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    Healing Ministry

    in Christianity

    Remember to call in your prayer request, this is part 2 from yesterday prayer request for Healing, Miracles, Deliverance, God blessings is upon you for healing.

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    DSD21 The real Underwood Plan

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode of Down South and Dirty we have great show planned. This is for all of you House of Cards fans in this season Fictional President Frank Underwood presents a plan to cut all earned benefits and put money into a Jobs program called America Works. Could such a plan work in the Real world? We want to have a conversation on the up and down sides of "America Works" a great hypothetical and fun conversation for Political Junkies.


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    Healing Ministry

    in Christianity

    Remember to call in for your prayer request for Healing, Deliverance, and Miracles, so God can be a blessing in your life, his love edure for ever in Jesus name amen.

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    Healing Ministry

    in Christianity

    Remember to call in your prayer request for healing, Miracles, and Deliverance, Come and let God's anointing power be a blessing to your life

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    Girl Chat with Carol, June & Kim

    in Radio

    Girrl Chat with Carol, June & Kim is the #1 radio talk shows to hit the airwaves to be playing the hottest music of R&B and Hip Hop while discussing different topics in relationships, fashion, music, entertainment. We will also be interviewing artists, motivational speakers, doing women empowerment as we deliver our own unique twist with:

    Topic of the Day where callers can call in and give their advance or experience to help another woman who could need that uplifting in her life.

    Carol’s “Quote of the Day”

    Kim “What A Woman Should Do”

    June what’s hot in “Entertainment & Fashion”

    Girrl Chat  “Women’s Choice” “WSW” Women Support Women

    We are here to empower women that are single, married, divorced, dating or in a relationship to help motivate or solve issues in everyday life. We all have issues and just need that friend to talk to and  we are here for you. Let’s just be free on how we feel and solve the issues.  Join us every Sunday from 12pm-3pm. Follow us on twitter @girrlchat

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    Healing Ministry

    in Christianity

    Prayer request for Healing, Deliverance, and Miracles, call in so you can receive a blessing from God, you will never be the same again once God's glory is Manifest.

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    Healing Ministry

    in Christianity

    Special prayers request today for teachers,people Finance, police brutality,economy, Love for one another, and restoration of changing lives

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    LifeThoughts Radio guests Raymond & Kim Larkin

    in Indie Music

    LifeThoughts Radio welcomes Christian Love music duo,

    Raymond & Kim Larkin

    of Real Love Music
    to share their love for the Lord, their ministry and each other.
    You don't want to miss this very special treat!
    For more information and to check out their ministry,
    visit www.reallovemusicinc.com.

    Feel free to share these shows with others!

    (Notice: All Heart Right Ministries/LifeThoughts Radio shows are available for download at www.blogtalkradio.com/lifethoughtsradio and subscription on iTunes®!)

    Facebook: LifeThoughts Radio

    Visit us on the web: LifeThoughts Publishing

    *** Special Thanks ***

    Our Proud LifeSponsor:

    Sara Sara Cosmetics
    offers a variety of colorfully luscious lip gloss, lip gloss pots, lip sticks and NEW eyeshadows and skin care products! Let Sara Sara Cosmetics help you...Embrace the Royalty in You!



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    in Education


        "THE WOMAN RE-ELEVATED" Featuring the Lioness of THOR, SISTER LAELA EL. This new platform is a creation and manifestation of Sister Laela designed to Reignite, Refine, Restore and RE-ELEVATE the WO-MAN to their natural Power and Luster.

        Laela has been moved by the Creator to compile her experiences, teachings, and knowledge of both the Occupational, Business and Spiritual Universe into a subject matter and forum (platform) meant to "Edify" the Woman.

        Laela will take stage and provide a wealth of knowledge that will engage woman of all walks of life so that the WOMEN are better equipped to handle our World as it stands. Laela will build on business, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, our positions as Mothers and in some cases Wives. There will be no topic not addressed on the show series as my goal is to Elevate our conscious, broaden our understanding of Life, Law and Living a productive life that affords us Heaven while on Earth.

        JOIN LAELA today and each and every Wednesday at 11:00 am EST. We will have special invited Guests weekly.



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    Healing Ministry

    in Christianity

    Taking prayer request for healing, Miracles, Deliverance through the power of God.

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    Kim Gravel: Still Kim of Queens!

    in Women

    Kim Gravel is a veteran television host/interviewer, entrepreneur and leader, but most of all she has a passion for people and hearing their stories. She has logged thousands of hours as host of awardwinning talk shows "Friends & Neighbors" and  "Atlanta Live", is seen on The Steve Harvey Show and Headline News Network as a recurring contributor, is featured on the SiriusXM Radio show Dirty Pop with Lance Bass in the weekly advice column segment “Gravel Mail” and starred in the hit weekly docuseries “Kim of Queens” on the Lifetime Network. In 1991, at the age of 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgias in the state pageant’s history. She went on to represent her home state in the renowned Miss America pageant and as a result was asked to serve as US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. Kim has worked for Revlon and Christian Dior as make-up artist; served as National Cosmetology Association spokesperson; and served as a make-up artist and stylist to over 100 fashion shows and photo shoots. She has taken her knowledge and experience in beauty and launched her own boutique
    cosmetic line, Hardee Girl Cosmetics. Combining her expertise skills of communication and leadership, Kim is also a certified Life Coach. Kim has a rare gift of encouraging and guiding people with loving directness. She somehow gets by with saying the things that everyone else is thinking. Her compassionate yet straight forward "Dr. Phil-esqe" style keeps her in high demand as a Life Coach, mentor, advisor and consultant. As lead singer and songwriter of recording group Beloved, Kim
    entertains and sings to thousands across the country every year, including hosting sold-out women's conferences annually in Atlanta. She still finds time to raise her two boys, Beau and Blanton with husband Travis. 

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