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  • KluCkin Films Day 2 Martinsville Winter Horror Fest

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    On Saturday  December 20th, 2014 at 1:30 PM Head Klucker Dwayne King and John Lewis the Sasquatch Hunter In Training. Are coming to you live from the 1st annual Martinsville's Winter Horrorfest.

    Tune in and meet some of the guests, find out what is going on and catch all the excitement right here on KLUC Radio.

    Call (646) 668-8720 and Press 1 to be connected to Kluckin Krew or just mute your phone and listen live from your phone from any where!

    Be sure Find us online






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    Kluckin Films Updates And Announcements

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    KLUC Radio has gone way too long without a show and we are coming back loud and proud. Join us for updates on what we've been up to and what we have in the can for you! 
    Join us in Live Chat on our show page - call in and press 1 to be connected live.
    Visit out website ah http://kluckinfilms.tripod.com so see videos and to purchase our films.

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    Live at 5 Last Sunday in 2012 With Kluckin Films

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    Hosted by Head Klucker Dwayne King - Guests Jesus John, Jeff Bracey, Priestess Kandi and more. Recap of 2012 & What's to come for 2013.
    Be sure to like Kluckin Films on Facebook, stalk us on Twitter, and of course bookmark our webstite http://kluckinfilms.tripod.com

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    Kluckin Films 8-8 Anniversary Party Benefit For Veterans

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    Because No veteran should ever come home without a real welcome We are supporting the VETERAN'S WELCOME HOME AND RESOURCE CENTER 4254 Stella Ct Little River, SC 29566
    e are putting out a Call To Action to help the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center. Dwayne King & Actress Priestess Kandi Ranson were Handfasted on 8-8-08 AND partying with you like its 1999 with Movies, Madness, Music and More! ORDER YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE BY CLICKING ON THE GET TICKET LINK ON THE EVENT PG ON FB! Actor/Actress Contest Raffles, Prizes, Give A Ways
    Want To Suppoer With A Donation? https://www.facebook.com/events/195442443944626/ The Veterans Reintegration House Project will provide needed assistance to our local Veterans. Through this fund raising effort, the Center is seeking to purchase a building suitable as a home for Vets looking to reintegrate into society as productive members of society.
    Admission is $5. Per Person. Get Your Advance Tickets Online At The Event Page On Kluckin Flims Facebook Page.

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    Sizzling Saturday with Kluckin Films

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    Sizzling Saturday with Kluckin Films on KLUC Radio

    Hosted by the Head Klucker Dwayne King and His side-kick Priestess Kandi Ranson

    Bringing you Hot New Music, Steamy Movie Reviews, Find Out Where We Will Be Next and Hot new content!

    This is a talk show so we encourage our Listeners to call in at this number: 1 (347) 838-9505 and be a Guest on our show.

    We would like to give a special Shout out to Sista Otis. she has come a long way baby! If you do not know who she is you can find more information about here here:


    Sista Otis is in the running to open for Bare Naked Ladies and she deserves this chance. Load the link above and vote for her. We encourage you to vote once an hour every hour till 11:59 PM Aug 1st, 2010.

    call in at this number: 1 (347) 838-9505 Tonight, July 31st, 2010 between 10:00 & 11:00 PM EST

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    Terror Tuesday With Kluckin Films

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    Terror Tuesday With Kluckin Films

    Hosted live from the severed heart of Myrtle Beach South Carolina, by Kluckin Films Independent filmmakers Head Klucker Dwayne King, Vice Klucker Wendell Smith and Executive CEO Priestess Kandi Ranson-King in the dungeon. Topics tonite: Terror Movies and Boob Sizes.

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    KLUC Radio with Kluckin Films Sunday Oct. 2nd

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    Join us for Kluckin Films Radio on (Sunday 10/02/11)
    Celebrating International Music Day (A day late) with an exciting new interviews with Gabbie Rae & Sista Otis.
    Listen to Gabbie Rae's most recent interview & what happens when Sista Otis Surprises Gabbie Rae by calling in to the show; just after Gabbie has just named Sista Otis as one of her musical influences and inpirations.
    We featured loads of fun with a NEW Music Release titled "Don't Look Down" by Gabbie Rae as a introduction to her upcoming tour across the country bringing people together to Stop Bullying.
    We rocked out to "Charmed" by Sista Otis. In between Sista Otis's Tour Of Love dates she's current gathering with together with an eclectic group of some of the finest musicians alive to mix  This album; which will also also be titled "Charmed"!
     Sista Otis's next stop on her Tour of Love benefits Family Counseling & Shelter Services of Monroe County  to Stop The Violence will be in  Temperance MI at Ranch House Lounge.
    You have got to listen to this!

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    Terror Tuesday on KLUC Radio with Kluckin Films

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    Kluckin Films Brings you Terror Tuesday on KLUC radio.

    Hosted by the Head Klucker Dwayne King and his trusty side-kick Priestess Kandi Ranson.

    Bringing you Frightening Movie Reviews, Special Guests, Interviews, Music, Live Remote and a chance for you to call in and talk to us Live.

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    Terror Tuesday on KLUC Radio with Kluckin Films

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    Kluckin Films Brings you Terror Tuesday on KLUC radio.

    Hosted by the Head Klucker Dwayne King and Vice Klucker Priestess Kandi Ranson from the dungeon.

    Bringing you Dwayne's Movie Review on Prince of Darkness Directed by John Carpenter and Starring Donald Pleasence, Victor Wong, Lisa Blount.
    Suprise Guests, Music, and a chance for you to call in and talk to us Live. Call 347-838-9505

    Casting Director Received Death
    Men arrested for playing Chess in LA
    Metallica Beach Ball Incident
    Senate Bill Discussions
    US Treasury Bond
    Trains, Buses and Subways
    Military Talks
    Major TV Stations In Jeopardy

    Join us at the link above for live chat during the show. Be sure to create your account before the show starts at 10:00 PM EST

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    Kluckin Films Listener Call-In Test

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    Join us for 15 minutes of Kluckin Films Listener Call-In Test. We would like for you to call in to the show and call us live on the air. We are currently testing this feature. We want to be all ready to go on March 31, 2008 at midnight. Enjoy KLUC Radio! PS after this show was over we went back and listened to it and Priestess Kandi told you Dec. 31 for our Monday Midnight Massacre Show, That is incorrect. It is to debut on March 31, 2008 at midnight. Join us then

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    Terror Tuesday with Kluckin Films 8-3-10

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    The line up Terror Tuesday with Kluckin Films:

    The line up Terror Tuesday with Kluckin Films:

    Hosted by the Head Klucker Dwayne King along with his sidekick Priestess Kandi Ranson.

    We will feature a garden variety of Artists with live interviews and test driving some new tunes.

    Call in and tell us what you think of these new sounds.

    >> Hearse fans we have a treat for you! Eddie Brown will be telling us a little about his own collection.


    New movie reviews by the Head Klucker Dwayne King

    And more!

    We were off the air for a while, but we are back and building our station again.

    Thanks for our support!