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    A Happy Life - Retraining the Brain

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    Emotional balance is the Key to a happier life! You'll discover what we mean by Retraining the Brain.  We talked about Me Time last month and we'll keep talking about it, to remind you to take time for yourself.

    When you have emotional balance, you'll realize you have choice and choice allows you to have a happier life. You get to choose. You get to live life instead of life living you.

    Menopause changes your hormones, in turn causing even more emotional swings, frustration, and feeling unfulfilled. Let's change this madness to change your results. Join us for this special episode of Bee Talk.

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    The Best "Me Time" Practices - Part IV - Super Food for YOU!

    in Self Help

    Cheri and Vicki will be sharing the "KEY" to getting the most out of "Me Time", so you can discover the importance of receiving and filling up to recharge your batteries, so to say.  When you actually take time for yourself, you'll find you are happier, calmer, and more at peace.  When you are in this peaceful place, you are able to handle the day to day "stuff" with ease and joy. Your family will surely appreciate your energy, to the point where you'll rub off on them. Which means they'll be more at peace and happier too.  Imagine what life would be like if everyone was able to understand and handle their emotions more effectively, so they can resolve difficult situations easily, feeling relaxed and calm. Would that be a life changer for you?

    We'll share this "KEY" and an exercise to help you handle your emotions more effectively.  When you understand how you are handling your emotions now, you'll be able to make changes that'll support you in living the image of more happiness, peace and joy. Menopause changes your hormones, in turn causing even more emotional swings, frustration, and feeling unfulfilled. Let's change this madness to change your results. Join us for this special episode of Bee Talk.

  • Free Psychic Readings with Queen Bee www.bluntpsychics.com

    in Spirituality

    BluntPsychics.com brings a unique mix of spiritual clairvoyance, wisdom, and confidence into each and every reading. The mastery of the Law Of Attraction will shine a bright light onto your life and relationships, allowing you to get the most from all aspects of your spiritual self. We  believe that everyone has lots of potential, but maybe it is difficult to see exactly what lies within,-Therefore, we can see this easily, and with our years of experience it will take no time at all for us to zero in and help you get everything sorted out and optimized.  Your life is simply too wonderful to be held back any longer. We listen to our Angel Guides, and Spirit Guides to see and feel the energy that flows from you. This helps clear up any confusion you might be having in your everyday life. Whether it be Love, Career, Friends… whatever it is we can tune into the proper frequency and give you the "blunt" answers you need. We aim to offer the best free psychic readings online. We encourage that you try us out for free. This will allow you to make the right choice and choose the psychic that best suits you. Simply keep in mind that our psychics offer 100% "blunt" readings and no sugarcoating will take place. Meaning,- we tell you what we see and not what you want to hear. You have the option of also hiring one of our many psychics for a paid "private readings" (Psychic prices vary). Need a private session? Call or Text 786-290-4735 or visit www.bluntpsychics.com

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    Bee Venom Therapy Protocol for treating Lyme and Chronic Infections Episode #10

    in Health

    In this segment we will actually be narrating the entire written protocol for treating Lyme and Chronic Infections. Each and every word will be said.

    We realize that reading is very difficult for us to comprehend how to perform BVT properly.

    It seems like Amber & I are seeing many of the same questions, again & again. We want to teach you how to fish for information and provide you the needed resources for this essential information. 

    Please listen to this episode again, and again, and again....it often takes 3 to 6 times to understand & retain all the data. 

    I personally have concerns that as BVT grows (which it will with her new book Pioneers:  Pioneers: Healing Lyme With Bee Venom Therapy) within the Lyme and other communities, Amber will burn out and not bee able to keep personally answering all the same questions a hundred times.

    We want to help, we want to answer your questions ~ that's why we offer the radio show as a means to let you continue to learn. So listen up and take note, we're gonna turn ya into a fisherman!!!

    I strongly encourage you all to utilize this information, take advantage of it and fish for yourselves.

    This is a LIVE show just like our LIVE bees which offer us 100% of the healing effects of the venom. I hope you'll create an BlogTalkRadio account and join in this conversation. Post your questions on the wall and we'll answer them on the show!

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    Music Crush Mondays - Bizzy Bee, Frank Knight, Damien Crawford, Jordan Snipes

    in Music

    Tune into Music Crush Mondays with your hosts Shea B., Mel D, Derrick Bass and Ray McNeil!


    Tonight we'll live with music artists: Bizzy Bee, Frank Knight, Jordan Snipes and Damien Crawford!


    You don't want to miss this.

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    The Best "Me Time" Practices. Part III - Super Food for Your Life!

    in Self Help

    Wellness and success go hand in hand. Taking "Me Time", by taking the time to discover natural and holistic practices that are available, which is an important step for emotional wellness, so you can start living your life in peace, with purpose and happiness. Super Food For Your Life!
    Sheila Z. Stirling is a true visionary of our time, She is known as a catalyst for wellness and success. Spending time in nature, meditating and/or being grateful will support you in creating a life you love to live. Gratitude is a powerful tool for your emotional and physical wellness. Our goal is to help you sync your mind, body, and spirit for a most rewarding life.
    Sheila's "Me Time"  has to do with taking a moment in nature, either high in the mountains or just outside in the grass.  (Walking or meditating and being grateful).

