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    Kicking the Bowbow, old school radio

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    Kicking the bowbow, with Yango and Melissa, we talk about issues related to the community, local, national and international,Black women, business and inspiration, criminal justice, mass incarceration, health, success and you. We want our listeners to be involve, call in with your questions or comments. We love you POWERFUL PEOPLE.

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    Kicking the Bowbow, old school radio

    in Current Events

    Kicking the bowbow, with Yango and Melissa, talking about issues related to community, local, national and international.Black women, business and inspiration, criminal justice, mass incarceration, health, success and you. We want our listeners to be involve, call in with your questions or comments. We love you Powerful People.

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    Kicking It Real @ The Round Table

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    Conversations at the Roundtable a sure to be provocative, insighful and thought provoking!  I have invited a few of my friends from various backgounds, to bring topics that matter to them and hoepfully, will matter to you.  Join in on the explosive conversations; discussing hot topics that range from television shows, family matters, relationships and other mind matters!  Whatever you do, don't miss this episode of "Kicking It Real @ The Round Table!"  Grab your tea, invite a friend and come and sip with me and my special guests!

    We kick it real @ the round table!

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    Kicking It Live With Will Walker

    in Social Networking

    Each and every monday kicking it with Will Walker

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    Hitting, Biting and Kicking: How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Young Children

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    It’s easy to respond to your child's aggression with yelling or anger, but remember, your child is looking to you for cues on how to control his impulses and have good behavior."

    Step in and Stop it Immediately

    At the first sign that your child is about to become aggressive, immediately step in and remove him from the situation. Be careful not to give too much attention to your child so that you do not give any negative reinforcement for the bad behavior.

    Lower Your Voice—Don’t Raise It

    As parents, we need to show self-control and use gentle words if we want our kids to do the same. It’s easy to respond with yelling or anger, but remember, your child is looking to you for cues on how to control his impulses and have good behavior.

    Practice Ways to De-fuse your Child’s Anger 
    For younger kids, help them recognize their anger by stating, “I know you're mad, but we don’t hit. No hitting!” For children aged 3-7, talk about anger as an important feeling. 

    Teach Kids that Aggression is Wrong
    It’s also important to talk to your children about aggression during a calm moment. In a steady voice, explain to your child that hitting, biting, kicking, and other aggressive behaviors are wrong.

    Recognize Your Child’s Limitations

    This means knowing when to leave a potentially volatile situation or choosing to engage your child in a different activity to avoid aggressive confrontations.

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    Kicking Cancer in The Kitchen

    in Family

    Two young women, each a spouse, parent, and cancer survivor had never met. Yet, these strangers to one another had much in common. Annette Ramke, 36-year-old two-time breast and ovarian cancer survivor, and Kendall Scott who had battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 27, decided to take charge of their lives. With their doctors’ assistance, the two opted to tackle their illnesses with more than traditional treatment protocols.     Annette and Kendall fought back by integrating a healthy lifestyle into their treatment regimens. A significant focus on proper nutrition was strategically included.    The result? Stronger and healthier individuals, better equipped for life's challenges.     After meeting at a conference, Annette and Kendall joined forces. They decided to write a book. Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen: The Girlfriend’s Cookbook and Guide to Using Real Food to Fight Cancer not only provides over 100 healthy and tasty recipes, it offers stories about their experiences through cancer and lessons they learned along the way. Their mission in writing the book: to teach others about healthful living and increasing odds of survival.   Annette and Kendall have been guests and featured on TV: My Fox Memphis, WHBQ Fox 13, Fox 29 Philly News, NBC 10; Radio: Your Story Matters with Angela Schaefer, Stupid Cancer Radio, and dozens of magazines and newspapers, to name but a few of the many media appearances each has made.   We are thrilled to have these "kicking cancer" entrepreneurs as our guests on Monday, November, 4, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. EST. Join us in this dynamic hour of discussing great food and fabulous resources created to help empower women, and men, through their cancer journeys.

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    Kicking it wit Kellz in Kelly Bee Spotlight as i welcome **Sonovia Alexander**

    in Entertainment

    I KNOW Y'ALL MISSED ME, but NO WORRIES ~KellyBee~ IS BACK BETTER THEN EVER,  so won't you come join me as i interview Amazons National Best Selling Author **Sonovia Alexander**. We will be discussing her role as CEO of her very own publishing company  **SNOW PUBLISHING**, ALL her new book release, what she has in store for us next, family, friends, her SRC book club and if Thursday Nights is still on and POPPING (bow chicka wow wow) in the Alexander home lol. And as always y'all KNOW KellyBee gone be on her BESTEST BEHAVIOR, NAUGHTY as hell and full of LOVE&LAUGHS. 

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    Alive and Kicking!

    in Entertainment

    We're back after a month-long hiatus! Join us as we chat about anything and everything that striles our fancy. Or at least, whatever we can manage to squeeze into out 30-minute slot. (Hee hee! We said "slot.")

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    Kicking Cancer with Candice!

    in Health


    Candice Witek is a married Health Coach, breast cancer survivor and mother of 3. Candice owned her own interior design business and life was sailing along until she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 34. 

    Having just had her third baby months earlier and with 2 small children also at home, getting cancer turned her world upside down.  Candice was determined to take control of her future!  In taking back control, she realized that the food she ate, her mental wellness, and exercise were things she could control, when so much was out of control in her fight against cancer. 

    Candice fought through a double mastectomy, reconstruction, months of chemotherapy and ongoing hormone therapy.  During this difficult time, by focusing on healthy eating, mental wellness and exercise to beat cancer, she unintentionally lost weight, improved her health and has never felt or looked better!

    This incredible journey led Candice to rethink her career and pursue the world of health coaching in order to help others, particularly women, overcome challenges and acquire good solid health and mental happiness. Candice is currently attending a certification program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and plans to begin seeing clients in the Spring 2015. 

    Until then, you can support Candice by following her blog and watching her evolve on social media. Follow her blog to enjoy her witty articles and delicious recipes. Please check out her website, www.flourishwithcandice.com and like her Facebook page, Flourish with Candice, and follower her on Twitter and Instagram too. 

    Candice says, "if I can do it with 3 kids in tow, you can do it too!  Change your life and flourish with me!"

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    Kicking it in the Crypt with Clarence

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are joined again by that dapper dude Clarence for another installment of Kicking it the Crypt.  Join us for a gothic good time!

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    LFTA EP38 Ryan Martel & Roni Nicole-Kicking Butt is a Common Denominator...

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show Ryan Martel stops by and we'll talk a little wrestling & Martel's Corner. The She-Devil of the South Roni Nicole comes by to talk about wrestling, kicking butt, & writing?? Yes, we said writing! All this and the weeks news, happenings, and events.......
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