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    Open Book: A Queer Quandary for Ash Wednesday by Kimberly Knight

    in Spirituality

    Ash Wednesday begins a 40 day journey called Lent.  Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  It is a time of reflection, forgiveness, change, mercy - the list goes on and on.  Perhaps this year, it can be a time to spend time in deep prayer and contemplation about what it means to live in community with one another.  We hope you will join us with an open heart as we discuss a recent blog post on patheos.com by Kimberly Knight. 

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    Author, Artist Kimberly Nichols

    in Self Help

    Kimberly Nichols is a conceptual artist, writer and social anthropologist exploring issues of the individual’s contemporary universal identity through spirituality, myth, psychology, geography, and culture to inform work that expresses myriad perspectives on humanity and our inherent, existential connections. She is the author of the book of literary short stories Mad Anatomy and is currently working on a memoir about the mother wound, family secrets and the damage in silence. Her work can be seen online at www.kimberlynicholsstudio.com and she maintains a fun, informal blog at www.hundredproofbordello.com. She is @LITGFOA on Twitter


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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Curtis Harmon!

    in Music

    You must surely have heard some kind of background by now.  Pieces of a Dream is LEGENDARY all over the world.  How could we not know something about Cedric Napoleon, James Lloyd or Curtis Harmon - the nucleus of how the group started? James has been with us a few times on "Hybrid Jazz" - now it's time to get another view of the band's journey from Curtis.  It was such a thrill to spend time ONSTAGE with Curtis and James (and Gerald Veasley!) when they played in Wilmington this past Summer.  It made yours truly appreciate the full depth and breadth of their energy and artistry - AND improvisational skills!

    Curtis comes from a family of music and he started on drums early: at eight.  With formal lessons two years later.  Not many years after, he met James - and they knew enough about chemistry to pool their resources.  In 1976: Voila!  Pieces of a Dream was born.  A song title from Michel Legrand - performed by Stanley Turrentine - and ALSO by the youthful ensemble :)  To say that POOD came at us hard and heavy might be an understatement.  Playing in the tri-state area - including our City of Brotherly Love - they were heard on Temple University's WRTI - then tapped to be the house band on the local TV show, "City Lights."  

    That's when Grover Washington, Jr., saw them - and did a double take.  Sitting in with his "mentees" one night at the Bijou, the stars aligned.  Grover knew that he would form a production company and SIGN those Bad Boys.  From the 80's until NOW, Pieces of a Dream have been grooving, moving and mastering every angle of Contemporary Jazz.  And, if you're blessed to be in the Mid-Atlantic extended region, you'll see just how far they've come - when they star at Ram's Head in Annapolis on 12/18!  Let's support GREATNESS!

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    2-Pack: NFL.com's Matt Harmon with Alex and Nick

    in Football

    Packers Talk is pleased to announce our newest podcast, brought to you by Alex Petakas and Nick Bornheimer. This week, the guys talk with NFL.com's Matt Harmon about his project "Reception Perception," which takes an in-depth look at receiver efficiency in all areas of football, and how the Packers' receivers fair on his grading scale. Plus, thoughts on the one of the NFL's best play callers resuming his play calling duties. It's the Return Of The Mac. 

    2-Pack is just one of many great Green Bay Packers podcasts you will find at PackersTalk. Keep up on all the latest Packers news by following us on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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    One on One with A.L. Cooper featuring Kimberly Jones

    in Current Events

    Pastor Kimberly Jones is a “people lover” at heart, and it shows up in every aspect of her life. She is a co-pastor, life coach, motivational speaker, and counselor. She uses her gifts and talents to encourage women and men to maximize their potential by taking ownership of their lives through spiritual awareness and personal development. Her platforms include women’s conferences, coaching seminars, and business workshops. Pastor Kimberly is founder and owner of Living On Purpose Life and Relationship Coaching, LLC, where she works with individuals and groups as a Certified Professional Life & Relationship Coach.

