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    Puntos De Vista Radio #ClaudiaLuque #AuraVasquez 323.927.2913

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    Creado por: Claudia Luque y Aura Vasquez

    Nuestra misión es enseñar, compartir y recordar que si queremos un cambio tenemos que empezar por nosotros mismos. Individualmente tener presente que ‘Mi voz importa, mi experiencia importa’ y tenemos que luchar día a día por nuestros sueños sin esperar que alguien más lo haga por nosotros.

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    Valentine: Kini Big Deal???

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    So you want to celebrate Valentine with your boo, but s/he says they celebrate y'all's love everyday so no need for a "special" day of celebration? No excuses yo!

    We will be chatting about this come Tuesday night. 

    Does your Nigerian/African partner cop out on this day of Love celebrated world wide? 

    What are your plans this coming Valentine weekend?

    Come share with Moby, Captain, Misi & crew your love tales.

    We all could learn a thing or two. 

    Let's swap tales! 

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    Time To Attack The Pack!!!

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      After some needed down time and healing is near finished...  suspensions fulfilled and the plans for the attack on the Packers are finalizing,  The fans are SUPER PUMPED!!!!

       Philbin up against his old team....  Is this an advantage??  What do ya think???

        Welcome back Koa Misi...Reshad Jones (this should move folks back to thier stronger positions!!) & Mike Pouncey (will he play center or RG?)

       Josh's Corner will be awesome as he breaks it all down for us and we look ahead to achieving that elusive "consistancy" everyone writes about.  Tanny will have better protection and more weapons available and the upset is set for miami to take!!

      Call in (347) 884-8441 at 6:30 EST and share your opinions...  call me, Justin, & Josh out on our opinions and share your thoughts on the state of the FINS!!   Seeya then !

    FINS~UP !!

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    Fast Food Free: Healthier People, Better World

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    Welcome to Youth Speak.  Today my guest is Koa Halpern.  He is 16 year old boy and resides in Denver Colorado.  In addition to being interested in astronomy, rocketry, violin-playing and art, he has been interested in opposing fast-food companies from the age of eight. Fast Food Free, my longest-lasting and most rewarding project, is a nonprofit that has convinced thousands of people to stop eating at many major fast-food chains for two weeks. This project has led to me presenting at several major venues, including Natural Products Expo West and the largest gathering of health-food suppliers in the country. Even after eight years, Fast Food Free is still going strong.

    Koa became interested in fast food after an exchange student asked where the nearest fast-food restaurant was immediately after she arrived in America. This made me wonder why fast food was so popular around the world. As I began to research fast food, I quickly realized that it was deeply unhealthy, both for the people who eat it and for the earth it comes from. Soon after, I started Fast Food Free, a nonprofit that became more successful than I had hoped. Soon, thousands of people had taken a two-week pledge to not eat at major fast-food restaurants. I have spent much of the last several years trying to “get the word out” about the adverse effects of fast food.


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    En la escuela del sentir, procuramos un espacio, que tiene como objetivo experimentar la vida y sus sentimientos desde la perspectiva noble y verdadera de lo que dicta cada corazón. Nuestros ideales son facilitar a través de las artes el paso trascendente hacia niveles superiores de la sensibilidad humana para el encuentro de la verdadera enseñanza que radica en cada uno de nosotros. Creemos en el arte como manifestación humana de la divinidad y  lo utilizamos como via trascendente mas alla de todo conocimiento adquirido, para vincular al ser con su esencia divina.

    Percibimos el arte como belleza producto de la inspiracion, y es esa misma inspiracion la que permite a nuestro ser encontrarnos con nosotros mismos en niveles superiores armónicos con nuestra propia naturaleza del sentir. Creemos en un individuo capaz de crear, innovar, cambiante y proclive a lograr la concepción a traves de la conciencia.

    Los artistas tocan la divinidad a través del arte y usan esos medios para canalizar emociones y lograr el encuentro armónico, progresivo, enriquecedor, instructivo, placentero con la propia divinidad. Nuestra mision es ser acompañantes de la sabiduria interna que esta en cada quien, de esa enseñanza que esta en cada uno, y la escuela permite ese aroma agradable, conveniente y presta el ambiente adecuado para hacer la ignicion de esa energía.

    Vivir el arte, sensibilizar a la persona, permitir que cada quien llegue a estadios de percepción armónicos descubriendo sus talentos , es nuestra misión; nuestros facilitadores lo llevaran a través de la respiracion consciente, música, pintura, escultura, accion creativa,dibujo, danza   a explorar esos potenciales.


