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    The Long Silly Season Has Started: Evan Sayet, The Flipside Of Liberal Politics

    in Politics Conservative

    Dedication: Police Officer Charles Kondek, Tarpon Springs Police Department, Florida,
    End of Watch: Sunday, December 21, 2014

    Southern Sense is a show of conservative talk on news and events, with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis as host and Dan Butcher, Pundit Press as co-host.

    Guest: Evan Sayet, was born in New York City and went to school in Rochester, New York. He would soon move out to Hollywood in order to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian, television writer, and eventually video producer as well. However, post 9-11, he rethought (or more accurately, thought about for the first time) his political and social beliefs. Evan recognized that he had been acting as a knee-jerk Liberal, but was, in reality, a conservative at heart. From that moment, he has dedicated himself to conserving and promoting the values of the America that has given him freedom and allowed him to pursue his life of liberty and happiness. In the meantime, Evan has become the nation’s leading conservative, political comedian, an in-demand Master of Ceremony for Republican and conservative events, while at the same time writing the bestselling book The KinderGarden Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks.


    Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!

    Visit our website at http://www.Southern-Sense.com, become a member and follow us here and on Facebook.

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    Episode 12: Real Talk with Parents of Newark School Children

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    Join us tomorrow 7pm–8pm for some RealTalk with a few Newark parents who are making tough decisions about how to best educate their children.

    Khadijah Kemp?: She’s 44 years old and a grandmother of 6. Khadijah currently has custody of 4 grandsons ages 3,6,7, and 9. She is a substance abuse counselor and a full time graduate student. Khadijah is originally from Passaic, NJ but has been a resident of Essex County for close to 20 years.

    Khadijah’s has 3 grandsons currently attending North Star Alexander and the youngest will begin Head Start in East Orange in a few weeks.


    Tawanda Dowdell-Sheard?: She’s a single mother of two.  Tawanda’s daughter attended Bragaw Avenue School from kindergarden to fourth grade.  Last year she learned that the District and Cami Anderson planned to close Bragaw and that Life Academy known as Team Academy Charter School which offers k-4 would replace it.  Tawanda has chosen to send her child’s education at Hawthorne Avenue School—a  traditional Public School.


    Rob Carpenter: He’s a father of four children. He’s got a daughter who’s a Rutgers graduate and who’s currently studying for her masters. Rob’s son is a graduate of Kean University with a degree in Business. Rob’s third son will be graduating New Jersey City University and his 8 year old daughter attends a Charter School 

    Rob is a Newark resident of 40 plus years is an author and entrepreneur. He attended Winston Salem where he studied Political Science and then Ho Hocus College where he studied electrical systems. Rob sits on the board for the Central Business District and is an advocate education and community development.

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    American Sovereignty Radio

    in Politics

    Tonight we welcome Patriots Karen Sigemond and Evan Sayet to discuss their new venture, BeTheMedia. Karen is the founder of Rage Against the Media and Evan is the author of the book The Kindergarden of Eden.

    This show is about sovereignty. Sovereignty in the home, in our local communities, and in our States as well as our Nation. CommonCore, CSCOPE, ObamaCare, the EPA, BLM, and a plethora of other schemes and government agencies are trying hard to take away our rights and freedoms.

    Join Jennifer Montrose (AL), Dan Wilson (FL), and Scott Osborn (TX) as we discuss the latest happenings and open up a free speech dialogue around the nation. We welcome you to call in and join the discussion!

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    Stand For Truth Radio

    in News

    Evan Sayet will be joining us on Monday, January 5, 2015 at 6:00 pmPT/9:00 pmET for the full hour.

    Evan has become the nation’s leading conservative, political comedian, an in-demand Master of Ceremony for Republican and conservative events, while at the same time writing the bestselling book The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks. He’s given numerous lectures on the same subject as his book – including one to the Heritage Foundation, to which Andrew Breitbart call the lecture, “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given,” – and another to the Conservative Forum, which has been recognized as the definitive explanation as to how and why the Mainstream Media has gotten, literally, every major story of the past six decades not just “wrong”, but as wrong as wrong can be.

    Please call in and ask questions or comment at 347-205-9620.

    Join Susan Calloway Knowles, licensed psychotherapist, former attorney, writer, blogger, and author.

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    Where are the Adults in the room?

    in Spirituality

    Throwing a Monkey wrench into the plans of the New World Order, Through Enlightenment, Information, and a linking back to WHO we truly are!

