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    interview with KKK

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    today we will be talking with the KKK.

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    Discover Janesville: Former KKK member and drug informant | Rock River Phil

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    On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

    One time KKK member and drug informant Ken Peterson stopped in to explain how his life and he has changed since his infamous encounter with Geraldo Rivera in 1992.  Ken spoke of the importance of all people coming together to address problems that we have to address, including what's been happening in Ferguson, MO.

    Conductor of Rock River Philharmonic, Rob Tomaro stopped in to preview upcoming holiday concerts, discuss what makes a good conductor, and to share his original Christmas song, currently topping charts in Europe, "Don't open 'till Christmas".

    Be in the know.  Discover Janesville.

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    Pop Culture crazies - No US flag America - KKK skit

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    Hr1   Can anyone tell me how Rev. Al Sharpton can justify how he can be called a Reverend and still advocate for violence? I don't see this anywhere in my Bible. Hypocrisy from President Obama in Selma. Is voter ID a good thing or a bad thing?

    Why haven't we heard from FFRF re:Bible; God references President Obama made during the Selma speech?

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else. 

    The Monday after Daylight Savings time is the most dangerous day of the year? That's what they're telling me.

    Bus driver leaves 60 kids in a parking lot while she runs an errand.

    What's up with the trend that college kids, like those at UC Irvine, don't trust America?

    Hr2  Surveys say Millennials are less "patriotic" than any other generation. Teach your children patriotism...

    "Gathering students by “affinity group” is code for racial segregation. I thought we eliminated this 50 years ago?

    George Washington University says the Young America's Foundations has committed “acts of violence” against those who don’t identify 
    with their biological gender by not using the “preferred gender pronouns.” Maybe the YAF is just confused? I know I am.

    Hr3  Is the White House seriously discussing the possibility of renaming Thanksgiving “Immigrants Day”? 

    Students Wheaton College say KKK skit was a parody intended to subvert racism, not promote it. What do you think? 

    Catholic Elms College invites civil rights leader to speak. Great! What about his 100% pro-abortion record ? Oops! You mean they couldn't find a different civil rights leader who is pro-life.

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    .We will be talking about the 30th

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    The new KKK? Time for a reality check.

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    Only 1 month in of the New Year and already 6 Homicides in my city of Huntsville Al. Each of them were young black teenagers. So I wonder "Is there a new KKK" or do we seriously need a reality check. How can we instill pride, ownership, responsibility into our youth? Not just our sons, daughters, and family; but our neighbors, our classmates, our community as a whole. 

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    The KKK is not feared by conscious Moors; this was intended for blacks/coloreds

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    A lack of knowledge of the purpose and origin of the Ku Klux Klan by negros and blacks have traditionally allowed U.S. of A [private for profit corporation] officials to appear naive and feign [pretend] disassociation to the Ku klux Klan Order. The mutual relationship of the Union States [colonies] and the K.K.K. order is as sound as; and natural as water is being wet.

    Non-objective and angry truths mixed with frustration and inaccurate rhetorc from subjugated black/negro (branded Moors) communties, blinds them to the fact that they are not and cannot be citzens of the Unon States Society.

    - Moors Order of the Round Table -

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    test kkk

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    Castro Dead- & What The KKK Said

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    Today on the Brian The Hammer Show:
    -A meeting of the NAACP Chapter and the  KKK Organizer in Wyoming - Believed to be a first. Abarr (KKK) told The Associated Press that he met with Simmons (NAACP) Saturday and ended up filling out an NAACP membership form so he can get the group's newsletters and some insight into its views. He said he paid the $30 fee to join, plus a $20 donation.
    -Brian will make a live call to the Grand Wizard of the KKK and to the NAACP to get to the bottom of this.
    -Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found dead, official says. Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man who was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years in August after pleading guilty to imprisoning and raping three women for a decade was found dead in his jail cell.
    -BUT WAIT: There is another victim in this story we will talk about...Brian will be making a call to the McDonald's Corp
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    Voyce's In My Head - The KKK vs. Black Self Segregation -

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    Voyce's In My Head called the KKK to interview a member.  No one answered but the voicemail I heard was disturbing.  This was a week before their KKK rally in Atlanta, Georgia.

    We discuss the suspicious death of Alfred Wright.  Is it a murder cover-up?  Was he lynched?  

    Black History Month - Blackpeoplemeet.com - Black Girls Run

    Are African Americans the racists in America?  Are we self segregating and reversing the agenda of Dr. King and civil rights activists that worked hard towards intergration?  Why is there a double standard?

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    Tonight we are testing out a new segment here on CENTER STAGE called "Free Flowing Friday." On these segments we will talk about whatever has been on our minds this week. We will discuss ISIS, Islam, Christianity, politics, Blacks on television, KKK, Racism, Blacks doing a mass exodus to Africa, police brutality, Ferguson, Retailer selling merchandise that display racist views ,and whatever else comes up in conversation.

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