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    Gina Carr; Klout Matters

    in Motivation

    Gina Carr is an Author, Speaker and Marketing Consultant who works with business leaders to leverage social media for more profits, influence, and success.  Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Gina is known as The Tribe Builder because she helps passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans. As the Dean of the Social Buzz University, Gina hosts world-class business trainers every week at SocialBuzzTraining. She is the co-author of the forthcoming McGraw-Hill: Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence and Raise Your Klout Score for Success. You can follow Gina on Facebook and Twitter.     

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    Terry Brock; Klout Matters II

    in Motivation

    Terry Brock is more than just a social media marketing speaker, or a technology trends expert. He packs his presentations with a Gee Wiz joy for gadgets, solid business strategies to build relationships, and inspiration to try new things to improve the bottom line. Terry earned an MBA in marketing and is focused on real-world business applications. He leverages his background in journalism and education in live presentations all over the world. Terry and Gina Carr wrote the book on Klout, Klout Matters and works with organizations to design social media relationship marketing strategies that are measurable and implementable. He is a syndicated columnist with Business Journals around the US where he writes his weekly column, "Succeeding Today." You can learn more about Terry HERE and follow him on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

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    3 Tips on How to Leverage Klout for Networking

    in Entrepreneur

    Ronnie Tsunami interviews author and Klout expert Miriam Slozberg, the Queen of Social Influence, on ways coaches can leverage Klout for networking and lead generation. Miriam currently has a great book on Klout called "Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence".

    Miriam Slozberg, founder of Social Influence University, is a Canadian author, SEO and social media consultant, helping entrepreneurs stand out and be influential in their niche through social media. She also has a really personal and updated outlook on what it means to operate a business based on spirituality in this day and age of world wide web economy, combining her skills and sensitivity with her knowledge of new social media and web marketing. She has written two spiritual based books as well as an ebook on social media influence. There will be more of her writing to come in the future. Miriam also manages to balance her work as an author and mom with her online marketing company, Gemini Rising Ltd, a business that aims to offer a solid support to small business and individuals who are striving to develop their influence, reputation and reach via the internet. Miriam Slozberg's objective as a social media consultant is to help entrepreneurs of all types to stand out and be influential in their niches through social media.

    Don't forget to check out our blog at www.SuccessTipsForCoaches.com for the latest success tips and resources for coaches!



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    Tech Talking about Klout with Carly Alyssa Thorne

    in Technology

    Bringing you technology news & information from around the world. Carly Alyssa Thorne co-author of Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence joins us to talk about Klout. 
    Carly Alyssa Thorne is Passionate about Conscious Business Transformations of the Mind, Body, Business & Spirit, as it is all interconnected. Carly is all about The blending and bridging of the East and the West in a grounded practical applicable way."Life is a Play and We are the Actors~Actresses, Writers, Editors, Producers, Directors, Co-Creators of Our Lives, we can create anything, anytime... Let's Do it"
      Carly is an avid Writer, Co-Author of several books, Speaker, Flower Photographer,  and Producer. She has been on Various Radio shows as well as Featured on FX TV. Life is a Journey, Enjoy it... Take time to Learn, Play and Grow each and every day...  Carly Alyssa Thorne    Links to all Business http://www.CarlyAlyssaThorne.com   Links to all of Social Media http://xeeme.com/CarlyAlyssaThorne   Taking Clients & Businesses from Cocoon to Flight Thru Learning, Playing & Growing  Thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation...   http://www.carlyalyssathorne.com/ www.carlyalyssathorne.com

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    What is Your Online Klout?

    in Business

    How you engage others on social media is, in fact, your social currency. Have you measured your Klout yet?
    Klout was founded in 2008 to help you measure and leverage your influence. In this episode you'll hear how manage and raise your Klout score. You can hear an overview of Klout at DebraSimpson.com.
    Klout measures your influence online by looking at, and analyzing, your social media profiles. It can be an important metric, helping you learn how your behavior on social networking sites can bring you Klout score up, or send it crashing.
    Just as your prospective clients may be looking at your social media presence in determining whether they want to do business with you, now they can also see your Klout.
    Make sure to visit North San Diego Business and sign up for your FREE 6 Lesson Social Media Ecourse!

