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    Late Night With Kid Xandre Interviews: SHE REAL

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    Just ask the crowd. Offstage She Real is actually a pretty laid back quiet person, but onstage She Real unleashes this monstrous beauty of a beast that can turn any audience into She Real lovers.

    She Real spits with a vengeance. Her concepts range from thoughts of imperfection, to the everyday struggles of life, to the power one possess with faith. Don't worry she get can cocky too, with captivating lyrics she believes demands Hip Hop's respect. She has recently appeared as a guest on Shade 45 Sway In The Morning Show. She Real has opened up for Tone Trump, Juelz Santana, Styles P., and Tierra Marie. She has won countless competitions around NYC and is currently on the Deans List College Tour. She Real is set to release her third mixtape entitled "My Times Coming" on January 1, 2014, and believe me her name speaks for itself. 

    This is going to be an epic interview DO NOT MISS OUT!! We'll also be doing advice session, someone out there is in need of your advice so please call up Sunday Night at 11pm Eastern time. Call up number is 215 383 5847 press 1 to get on the air anytime during the show to speak with She Real & Kid Xandre ! 
    It only gets this live at WEEE Live Radio ! If Its not live ! Its not radio!

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    Late Night With Kid Xandre Episode 29 (Season 2)

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    In this episode of Late Night With Kid Xandre we'll be interviewing Unsigned R&B Singer Saika Bince !!She'll be talking about her new EP release "Fall of a Hero"You'll also get a chance to call up and speak to her yourself and ask a few questions of your own!So be sure to tune in at 11pm Eastern Time ! The call up number is 215 383 5847 press 1 at anytime to get on the air with Kid Xandre & Saika !Also we'll be doing advice session, someone out there is in great need of advice so please call up to give the best advice you can to help the one in need.Want to take a head start on finding out more on saika? visit her website at http://www.saikoworld.com/

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    Late Night With Kid Xandre Episode 32 (Season 2)

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    Be Sure to tune in to Trending Topic Thursday!
    We'll be back discussing and updating you with some great topics!
    As well the usual advice session!
    There's someone out there in need of your advice, so if you're great at giving at advice we need you to call up Thursday night at 11pm Eastern Time the call up number is 215 383 5847 press 1 at anytime to get on the air with Kid Xandre !
    Trending Topics we'll be discussing are:
    #PaulWalkerConspiracy ?

    Then a small round up game of "All I want for Christmas ".
    Where one lucky caller will win a chance to get exactly what they want for Christmas! Kid Xandre will ask each caller what they want for Christmas, callers then can ONLY CHOOSE 1 thing. BUT the caller with the best reason on why they need what they're asking for wins. At the end of the round up Kid Xandre will announce the lucky caller And make sure Santa gets you that present under you've been asking for !
    (P.S hope youre not plotting a good lie, we can detect the B.S very well!)

    It only gets this live, at WEEE Live Radio Ladies and Gents ! If its not live, its not radio!

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    Late Night With Kid Xandre Episode 30 ( Season 2)

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    In this episode of Late Night With Kid Xandre, You'll be tuning into 'Gospel Sunday!' So for those of you that didn't get a chance to praise and worship today, you still have a chance to do it with me in my own unique way. For those of you that don't celebrate any form of religion, that's fine as well, we still have  topics and segments you can participate in to keep you entertained! So sit back relax and enjoy the show!

    Topics we'll be discussing are:

    - JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL:NBA Star Anthony Davis aka UNIBROW enjoys getting spanked in the locker room!

    -Heads up! Satellite is hurtling towards earth for crash landing!

    -1 reason why you should look up to a 7 year old if you're not living your dream !

    TRUTH OR DARE GAME! Each Caller gets to play a small game of Truth Or Dare with The Host Kid Xandre ( Rules: Only one choice and only things that are possible to do or answer within a phone call)

    Also Advice session, Someone out there is asking for your advice! So if you're known for giving good advice please call up 215 383 5847 at 11pm eastern time and press 1 at anytime during your phone call to notify the host that you want to speak live on the air! Hope To hear from you tonight!

    Its WEEE Live Radio! If it's not live! It's Not Radio!!

