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    JICNY - 7th annual Gala

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    Interviews with the founders, trustees and regular members of an impressive organization that helps foreign Jews integrate into our community.

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    Your Unique Role in Bringing Jews Closer to Judaism

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    Putting Out the Fire
    Decades ago, the Chafetz Chaim gave us a mission: to bring our brothers and sisters back to Torah. Today, with the fires of assimilation and intermarriage burning out of control, every Jew must heed his call. We must all put out the fire.

    This practical, down-to-earth, and inspiring guide shows how all of us - laypersons, Rabbi's, students, homemakers, professionals, business people - can do our part in reaching out to secular Jews, making a difference in their lives, and bringing them back where they belong. The Chafetz Chaim's call to action almost a century ago is our rallying cry today: There is a fire raging that is destroying the Jewish people. We have to put it out!