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    Join Rene' and her cohost Dad on the Borough Jason Patrick as they interview a man who is usually on the other side of the interview, Clinton Kirby. Clinton is a talented man, his writings touch your heart and his music will touch your soul. He wrote the theme song to our show, "Be an Outlaw". The song is about our Liberties being stolen from us and how if we are considered an outlaw merely for demanding our Liberties, then if freedom is illegal "better be an outlaw".

    We will discuss events in our nation that affect us all, foreclosure, judicial misconduct and we will also discuss things that can bring remedy to this world gone crazy. Jason Patrick is our Dad who has a nickname of "George Clooney" in the Patriot movement, Rene' calls him "The Denise the Menace" of the Patriot world as no matter what he does he gets in trouble just for his work to defend our Liberties. Jason will bring experience of what it is to be an "Outlaw" defending our Liberties.

    Clinton and Rene' met because of the foreclosure fraud going on all around us. Clinton even did a drive by on a property out in Murietta that is being used to launder money using the Mom's identity and likeness, yes it is true, we are being used as conduits for the public servant and judicial misconduct that is stealing our land, homes and lives.

    Check out Clintons blog and support his work. He is a good man with a big heart and a talent that rides the Borough!

    Liberty Road Media is edited and written by Clinton Kirby, a longtime freelance writer, political commentator, musician, and family man.  In his 40+ years, he’s interviewed a wide range of folks for both print and broadcast, from the lowliest local bands to celebrated personalities like Howard Zinn and Les Paul.


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    TRUNEWS 1/14/15: Rob Kirby

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    Rick discusses the stunning collapse of the global oil market, the idling of oil rigs, the steep drop in the price of copper, Russia’s sell-off of its foreign currency reserves, and other signs that 2015 is the next phase of the Second Great Depression.   Toronto-based financial analyst Rob Kirby joins Rick in Part 2 to discuss the global paradigm shift that is leading us into a new world order.

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    Review Of Kirby And The Rainbow Curse

    in Video Games

    So how does kirby go from 2 deminsional to clay and three demisional. nintendo just gets better by the minute. My review will make you want the game even more.

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    Ruben Jay interviews Hannah Kirby of NBC's The Voice

    in Sports

    Ruben Jay interviews Hannah Kirby of NBC's The Voice

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    A Conversation With Debbie Kirby

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    Debbie Kirby is a comedian, speaker, storyteller, and writer. She has a heart the size of Texas and an accent...well we don't know what it is. See if you can figure it out!

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    CUTV News spotlights Sherrice Kirby of greatlife designs

    in Self Help

    Victoria, British Columbia – We all have ideas and big dreams, but unless we develop strategies to align our new life with what’s important to us, we’re going to get pulled off course.

    Sherrice Kirby is a business and lifestyle strategist specializing in executive coaching, creative strategy and “the art of life design” for conscious entrepreneurs and executives. As the founder of greatlife designs, Sherrice coaches individuals and organizations to create strategies that will achieve the greatest vision of possibility for their lives and businesses.

    “My clients come to me swimming in inertia. They don’t know where to go or what to do next,” says Sherrice. “You won’t be able to move on to your next big awesome if you’re not attracting the energy that invites possibility.”

    Sherrice says she typically works with clients who are looking beyond their business. Of course they’re interested in profit but they’re also interested in people, the environment and their own lives. Through a series of perception shifting conversations, clients can get really clear on the fundamental questions of their lives.

    “I’m lucky in that I have a brain that naturally draws maps,” explains Sherrice. “I see how my clients can get where they want to go in seconds, but they have to be able to see it with their own vision. My skill is asking them the right questions so they can formulate their own strategy.

    “I’m most proud of my clients’ results. It’s affirming to know I’m doing the right thing, helping them find their voice. The best thing I can hear from a client is they feel like the clouds have cleared.”

    For more information on greatlife designs, visit http://www.sherrice.com/

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    David Kirby

    in Entertainment

    Author David Kirby joins Artists On Demand to talk about his book "Death At SeaWorld" and the new documentary "Blackfish" out now on limited release.

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    Health at the Cellular Level with Trish Kirby

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    PIH radio talk show host Gail Dixon welcomes her special guest, health and wellness coach Trish Kirby, this Saturday at 9 a.m.

    Trish specializes in cellular health and believes that if we are healthy at the cellular level, we can live a better quality of life.

     She believes in using natural and holistic alternatives to health which avoids prescription drugs and their side effects. 

    Learn the simple steps to choosing wellness over illness.

    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433, and join our discussion.


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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Welcomes David Kirby

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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Hosts Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees are pleased to welcome David Kirby.

    David is an investigative journalist,He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Take Part.He was a correspondent in Mexico and Central America from 1986-1990.Currently he is working on a book about government overreach and the erosion of Constitutional Rights.His previous books included works on mercury in vaccines and autism,factory farming and killer whales at SeaWorld.

    His websites are:

    http://www.davidkirbycoaches.com and http://www.deathatseaworld.com

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    PM Magazine Radio Show - Kirby Wright

    in Books

    Interview with author Kirby Wright

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    Pharmacy Episode 167 Pharmacy Automation Pioneers - Kirby Lester

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    About KirbyLester: 
    Our Mission: Always Accurate, Affordable, Reliable, Simple.
    Since 1971, Kirby Lester has been reducing counting errors at a fraction of the cost of other automated dispensing devices. In fact, with systems that pay for themselves in months instead of years, Kirby Lester delivers the best quality control and return on investment possible.
    But accuracy and ROI aren't the only things on which we hang our lab coat. Our systems also make good sense because they are remarkably easy to use. All you need is a little counter space, a short tutorial, and you're in business. No other pharmacy technology company offers such practical, affordable, no-nonsense solutions. That makes us unique.
    Along with our simple, world-renowned tablet counters/pill counters, we offer