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    Kerry Hines is the Founder of HaiRadio.com. It’s a marketing firm that manages hair industry professionals. Kerry Hines also created the HaiRadio Broadcast Network, The #1 hair and Beauty 24 Hour Radio Network.

    The HaiRadio Broadcast Network started in 1994 and features hair tips by top celebrity stylist. The Hair Radio Show with Kerry Hines broadcasts weekdays and provides a lively mix of music, pop culture along with the greatest hair stylist in the world. http://www.hairadio.com

    Mr Hines proudly holds Bragging rights as The Guru of Hair Industry Public Relations!

    Mr. Hines is the Author of How to Get Rich in the Hair Business; this book is the ultimate guide for any person who is serious about getting rich in the hair or beauty industry. It features many ideas that can be implemented to get you and your business moving and make a difference to your bottom line.

    Stay connected for Mr. Hine’s Upcoming New Book: "Think Like A Client, Act Like A Hairstylist"

    All the way from Brooklyn, NY… I am so thrilled to present to my listening family Mr. HaiRadio himself, Kerry Hines!! 


  • Mother Judy Hines Thurs Evening Chat 6pm

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    Judy Hines, a native North Carolinian presently residing in Washington Twp., New Jersey has served the body of Christ in major capacities for over 30 years. As a preacher of the gospel she has served as Pastor, instructor and frequently as a keynote speaker. She is the Founder and Overseer...

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show with Kerry Hines #36 Monday, February 23rd, 2015

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    It's Memorable Business Monday on The Hair Radio Morning Show.. I Welcome trained Economist, Dr. Leroy Hines (My Brother) to Breakdown Recent Business News and Weigh in On Entrepreneurship in tough economic times. Great Hair Talk, Music and more! Tune in from 6am to 9am. To Listen.. During the show.. Use your cell phone or home phone.. call 347-996-5040 and you'll be automatically connected to the LIVE broadcast. To Listen Online.. Go to www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Hairadio and select broadcast you want to hear and it will play. Enjoy!! Featured Music Artists Include:  Jeffrey Osborne, Teena Marie, John Coltrane 

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    Surviving Suicide: Kevin Hines Talks About His Jump from the Golden Gate Bridge

    in Lifestyle

    Kevin Hines has an amazing story of survival.  He attempted to take his own life 15 years ago by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.  Kevin survived that jump.

    Today, Kevin Hines is a global speaker, author and mental health advocate who reaches audiences with his story of an unlikely survival and his strong will to live.

    Join us while we talk with Kevin about what led to his suicide attempt, how he survived and how he feels about his life today. 

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    Waco Biker Gang Shoot-out : Real or Hollywood Production

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    If you followed this story closely you will find many things wrong with not only the news coverage, but the arrest of the 170 alleged suspects and the police response to the brawl between rival biker gangs. Attached is footage from the alleged arrest.


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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #101 Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

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    Special Broadcasst Presentation.. Guest:  Former Mayor of Irvington, New Jersey, Wayne A. Smith.  Great Hair Talk, Great Music & More.. 

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    Hayley Hines - Culture of Health

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    Hayley Hines has been involved in wellness for over twenty years. She helps employers develop health management programs. In this interview with Jack, she discusses how today’s health management is so much more than sticking a treadmill in the break room.

    Companies used to make a half-hearted effort at wellness by doing an annual health fair and perhaps adding a healthy food machine in the break room.

    Armed with years of data from health insurance companies, Hayley helps employers realize that strategic and comprehensive wellness programs impact not only employees’ lives, but the company’s bottom line, as well.
    In order for a company’s wellness program to work well, everyone has to be fully involved, from the top-level senior management all the way down the company’s ranks at the bottom.

    Hayley points out that a culture of health is more than offering choices of healthy food in the cafeteria. For example, according to Hayley, stress management can impact a company’s finances more positively than even a weight control program. Therefore, all aspects of health should be addressed when putting together a program.

    The impact of having a complete wellness strategy can be felt in as few as a few weeks all the way to seeing the real outcomes and results by the third year of implementation. One example she shared was of a company that had added a health clinic to their campus. Two to three weeks after this, an employee’s life was saved when he was diagnosed to be having a heart attack and was rushed to the emergency room by the clinic’s staff.

    This interview is eye opening for companies of all sizes. If you own a company or are an employee, this information will definitely be useful.

    To learn more:

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #100 Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

    in Entrepreneur

    Special 100 Hair Radio Morning Show Celebration.  First part of a flashback series of great moments on the first 100 shows.  Also, Bridal Contributor, Cynthia Williamston joins us LIVE on the air in our second hour.  Great Hair Talk, Great Music & More.. 

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #99 Monday, May 25th, 2015

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    Special Kick Off of the 100th Show Celebration.. Great Walk Down Memory Lane.. Great hair talk, Great music & Moe.. 


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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #98 Friday, May 22nd, 2015

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    Friday's #99 Broadcast.. All-New Special Edition.. 
    The Hair Radio Morning Show ..Motivational Speaker & Author, Vincent Ellis White of "Finding Chris, My Father".. The true story of searching for his 'real' father and how we cope with fatherless homes in our community. Also, More on Hair Pioneer, Annie Malone with the folks behind her namesake association. We're Counting Down of the Top 25 Natural Hair Icons of All Time and More! 

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #97 Thursday, May 21st, 2015

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    We continue our Hair Radio Morning Show Countdown of the Top 25 Natural Hair Icons of All Time.. Great Hair Talk & More!! Join Us..