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    Update on Small Town Global and What's New in Work at Home Entrepreneurship

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    Hi everyone. It's Deb and I know I've been away for quite awhile but we're still here...just haven't had time to do a broadcast in a long time! We love BlogTalk Radio but I have a full-time internet radio station on Live365.com as well that I've been have to pay attention to, as we  have gotten several new listeners there lately!

    Additionally, I am teaching online for a virtual school that is setting a precedent for online learning for kids and I've very excited about this. But I'm still an entrepreneur, I've written a new ebook entitled, "Digital Marketing Guide: The Complete Content Marketing Guide for Small Businesses," and we are involved in producing several other projects as well.

    Last year, I created an original computer based on the Raspberry Pi technology in which I included the Android system as a second "hidden" OS behind the main OS, which has n ever been done before in the way I did it. I have not had time to market it like I should though and I noticed recently some big tech companies are slowly getting similar ideas-to include mobile applications within desktop systems.

    I am excited to see these inventions as a tech innovator myself and it's clear the future is sure to be even more exciting.

    I'll have updates on what I've been doing and where we plan to go from here with my global technology and media company Saturday, 11.21.15 at 3:00CST. Please join me then!

    In the meantime, visit my blog here:


    -Deborah L. Killion, CEO Small Town Global.com

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Deborah L. Killion. She'll be stopping by the show to chat with me about her new book,The Ultimate Guide to Real Work at Home Opportunties That Pay Real Money: When You Are Really Serious About Making Money From Home.

    About the book:

    Do you want to make a serious income from home? Tired of making a few pennies here and there for laborious tasks? Deb Killion makes over $3000 per month working at home as an entrepreneur. She owns her own technology and creative media content creation business. But there are hundreds of other opportunities which allow you to make a full-time income from home. In this second eBook about working at home for real money, Deb explores the many opportunities available to someone who just wants to make a real living from their home. Whether you want to start your own business or work as an employee at home for someone else, she teaches you how to analyze your talents, find a job that fits those skills, and go for the gold. In this no holds barred approach, she also encourages budding entrepreneurs and work-at-home employees alike to never take "no" for an answer.


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    The Entrepreneurs & Leaders Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    Jack Killion Serial entrepreneur talks about the key attributes of running a successful business. Topics to be discussed are Leadership skills, growing a profitable business


    Eric Mautner President of Need It Now & The SDS Family of Global Logistics will be discussing the trends in his industry and how his business is positioned to address those trends


    Tony Racioppo former ceo of SDS Global Logistics will be discussing he experience and success as a business owner as well as lessons he has learned post sale of his business. 

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    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

    in Current Events


    ONE GOOD COP....

    The bravery shown by Sgt. Randy Henry during the investigation into the death of Brandon Ellingson has been inspiring.  We look at how the actions of one good cop have provided insight into the actions of Tony Piercy...


    For the second time in a year, a Special Prosecutor has found a reason not to file charges in two cases involving the 'good ol' boy' network in Missouri.  What began in Maryville has been revisited in Morgan County....


    The Laclede County DFS office appears to endorse a bully system.  Yesterday, a DFS employee, Amy Killion, watched while a former psych patient acts out at the end of a visit....


    Admissions during this DFS visit from the children, speak to a threat against their lives for telling the truth....

    And much, much more...

    Call in and join the conversation.



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    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

    in Current Events


    Our ongoing investigation into 'Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools' continues today as we look at criminal acts taken by Laclede County DFS.  Perpetrating fraud upon the court, educational fraud and manipulation, falsifying documents, falsely accusing children of being molestors, willful violation of court orders....

    The actions taken by DFS employees Nicky Watson, Amy DeGraw, Amy Killion and Justina Robinson are criminal and sickening.  

    Today, we learn how this office accused, falsely, a seven year old of molesting his sister.  This led to the boy being publicly and falsely labeled as a sexual predator, by none other than Judge Aaron Koeppen.


    Call in and join the conversation.  718-664-6859

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    in Education


    Learning Forward's Joellen Killion,Senior  Advisor at Learning Forward on PROFESSIONAL COACHING IN THE SCHOOL SETTING 

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    Puppy Rearing and Socialization

    in Pets

    Jane Messineo Lindquist (Killion) will be joining Dog Talk host Michelle Huntting to discuss puppy socialization.

    Jane, author of When Pigs Fly, has spent the last 14 years creating a training system that works for "impossible" dogs. She now successfully helps others train their "impossible" dogs. Jane breeds Bull Terriers and has put dozens of titles on 7 Bull Terriers and 2 Australian Cattle dogs.

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    Verbal Submission 99: Tim Means, Matt Montalvo, Josh Killion

    in MMA

    Join us for our 99th episode of The Verbal Submission on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 as hosts Brian Hemminger, Ben Thapa and Gerry Rodriguez talk the latest happenings in the world of mixed martial arts. We'll be talking the cancelled UFC 151, Bellator 73 and much more.
    Our special guests for the evening will be UFC lightweight Tim Means, who had his bout delayed with the UFC 151 cancellation, and young up-and-comers Matt Montalvo and Josh Killion, who will be fighting at Purgatory 8 in Toledo in a few weeks. 

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    Neil Killion on The Life Cycles Revolution – February 28, 20

    in Psychology

    Neil Killion returns with the debut of his book: The Life Cycles Revolution. Neil worked as a management consultant/psychologist with observations on thousands of clients for 20 years in business that turned into a brand new theory known as Life Cycles. His previous book titled Life Cycles has won 2 finalist Awards in the USA Book News contest and it has an Amazon rating average 4 1/2 stars. It’s unique, entertaining and it’s evidence based on Neil’s blog at: LifeCycles-by-Neil-Killion.blogspot.com is all about people’s life stories and how they validate the theory. I’m also a songwriter, tennis and poker player and fitness enthusiast.  
    The Life Cycles Revolution by Neil Killion SBPRA.com/neilkillion/

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    Neil Killion on: The Cycles Of Life

    in Culture

    Neil Killion worked as a management consultant/psychologist with observations on thousands of clients for 20 years in business that turned into a brand new theory of life called Life Cycles. The book has won 2 finalist Awards in the USA Book News contest and it has an Amazon rating average 4 1/2 stars. It's unique, entertaining and it's evidence based on Neil's blog at: LifeCycles-by-Neil-Killion.blogspot.com is all about people's life stories and how they validate the theory. I'm also a songwriter, tennis and poker player and fitness enthusiast.

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    Dr. Thomas Killion

    in Military

    Dr. Thomas Killion, the U.S. Army's Chief Scientist will discuss the Army Science Conference and the Army's overall efforts to harness science and technology for the Soldier.