    Pastor Kimberly’s first priority is her marriage and ministry partnership with her husband Apostle Louis D. Jones, Jr. She has served alongside him as Co-Pastor of Prevailing Love Worship Center in Stone Mountain, GA for the past 14 years. In addition to being the Co-Pastor at PLWC, Kimberly, affectionately known as “PK”, also serves as the leader of the Women’s Ministry (Sister With A Purpose), Coordinator of Auxiliary Ministries, and assists with leadership training and development. Working along with SWAP, Pastor Kimberly founded and annually hosts “The Awakening” Women’s Encounter. For more than 8 years this annual women’s encounter has birthed purpose and destiny in the lives of many women from all different walks in life.

    Kimberly is currently a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Georgia Association of Christian Counselors, and The National Coalition of Women in Ministry. Kimberly has her B.S. in Counseling & Human Relations and an M.A. in Human Services Counseling. She is the mother of two (Kayla & Justin), grandmother of one (Kingston), and has been married to Apostle Louis D. Jones, Jr. for 15 years.

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    Fetal Tissue in Vaccines Alters Genetic Code ~ Kimberly Thor-Adams Host Elkordy

    in News

    Chiropractor Kimberly Thor-Adams from Nebraska is our Guest on "The Mary and Sallie Show" today.  This is Kimberly's website: http://www.choiceplease.com/

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC and http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015 and http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com   

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    Frankly Speaking with Dr. Kimberly Erusha, Managing Director, USGA Green Section

    in Golf

    Join Frank in the first episode of 2016 as he Speaks Frankly with Dr. Kimberly Erusha, managing Director of the USGA's Green Section.

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Kimberly Deese

    in Politics

    Very Special Guest:  Kimberly Deese  Kimberly - A Grandmother Stripped Of Her Right To Adopt Her Grandson Will Be On Board To Discuss The Investigation Into Her Grandsons Abuse Case In Foster Care - Governor Pat Mccory - Lawyers - Gal's - Child Trafficking  And A Whole Lot More


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    Share the Wealth with Kellie Fitzgerald and Kimberly Bayne

    in Culture

    My guest for this special gratitude show is Kimberly Bayne, of Live Life Positively with Kim Bayne.  The topic for this show is truly something Kim knows all about.  As someone who has experienced loss and hard life lessons, Kim has learned the importance of being grateful for everything that happens in our lives - the bad things as well as the good.

    This show promises to be both inspiring and uplifting as well as to include some discussion about those hard life lessons and terrible events that happen to all of us.

    As always thanks so much for listening!

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    W2W Talking To Men: Kimberly GoodLook Seabrook Tells Her Story Of Survival

    in Women

    Kimberly Seabrook is a proud native of The Bronx, New York.


    She is a huge inspiration to others with her writing. She became a writer and Marketing Director for The Machine Network which led her to many opportunities to express her work while also sharing the light of others with her intense interviews.


    Kimberly has hosted on The Skenny Kravitz Show (Ustream), The Ladies Room which has had several different outlets.


    In addition to appearing on other shows via Blog Talk. You can find her as the emcee for many venues around the Atlanta area. 


    Kimberly has managed artists, coordinated shows and has been a Talent Director for many other showcases in NY and Atlanta.

    Woman2Woman Talking To Men

    Quest will be non other than the upcoming poet and writer Kimberly GoodLook Seabrook. 

    Kim GoodLook Seabrook is not shy at all! She is the voice and calls it how she sees it.

    She has also started a shirt called "Paid by the Hustle Not by the Hour" which many people have supported. The logo say it all Kimberly is a hustler not by choice but by nature and heart!

    Kim Seabrook has overcome many challenges that many people could have never gotten through while still keeping a smile on her face and having a great outlook on life. Her experiences through domestic violence, drug abuse and molestation are just a few of her challenges that she had overcome. With these life experiences she has expressed through her writing and has shared it with the world to help speak for others who may not have the courage to do it on their own.