    *Call in early to lock your number in, showtime is only from 11:00-11:30pm*

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    Late Night With Kid Xandre Episode 26 (Season 2)

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    In this episode of WEEE Live Radio, You'll be tuning into 'Late Night with Kid Xandre': Gospel Sunday!
    If you didn't get a chance to praise and worship today, you still have a chance to praise and worship with us, in our own unique way. If you don't celebrate any form of religion, that's fine as well. Just sit back, Relax and join a convo!
    Topics we'll be discussing are:
    -Kanye West Makes WEEE Live News AGAIN
    -Uh-OH! GTA V might be forced to do a RECALL !
    -WTF NEWS: Dial this number on that 20 dollar bill please
    Ever wanted the WEEE Live Radio Hosting Experience for 1 day? Well here's your chance! You can win a chance to Co-Host for Kid Xandre on 'Late Night With Kid Xandre' ! BUT WAIT! Here's the even better part! You'll be co-hosting for an online interview with Special Guest Celebrity!!!! (Rules on the contest and Revealing of the Special guest will happen live on the air tonight at 11pm Eastern time!)
    Also Advice session, someone out there is in need of your advice again!, So please call up 215 383 5847 at 11pm to get on the air with Kid Xandre for a chance to win this great prize and to participate on these segments!  Its WEEE Live Radio! If its not Live! Its not radio!!

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    Ropstar Lifestyle (AN1 da Kid Interview)

    in Entertainment

    As you may know, we just love to keep you up to date with what artists you should keep a close watch on. This time we want you to meet AN1 da Kid. So clean out your ear drums and prepare for another "LIVE in the mischief exclusive"! Join host Anah Mae in getting familiar with this promising face of Ropstar Media.


    Follow host Anah Mae on Instagam and Twitter

    Follow AN1 da Kid on Twitter



    ALL INDIE, UNDERGROUND, LOCAL ARTISTS, & MANAGEMENT can submit music and interview requests to TheCaramelFoxx@Gmail.com to be played during the broadcast.


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    Bully the Kid presents: The Bully Booth on The Bully Block

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    Welcome to the return of REAL BULLY RADIO.


    Tonight Bully the Kid discusses why we left and why we're back. Tonight's special guest is ABKC Judge, Ty Lumley, from the River, and they will be discussing the state of affairs in the Bully World. Have we lost our identity? Have we become the baby AKC? Where have all the dogs gone?

    Tune in tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST.

    Click on the link below or call 619-639-4636 to listen in. If you would like to speak to the host please press "1". The chat room opens up at 8:55pm EST.

    It goes down tonight! The return of REAL radio. Bully the Kid.... Legooooo!

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    The Black Angel - The life of a Preachers Kid, Hustler and Once a Stripper

    in Christianity

    Mariah Marie Jerido AKA (Ms. Pecan)  She is the daughter of a prominent minister.  This is a story of her life from a Preachers Kid, Hustler and once a Stripper. 
    This book reveals all the pain, love, break-ups,a abusive relationship,molest,near death car accident  and the truth about all the secrets she carried in her life.

    The Black Angel: Mariah! She is committed to serving people by using her universal principles of spiritual leading words with others,  You will want to have and live a joyous, abundant and peaceful life after reading her amazing story in her book. 
    Wherever and when you may be on your spiritual path, your personal growth In life can help many. We as people can aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in Jesus Christ  or your spirituals connection In Religions at every point in someone's life, and encourage personal and spiritual growth through prayer. 

    Be sure to check out her story on your YouTube Channel. 

    Visit her online at http://www.theblackangel.info/? 

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    Giving Children A Voice: Kid Star Radio

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we pay tribute to founder Perry Damone, and share the Kid Star Story - 27 years of giving children a voice...your chance to donate to Kid Star and receive a scholarship to the Kid Star Academy! Donate at www.kidstar.org

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    NOW VS THEN Ep: " KID-N-PLAY: ChildHOOD Games & Fun"

    in Entertainment

    NOW vs THEN present

    KID-N-PLAY: ChildHOOD Games & Fun"
    9PM EST / 6PM PSD

    Special Guest & Music

    #WE ARE BOSS  LEVEL Team Creators/organizers of

    Saturday Morning Music LIVE @ Action Burger

    Listen Online at
    OR Call-In to Listen (347) 996-5097

     " THE STREET TEAM: A Convo on Alternative Black Media & Marketing" ???
    Founder ERIC HODGE &
    Coordinator CAMERON SIMONS

    No worries Catch the Archived version.
    LINK (http://bit.ly/1taAOoG ) #NowVsThen

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    The Nikki Rich Show Kid Real @DakidReal

    in Entertainment

    The Nikki Rich Show Live with Kid Real. Call in 323.580.5749 TheNikkiRichShow.com

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