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    WKPJB Radio presents Women's Intution and Gut Instinct

    in Poetry

    This week's show is focusing on the amazing human ability to know when and when not to do something. We will discuss a woman's intuition and a man's gut instinct. What moments of inspiration have you had that were caused by these? This will be an open forum of discussion. Even though we have a topic, we are always open to some poetry!!! The mic is always live!!! Please join us!

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          Today THOR will address a very serious epidemic oif Private Corporate for Profit Policing, Prison System and Politicians who are engaged in a form of "Slavery and Human Trafficking" under the umbrella of Traffic Tickets and Public Safety.

         SANDRA BLAND a woman visiting Texas was alllegedly stalked, profiled by a corporate employee of local municipal corporation called "Police Department". Sandra had her freedom of liberty and movement interrupted for "Failure to put on a turn Signal" in her non-commercial vehicle, in a non-commercial activity. Once pulled over "illegally" the corporate policy stalker" clearly acting on a common racial prejudice, beat, Terrorized and Assaulted her. All of this due to money hungry private corporate employees who think they have "Power to kill a Man/Woman for at best a civil matter. Then Samuel Dubose was killed in similar fashion but by a University of Ohio Police Officer (Security Guard) for absolutely no reason. He is no doubt a copy cat killer essentially duplicating the criminal acts he see's others in so called Law Enforcement commit everyday without consequence, and against so called Black People and or so called Minorities. Dubose was shot in the head and the University Security Guard fabricated a erroneus story similar to those created by others in his occupational arena. Sandra Bland was later found Dead in her jail cell. Alleged to have committed Suicide.


  • Killer cop makes bail, Trump's secret, The lion sleeps tonight and all the news

    in Current Events

    Killer cop Ray Tensing makes bail allegedly paid by his father and he's trying to get his job back citing some obscure union rule.  What's Donald Trump's secret of success? You'll be surprised at the answer. Plus the underbelly of racism in America. It's a lot deeper than you think. Whenever a white person kills a black under the most egrigious circumstances, there's always an outpouring of financial report. What's up with that? Plus all the other news including the MH 370. They think they found a pice but they are far from finding the rest of it.

  • Killer Cops and where are they now?

    in Current Events

    Just because it's not in the media how can we forget about all of the African American male lives lost during what seemed to be some kind of  surge in law enforcment brutality cases across the country over the past few years. Where are those cops now? Did they get off easy, or did some of them become scapegoats for the drama?

    Let's chop it up, on The Menu.

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    Killer Femmes Anniversary Party! Second Sunday Crime with Libby Hellmann

    in Books

    Killer Femmes: 5 Irresistible Novels From Around The World is celebrating its one year anniversary, so we decided to have a party and YOU are invited! Who are the Killer Femmes? We are crime authors Libby Hellmann, Christine Kling, Sujata Massey, Zoe Sharp, and Julie Smith. Between us, we've written over 60 novels and have been nominated for (and even won) numerous awards, including the Edgar, the Anthony, the Agatha, the Macavity, the Barry, the Lovey, and the CWA Dagger.

    All of us joined together and donated one of our novels to the Killer Femmes Boxed Set. After a year, it's still selling like gangbusters, and we're celebrating on Second Sunday Crime (but this month it's the first Sunday: June 7.) Please join us for laughs and straight talk about crime novels and the world of publishing today. It promises to be a blast, and we don't want you to miss out!  

    Killer Femmes includes:

    Easy Innocence by Libby Fischer Hellmann
    Cross Current by Christine Kling
    The Flower Master by Sujata Massey
    Killer Instinct by Zoë Sharp
    Louisiana Hotshot by Julie Smith

    You can find Killer Femmes on Amazon at http://amzn.com/B00KR13CAW and also on B&N, iBooks, and Kobo.

    Don't be late... and someone bring the wine, please! 

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  On the web at http://authorsontheair.com. Send us a Tweet @authorsontheair.


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    Killer Twists

    in Television

    Tonight, Soaps in Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms is going to tell you his theeory about who killed THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Austin and Courtney, and why... if the killer doesn't get to him first! Then, we’ll discuss the other big plots that have been unfolding on daytime... and a certain interview that had everyone talking over the past two weeks! Want to join the conversation? Dial in and share your opinions! PLUS: We’ll reveal the name of the winner of the "Sponsor Richard In The AIDS Walk NYC" gift package! 

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    OITNB - "Empathy Is a Boner Killer" - Season 3 EP 3 Discussion

    in Entertainment

    Join hosts Kristin (@kristin0409) and Keisha (@keelime_) as they discuss the latest episode of Orange Is the New Black on Sundays at 2 pm EST.

    Empathy Is a Boner Killer:

    Nicky's stash situation gets complicated. Alex and Crazy Eyes try a new drama class. Red assists Healy with a personal matter.

    To listen to more episodes, head on over to Variety Radio Online, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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    Interview with Mark Safarik of "Killer Instinct"!

    in Legal

    Join us as we continue our discussion on crime scene behavioral analysis and courtroom issues. We will also be discussing Mr. Safarik's show and gain some insight on how his background and skills translate in a private practice setting.
    Mark Safarik retired as one of the senior members of the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Unit. He has over 30 years in law enforcement, including 23 years with the FBI. He is now a partner with R. K. Ressler at Forensics Behavioral Services International. He is also a Vidocq Society Member.
    Mr. Safarik specialized in the detailed analysis of violent criminals and their criminal behavior through crime and crime scene analysis. He has reviewed and consulted on thousands of national and international homicide cases and violent crimes including sexual assaults and criminal paraphilic behavior. As a media consultant, he has appeared as an expert on many documentary programs, including Dateline, CourtTV, Forensic Files, and the Discovery Channel. He is also the host of Killer Instinct.

  • General Hospital Recaps w/ Shady & Heather

    in Television

    Welcome to General Hospital Recaps where Heather & Shady recap the week in Port Charles. Join us this week as we cry through our goodbyes as we say goodbye to the one and only Michael Easton. Friday was his final episode and its time to say goodbye! Question is, who killed him? Was it Nina? Did she kill him? Did Morgan? Did Ava? Remember she doesn't have finger prints! It is time to see once and for all who the killer is in Port Charles! Also who is attacking Sonny's shipments? Join us as we discuss this & so much more.

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    Armed & Fabulous : Episode 11 | Rand Paul Comes Out

    in Fun

    Rand Paul has exposed himself as a big giant stinking monger of war, and we are not surprised - but many are. Join us for a discussion of the warning signs, how YOU can spot a budding tyrant, and practice the discernment necessary to make ethical choices at the voting booth.

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