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    Marketing, Conversation, Relationships and Klout!

    in Marketing

    The team discusses some marketing trends that have become a staple of doing business. Businesses should be focusing on conversation and building relationships. It's more than just social status quo, it's a fact of business these days. We look into ideas for building these relationships as well as building a positive social reputation. Do you have Klout? We discuss Klout as well. Do we like it? Is it an honest measuring tool for reputation? Join Luis Sandoval and Jennifer Navarrete as we discuss these topics tonight!

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    @MeganBerry from @Klout - Live

    in Social Networking

    This is Megan's second appearance on the show. This time to address fears and concerns expressed in the community about the impact and fairness of Klout scoring and the recent changes which put everyone up in arms.
    Want to join the discussion live? Email ken @ socialmediaedge.com and include your skillset, a paragraph about yourself and a link to your best Facebook stuff.
    Did you know you can phone in your question or comment before the show and still have it asked when the show is live? You can do this by phoning 858-233-9373 any time, any day. When you call just state your name and ask your question or make your comment. Be sure to include your @twitter handle or web address! If you want to be notified via email when your question will be answered make sure to leave your email address.
    Join hosts Ken Cook & Jason Crouch as they explore social media for newbies and grizzled veterans alike. Find a special guest interview each week with a luminary in the new media realm. @thekencook @jasoncrouch @mikemueller and @jb140 share tips, tricks and tools for using social media. Learn more about local and hyperlocal and how to maximize your online networking.

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    Online Influence and Klout [Panel]

    in Social Networking

    There has been significant discussion around the topic of Social Influence tool Klout in the recent months. As the service continues to grow so have the rumblings of disconentent by some. For that reason we've assembled a panel of supporters and critics to discuss Klout's role in measuring influence. Our fine panelists include:
    Megan Berry - Marketing Manager of Klout Danny Brown - Director of Retention and Social Media at Jugnoo, Inc. Kirsten Wright - of Social5150 and your host Joe Hackman. The objective of this panel is to have a meaningful discussion about the problems and benefits of Klout and to challenge the panelists to provide constructive discourse on how Klout can improve and become more useful to a broader audience.

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    Do You Have Klout?

    in Marketing

    Love it or hate it, Klout is one of the most widespread measures of on line influence.  Reaching beyond just how many followers it looks at how often people engage you in conversations and share your content.  It evaluates not just the volume of conversation, but the level of conversations you have with people who are influential.   It is quite common among members of the Indianapolis social media community to compare Klout scores and tactics to improve them.  Why? People with high Klout scores are sought after by advertisers, given free perks ( Klout rewards) to describe their interactions with a product.   But it is a far from perfect measure.   Joining Allison and I this week are Scott Howard, Kevin Mullet and Randy Clark to talk about the pros and cons of Klout.     ( A word of warning, with this rowdy group heckling is to be expected.)

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    Sam Fiorella - All About Klout

    in Jobs

    @SamFiorella -- Linkedin
    This dude lost out on a job bcz he didn't know about Klout. They asked him his score in the interview and he went "Duh?" -- Read all about it on Wired.
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    Klout, Clout and the State of Internet Influence

    in Technology

    Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents the latest in its series of web conversations about digital media, with a look at the state of influence, branding and more on the Internet. Join us online or on the phone as we talk to Matt Thomson (@daddymention), Klout's platform VP and Megan Berry (@meganberry), Klout's senior marketing manager. Hosting the show are Mathilde Piard '08 (@mathildepiard), social media manager of Cox Media Group and Prof Sree Sreenivasan '93 (@sree), dean of student affairs. We will also discuss Klout's new scoring system and the future of similar services. You can ask questions live via phone or Twitter. If you want to email your questions: sree@sree.net. Hashtag: #cjsm

    SAMPLE TWEET: Wed, 1p ET: @columbiajourn hosts @Klout webcast w/ @daddymention @meganberry @mathildepiard @sree http://bit.ly/cjklout #cjsm   Listen live & ask questions via computer: http://bit.ly/cjklout   Listen live & ask questions via phone: +1-646-915-9583   Come back here later for a recording.