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    La visión, representa deseos, sueños, esperanzas, metas y planes. Pero estos sueños o visiones no son meras fantasías. Son una realidad aún no llevada a la esfera física, como el plano de una casa antes de que se construya o las notas musicales de una partitura que esperan a ser tocadas.

    La visión es amiga de la expectativa, y para ella se requiere de imaginación y de conocimiento; tanto de uno mismo como del entorno. Una persona con visión mira cualquier objeto exterior y se inspira. Cada visión tiene su propósito, un objetivo general; que es el de inspirar a quien la tiene.

    Quizá la visión más importante de todas sea desarrollar un sentido de nuestro propio destino, un sentido de nuestra misión y de nuestro papel singular en la vida, un sentido de propósito y de significado. Obtener este significado exige una profunda reflexión personal, plantearse preguntas profundas e imaginar.

    ¿Cuál es la Diferencia entre sueño y visión?

    ¿Los sueño traen algún mensaje?


    Twittea este episodio con el hasgtag #VISIONYSUEÑOS

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    Triple Threat Talk Episode 35

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    On today's episode we finish up our NFL preview as we preview the NFC and AFC West. We then give our NFC and AFC championship predictions and our Super Bowl Champions. We also kickoff one of our favorite things on the show Pickems!! Andy Lindhal from 850 KOA in Denver stops by to talk the latest with Wes Welker and previews the Broncos. We also talk about the return of Nascar star Tony Stewart as well.

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    Fireside Creations : Glamping

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    Hip Hip Hooray!!! Flavor Living Radio celebrates our one year anniversary.

    Welcome to, part three of our Fireside Creations camping series.  If you missed parts one and two just click on the Flavor Living radio title and there you will find those shows as well as the description about the shows details.

    Today’s show Flavor Living visits:

    New Zealand – Wagon Stay
    Moab Utah -
    Illinois – Timber Ridge

    We want to say "Thank You" to those who have listened in and services who have broadcasted our show...

    For those of you who are new to the trend of glamping, the word glamping is a shortcut word for glamorous camping and it is for those who want to experience the joys of camping minus the setting up camp or for those of you just looking forward to a different kind of camping experience.  We all deserve a treat now and then.

    As quoted from: Glamping.com

    When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream, hut, villa or treehouse, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury.

    Glamping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests. The amenities found at glamping destinations far exceed anything recreational camper’s experience.

    Thank You To Our Copywriter Shirley 

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    Fireside Creations : RV Cooking “Good Day Mate!”

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    For Part 2 of our series Fireside Creations we bring you Evanne Schmarder a woman who with her husband loves to travel.  She got her wanderlust bug from her Grandpa and Nana who traveled the U.S. in their city bus conversion in the 40’s, we quote from her biography.  In 2000 she and her husband set off on their own adventure leaving the rainy weather of Portland Oregon behind for a brighter sunnier escape.  The title of our show today gives a hint of what’s to come so park your RV or even better listen to us as you travel to learn some goodies from Evanne.

    Also with us today we have Katie Snowbarger an avid camper sharing some of her delicious recipe’s that you can cook on the road.  She also loves to ski, hike and travel looking for the best burger joints and waterfalls around the Pacific Northwest. 

    Join in, have a listen, a like and leave your camping story below in the comment section.  Your story just may be in our third series or posted on Flavor Living


    Written By Author Shirley Wiggerman



    Hints for our next show...

    Olympic National Park --Park Ranger

    KOA Virginia Beach Virginia



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       Its an exciting time for Dolphin fans as training camp starts THIS FRIDAY!!!  So as we all have eyes on all the things we have been talking about since free agency and the draft, and to see how the boys of Miami does with the newbies, It's time to look ahead at the schedule and the folks Miami has to plat twice a year!!

      On this episode of blogtalkradio.com/phinsnation YOUR POD CAST, we look at the Bills, Jests, and Patsies and see why it is we can beat the Chargers and Bengals (2 playoff teams last year) and lose to the Jests and Bills...  and will it happen again?

      Koa Misi to MLB...  Our thoughts on who plays center for a while as Pouncey heals up... and, when will Knowshon make his debut?  will he do as well as he did in Denver last year??

      Join Dave, Josh, and Hez by calling in at (347) 884-8441 to spout out your thoughts on these and other subjects we discuss as MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL STARTS NOW!!!  Seeya at 6:30 when you call in live this Thursday!!

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    knights of awakening

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    Sometimes in order to move forward in the present we must Acknowledge the past. At Jedi realist radio we want to give credit where it is due and publicly thank Justin Gate "the boss" and co founder of koa for giving mmea shot to host for them as well as the inspiration to start my brand here.



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