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    Kickers Are People, Too!

    in Sports

    We talk about the importance of kickers with former Georgia kicker, Rex Robinson, and former Mississippi State kicker, Brian Hazelwood.

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    It's time for fantasy football

    in Sports

    Football is back and we're leading off at 7pm with fantasy football.  Find out the top 5 fantasy quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, defenses & flex players  in which there will be a few surprises.  We'll also give you our sleepers as guys that aren't currently top 10 ranked, but who we expect to explode to become a top 10 fantasy player by the time your league championship is determined.  We'll also examine various story lines that have dominated the NFL offseason including reacting to the suspension of Tom Brady being upheld &  the ongoing saga that is NFL2LA. The director of Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams, Tom Bateman, will give us his insider takes on the LA situation at 830pm.  

    Then, there's reaction to the Los Angeles Lakers free agent signees of Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass & Lou Williams at 8pm.  At 730pm, we'll react to the 2015 Gold Cup by discussing the controversy surrounding the semifinal match between Mexico  Panama along with the USMNT flameout against Jamaica.  

    We're proud to host Erroll Parker, program director for the Ron Palmer Summer Basketball & Academic Camp.  He will talk with us at 815pm about the camp & how it's benefiting kids in terms of their athletic and academic pursuits.

    We'll mix in a little baseball trade deadline talk. 

    This show is served to you with EVERYTHING.  Come and get it, Diehards!  

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    Parker...Lippet...McCain Shining At O.T.A.'s

    in Football

       I know I like to see the good in as much as I can...  and there is alot of good to see on the practice field in Davie right now!  The names in the title of this show are lookin REAL good...  but....  there ARE some concerns as well we need to stay on top of.  Brandon Albert was seen limping badly on Monday as well as Brent Grimes still not going at %100....  The OG situation (and I believe it IS a situation) still needs addressing too!  Thats what this time of year is all about tho so dont get too worried!

       The good reports still outweigh the bad....  Jamar Taylor is lookin great and to many fans delight (so sad to say this but...) Caleb Sturgis's back up is kicking extremely well in the kickers absence, making field goals from over 50 yards with ease.  Ajayi and the rest of the rookie class of 2015 are looking great so far and the 2014 class continues to shine as well....

        So lets talk about this and other news this Thursday at 6:30 EST...  You can call in to be a part of the show at (516) 435-9433 or text LIVE during the show on Face Books Dolfinatics group page and ask your questions for the hosts there!!   SEEYA THEN!!

                  FINS~UP !!

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    80/20 Sales & Marketing, With Perry Marshall

    in Marketing

    If you’re a sales and marketing professional, you can save 80 percent of your time and money by zeroing in on the right 20 percent of your market. At the end of this special interview, you’ll be know how to apply 80/20² and 80/20³ to gain 10X, even 100X the success. With the right tools, you can learn to apply the Pareto Principle to:

    Slash time-wasters
    Locate invisible profit centers in your business
    Advertise to hyper-responsive buyers and avoid tire-kickers
    Gain coveted positions on search engines
    Differentiate yourself from rivals
    Gain esteem in your marketplace

    The ultimate guru in sales and marketing, Perry Marshall, joins Adam for a very special interview.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Tomorrow one Israeli stands at the gates of communist hell and warns the American people that they will soon become a bible story. A communist Judas will betray a once great nation and the thirty pieces of silver goes to the two billion dollar Clinton library.For fourteen years we had to listen to strong communist propaganda that 911 was on Bush when in fact today is the twentieth anniversary of the first hit on the Clinton Towers. The communist can kickers were too busy lining their crooked pockets selling everything from pardons for the uranuiums like Marc Rich to selling military secrets to Communist China. Didn't Eric Holder broker the Marc Rich pardon?  The take down of the USeless of A With the help of the EPA and the Communist Chamber of Commerce destroyed American industrial power. It was replaced with smog now a leading profit maker. However Smog is on the rise due to the communist government success on hooking a nation on taxable weed. Every day we lose 4700 unwanted Americans in democrat chop shops and a government that used to pay for scalps now pays for babies by the head and they call it the law as they scrap the Laws of God. The demo commos will tell you they observe Moses' three commandments. Tomorrow the voice of one crying in the nuclear wilderness will cure our political blindness. Those who sell us out will drown him out. They will bring him before the media pilate and falsely accuse him of communist heresy. I hope we are all listening to his gospel of survival.We will never have another revolution but we could have a ressurection. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition and we will all stay free. Good luck BEBE.

