importa’ y tenemos que luchar día a día por nuestros sueños sin esperar que alguien más lo haga por nosotros.

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    Valentine: Kini Big Deal???

    in Relationships

    So you want to celebrate Valentine with your boo, but s/he says they celebrate y'all's love everyday so no need for a "special" day of celebration? No excuses yo!

    We will be chatting about this come Tuesday night. 

    Does your Nigerian/African partner cop out on this day of Love celebrated world wide? 

    What are your plans this coming Valentine weekend?

    Come share with Moby, Captain, Misi & crew your love tales.

    We all could learn a thing or two. 

    Let's swap tales!