    This week, where are all the adults in the room? As the world continues to spin wildly out of control on all fronts, the "leaders" behave like Children in a kindergarden class. The answers to all this are up to us.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Evan Sayet

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    Cliven Bundy’s words were that of another generation, but were spoken truthfully. He said nothing more than what others — including Star Parker and Lloyd Marcus have already said — perhaps more artfully — but with the same meaning: that the Black community has been used as pawns by the likes of the federal government, and race mongers like Sharptongue and Jessie Jackson, LBJ, and now Obama, Holder, and their ilk.

    Joining us tonight --- EVAN SAYET, accomplished comedian, author, and political commentator now writing for Breitbart.com and blessing us with his political poetry. We'll talk about his new gig with breitbart, the reaction his poem is getting, his clever campaign to help us all "be the media", his take on the Bundy comment and subsequent reax from Beck/Hannity et al. Evan will explain why Jew hatred is endemic to the Left, and why Jews continue to vote for them anyway.











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    Shen Wang - Creator of Learning Apps for Kids

    in Family

    MGN Radio welcomes Shen Wang, creator of Duo-Pisces Technology to discuss the importance of learning apps for kids. He created iMathGenius, one of the best apps to teach Math to kids from kindergarden to High School. You don't want to miss this show! Grab a friend and tune into MGN Radio at 10pm EST. Check out their website: http://www.duo-pisces.com.



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    According to David Horowitz, Mr. Sayet is, "simply the best political comedian working in America today", and a more serious thinker. In the latter capacity, Evan delivered the speech to the Heritage Foundation which Andrew Breitbart called "one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given," a lecture that is now by far the single most viewed talk in their history. Evan has written and/or produced in just about every medium there is, including TV's "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" (for which he apologizes), the multiple festival award-winning documentary "Dodo" and authored The Kindergarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks (Evan will be selling and signing his new book). He was also the original writer for the long-running, cult classic game show, "Win Ben Stein's Money." Tonight he spends some time with us to talk about how and why the mainstream media has gotten just about every major news story of the modern era wrong.

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    Healing the Inner Child, Part 4- Integrating our Fragmented Pieces

    in Lifestyle

      Have you ever noticed that you can feel angry and rejecting towards yourself and yet have compassion for yourself all within the same 10 minutes?  How can we have such opposing thoughts.  If you were traumatized as a child, it is likely that you have wounded parts, judgmental parts, and compassionate parts, all held in the same brain.  That is exactly what therapist and recovery expert, Juanita Ryan says.  Juanita will be sharing how to take ownership of ALL of our parts and learn to give them each their voice, teach them to receive love, and heal the core wounds of our inner child. 


    Juanita Ryan is a therapist in private practice at Brea Family 
    Counseling Center in Brea, CA. She is the author of several dozen Bible 
    study guides published by InterVarsity press as well as the author of 
    many books including: "Rooted in God's Love: Meditations on Biblical 
    Texts for People in Recovery", "The Twelve Steps: A Spiritual 
    Kindergarden" and "Keep Breathing: What To Do When you Don't Know What 
    to Do". For more information visit her blog at www.juanitaryan.com.

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    PolitiBunny On The Attack

    in Politics Conservative

    Here a liberal, there a liberal... everywhere a liberal liberal.

    Tonight on PolitiBunny, Evan Sayet, author of "KinderGarden Of Eden," will join bunny to talk about the modern liberal's thinking (yes, contrary to popular belief they do have a brain) and what drives them in their ideals and beliefs. Sayet's book has been quoted by Rush Limbaugh on the air multiple times, plus he has been publicly recognized by Andrew Breitbart and Bill Whittle.

    Amazing that I was able to con him into coming on the bunny show, eh? 

    So excited to chat with Evan tonight, plus the Top 10 Douchebags of the Week, bunny's own take and helpful hints on debating liberals, ninjas, zombies and much more bunny goodness. Be there (or else)!

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    Women Patriots with Special Guest Author and Comedian Evan Sayet

    in Politics

    Brenda Ward and Barbara Buffing will be talking with Author and Comedian Evan Sayet. Author of "The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks". Evan was recently the guest speaker at Conservative Forum his topic  "Why The Mainstream Media Has Gotten Literally Every Story Wrong For the Past 60 Years". A little comedy on very serious issues.