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    All Packers Talk: Quarterbacks & Kickers & NFL Draft Needs

    in Football

    The Packers' Quarterbacks and Kickers are put under the microscope as we look at "where we are now", "where we want to be" and "how do we get there." This is the seventh in a series of these podcasts, looking closely at this Packers team, position group by position group, and analyzing where improvements are needed. Then, of course, we'll also examine college prospects that could help the Packers.
    Join the writers at AllGreenBayPackers.com for a fast hitting discussion of all things Packers. Be sure to check out ALLGREENBAYPACKERS.COM, where we are "All Packers All the Time. Browse Packers Talk Radio Network for more Packers podcasts from the best Packers bloggers on the internet.

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    Fantasy Sports Primetime with Neiko and Mike

    in Sports

    Welcome to another episode of Fantasy Sports Warehouse Primetime episode. We are a day away from a lot of happenings in the sports world and we are covering them all. In the National Football League (NFL) the combine starts tomorrow, bringing in the kickers, special teams, offensive linemen, and tight ends. On Saturday is the fun day with the quarterbacks and running backs, and wide receivers. Also we will look toward Major League Baseball (MLB), and the news and notes there also be looking at some of the teams. Great news Pitchers and Catchers have reported! We are sure to cover the National Basketball Association (NBA), as the All-Star break has concluded, and about to step into the rest of the season for one last push. We also will be looking at some of the trades as the trade deadline will have concluded. We will also be looking at some college hoops as the big dance is just around the bend. In the   quick hitter segment we have NASCAR, Daytona 500 on Sunday, and of course the PGA kicks off another event, this time its the Northern Trust Open at the Riviera and Soccer looks to get out of their mess, so that they can avoid players going on strike.

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    NFL Draft Fastcast featuring Tom Obarski, Concordia-St. Paul, Kicker

    in Football

    Senior Bowl invite Tom Obarski is one of the most lethal kickers in the nation. He is working to earn a roster spot in the NFL come this fall. 

    Armed (no pun intended) with a powerful leg, he owns countless school and conference records. His first ever college game he connected for a 56 yards field goal and added another 49-yarder for good measure. 

    In Mobile, AL for the Senior Bowl he once again demonstrated his powerful leg strength for NFL Scouts. Go one-on-one with a guy who could be kicking for your favorite NFL team next fall. 

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    Cook & THE BaD GuY: Sports Podcast

    in Sports

    Cook & The BaD GuY host this live & entertaining Sports podcast like NO OTHER. They tackle the hard hitting topics & give it to you straight! Cook-Known for his West Coast bias and unconventional views and THE BaD GuY and his unapologetic stance will have you laughing, yelling & ready to call in! Join us Sunday's @ 9pm Eastern with Replays available on http://www.kpjonez.com/cook--the-bad-guy.html. Stream in live, call & let your voice be heard!!


    This Weeks Topics:

    1. NBA Free Agency. Melo to the Lakers? & Much More

    2. NFL Training Camp Preview: NFC South. Do ATL Dirty Birds soar this year? Is Carolina for real?

    3. World Cup Finals: Final 4 & Eventual Champion In Brazil

    4. Fantasy Football: Defense, Kickers, & IDP players to target

    5. MLB 1st Half Recap


    Dial In or Stream Tonight!! 914-205-5560

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    Hounds v Kickers II, MLS Expansion

    in Soccer

    I will cover the upcoming Riverhounds game as they go to Richmond for second time in three weeks.

    I will also talk about MLS recent expansion in the southeas

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    Hosie Nation 3.0 w/@leecrowe Operation: Bironas

    in Comedy

    Join us as we get our Sherlock Holmes on pertaining to the death of former NFL Kicker Rob Bironas. Somebody is doing some lying, and her face looks like Terry Bradshaw's....


    We will also get into much more, and you will probably be mad.