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    Harry James & His Orchestra ‎– Flight Of the Bumble Bee The Carnival of Venice

    in Music

    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records     


    Mom’s Red Album 2  Techstoryteller

    Harry James & His Orchestra ‎– Flight Of the Bumble Bee

    The Carnival of Venice


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Harry James & His Orchestra ‎– Flight Of the Bumble Bee / The Carnival of Venice

    Label: Columbia ‎– 36004

    A Jazz Masterwork.

    Released: 1941

    Genre: Jazz

    Style: Big Band

    A; The Flight of the Bumble Bee

    Arranged By – James

    Composed By – Rimsky-Korsakov

    Featuring, Trumpet – Harry James

    B: The Carnival of Venice

    Arranged By – Harry James

    Composed By – Arban


    Bass – Thurman Teague

    Drums – Micky Scrima

    Guitar – Ben Heller

    Piano – Al Lerner

    Saxophone – Chuck Gentry, Claude Lakey, Johnny Mezey, Vido Musso

    Trombone – Dalton Rizzotto, Harry Rodgers, Hoyt Bohannon

    Trumpet – Al Stearns, Claude Bowen, Harry James, Nick Buono

    Violin – George Koch, Sam Rosenblum, Stan Stanchfield, William Schuman

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    New Season Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert & Author Robin B Owens

    in Youth

    New Season Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert & Author Robin B Owens
    Broadcast in Youth today at 12:00 pm Reminder
    Socialbutterfli Connection Socialbutterfli Connectionunfollow
    Call in to speak with the host (516) 387-1637
    Through The Looking Glass With Kinia ColbertRobin Bee OwensThe Dabby SeriesChildren StoriesFamily TimeKinia ColbertChildren AuthorsChildren MusiciansTeachersStudentsPrekElementary Schools
    Welcome Back Everyone! New Season, New Fun With New and Return Guests!

    I wear many hats and love each of them, but none more than my children's show! This is where the heart is and I love sharing this space with those who love doing the same, by sharing their amazing love and talent with our children!

    Please join me as I welcome Robin Owens to the show this week, Robin will share her wonderful stories and her wonderful "Dabby Series": which was inspired by a project she began for the military children. The stories are their adventures with one of the dolls she crocheted. Robin will also tell us more about her other books:The Swamp Fairy, The Wand which is a Christian fairy tale, and Three Children and A Blessing . BE SURE TO PURCHASE YOUR BOOKS ON THE LINKS BELOW FOR OUR LISTENERS!

    http://www.inknbeans.com/store/p62/The_Dabby_Project_Boxed_Set.html http://www.inknbeans.com/store/p57/The_Wand_-_Robin_Bee_Owens_%26_Christopher_Bramer.html http://www.inknbeans.com/store/p56/The_Swamp_Fairy_-_Robin_Bee_Owens_%26_Christopher_Bramer.html www.facebook.com/thedabbyproject

    www.lookingglasswkc@gmail.com www.coachkinia@gmail.com

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    The Best "Me Time" Practices. Part II - Pilates - Super Food For Your Body!

    in Self Help

    Cheri & Vicki have spent years developing their skills and techniques to support women over 45 to get through the Menopause Mess with as much ease and joy as possible. January is all about "Me Time"- self care and loving yourself. One way to support yourself is with Pilates. Not only is it the first requisite of happiness (says Joseph Pilates), you may build strength, reduce back pain, lose weight, or improve coordination and balance. It also focuses on principles related to concentration, control and centering of the body, supporting you in your emotional wellness.

    Taking "Me Time", by getting on a program with Pilates, is an important step for emotional wellness, so you can start living your life in peace, with purpose and happiness. Pilates is Super Food for your Body!

    Our guests, Victoria and Emil Rechester, originally natives of the Soviet Union, have a passion for people and sharing health and wellness with members of their community. Victoria’s passion is to enrich people’s lives while having fun and Emil is pursuing his lifelong dream to practice and teach Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other healing arts like Jin Shin Jitsu. Pilates is the perfect business to complement and enhance their goals and vision! It is the Rechesters mission to provide a supportive and health conscious community in their studio. https://www.clubpilates.com/springvalley/

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    Indie Soul Saturdays, Webley, Frankie Bee Good, De'Shay Land

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us LIVE today, from 2-5 pm EST for, Indie Soul Saturdays with Host James Johnson, as he welcomes three talented Artists' into the studio to share their amazing music and upcoming projects.

    2:14-Reggae Artist WEBLEY

    3:15-Reggae Artist FRANKIE BEE GOOD

    4:15-De'Shay Land

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.