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    Keyboard racers

    in Automotive

    Blogtalk radio: 2016 Keyboard racers and setting up races without the owners approval! Call 347-637-2811 Tonight at 9:00 pm to listen in and be heard. To speak with the host and voice your opinion press 1 to be taken off mute and be heard.  In respect to the people listening please keep the background noise to a minimum or we will have to mute your mic. 

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    "Up Close & Personal" with producer/conposer/keyboard phenomena "Nicholas Cole

    in Music

    21-year old keyboard phenom Nicholas Cole displays the technical proficiency and artistic vision of those twice his age. Cole’s 2012 release ‘Endless Possibilities' scored 4 Top 10 Billboard singles and the hit, 'Snap', featuring Vincent Ingala was a Top 5 Billboard smash. In addition to a thriving solo career, Nicholas has become an in-demand producer and collaborator, working with Ben Tankard, Willie Bradley and Julian Vaughn among others. 
    And that was just the beginning, on Friday, August 21st Tryppin' N Rythmn and Cutmore Records are happy to announce the release of Nicholas Cole's new Album "Night Sessions"
    which reveals that as the title of his previous album, Nicholas's talents are endless and his uniqueness and articulation makes him the future of Jazz, except we are beginning to experience the future now.
    Nicholas Cole is also part of the dynamic ensemble "Generation Next" along label mates Trumpeter, Lin Rountree and Saxophonist Lebron,whom made their debut last year with their outstanding performance at the Berks Jazz Festival and has been on the up-roll ever since, grazing festival like the Catalina Jazz, Newport Beach and more.

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    snitchward tv

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    youtube gangsters 

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    St Germain Radio Show, Tuesday, Feb 9, 8pm EST

    in Spirituality

    Brigitte Boyea and Mike Snyder, One Tuesday each month 8:00-9:30PM EST (Next show is Feb 9)

    St. Germain Radio Show channeled by Brigitte Boyea with celestial music by Mike Snyder, Tech support and Deeksha Blessing Giver Mark Rawson and Chisti BlueFeather.

    In these times of great change and new beginnings, it becomes increasingly more difficult to walk the path alone. Therefore use this radio show as an opportunity to receive love and support from someone who has walked the path of enlightenment and ascension before you.

    Brigitte Boyea, born and raised in Germany and living in the USA since 1994, has been an intuitive healer all her life. Having completed extensive training in many different healing modalities, 

    You can find more information about her on her website at www.lightbridge101.com.

    Mike Snyder produces soothing tones and melodies to provide a relaxing atmosphere of sound and vibration for his individual clients and group meditations. Mike is able to channel music intuitively when working on an individual or playing for a group. He produces the “sound of the moment” so to speak as he will play music that directly reflects what is happening energetically in the current point in time. Most of his individual and group sessions start out with regular random piano notes played rapidly until the individual or group starts to get into a deeper state of relaxation, and consciousness. Mike then gradually moves into slower and more intense melodies using different pleasing sounds and instruments on his keyboard. The music can help to slow down thought processes and clear the mind. 

    My Website  http://www.mikesnydercc.com



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    "Tips for Highly Sensitive People" with Kathy Truman

    in Self Help

    Are you or someone you know a highly-sensitive person? Do you feel like an emotional sponge? Do you pick up on other’s energy? Do you struggle in crowds of people? Being highly-sensitive or an Empath is actually a spiritual gift, but does require special care. Learn about the traits that are challenging and also the incredible talents and insights with which they were blessed. You will also learn coping strategies and my feelings about the purpose of the Empaths here on earth at this time.

    Kathy Truman is a Life Coach, Emotional Release Facilitator and Spiritual Counselor. She enjoys teaching and has been a guest speaker at several healing conferences and retreats throughout the state and is a columnist for two magazines, Utah Cancer Connection and Hasten.

    Kathy is an avid seeker and loves to share inspirational messages with her email group of over 700 people!

    Kathy is also professional musician and songwriter. She was the keyboard player for a country/rock/pop band for 22 years. She taught the Master Class in songwriting at the USU Piano Conservatory, tutored for the USU Music Therapy Department and worked as a professional pianist and studio musician.

    She teaches how to compose, arrange and improvise on the piano in an online course called 'Beyond Reading Notes' at pianotutorial.org. She is also the co-creator of Brain Tunz, an innovative way to teach brain exercises and energy work to children through song and fun. You can see more at braintunz.com

    Kathy lives in Hyde Park, UT and is a wife and the mother of three and grandmother of four. Although she wears many hats, her favorite title is 'willing servant'. ?












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    Computer America - Brydge; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Brydge Keyboards. Toby Mander-Jones, Co-Founder and CCO.

    The Brydge is a keyboard worthy of an iPad, echoing its deceptive simplicity and rugged reliability. You wouldn’t put cheap wheels on a Ferrari – why would you clasp a plastic keyboard to the iPad, when you can bond it to a single piece of beautifully honed, solid aluminium?  Brydge aims to build a brand as durable as their keyboards, boosted by the enthusiasm of an already loyal fan base. Brydge has exciting plans to expand their range to fit all members of the iPad family, and delight a growing set of tech connoisseurs who want the best for their devices. The sky’s the limit, but a quality typing experience will always be their benchmark.


    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Corey Lynn Fayman Author of the Rolly Waters Series Visits It's A Mystery to Me

    in Books

    Author of the Rolly Waters Series Corey Lynn Fayman drops by It's A Myster to Me to discuss his latest release Desert City Diva the third book in the crime series featuring the guitar-playing San Diego private investigator, Rolly Waters.  Desert City Diva follows the second novel in the series, Border Field Blues winner of the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival Award for Genre-Based Fiction and a finalist in the Mystery category of ForeWord Reviews 2013 Book of the Year Award, along with Fayman’s critically-acclaimed first Rolly Waters novel, Black’s Beach Shuffle.

    Corey has worked as a keyboard player, sound technician, and interactive designer. He holds a B.A. in English, with a specialization in creative writing and poetry from UCLA, and an M.A. in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. Fayman spent three years as a sound technician and designer at the nationally lauded Old Globe Theater, where he received several nominations and a Drama-Logue Award for his theatrical sound design. He lives in San Diego, California. Visit Corey on the web at http://www.coreylynnfayman.com

    This is a trademarked, copyrighted podcast solely owned  by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. See us at http://www.authorsontheair.com, like us at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair or send a Tweet to @authorsontheair. 

    Learn more about your host Stacy Verdick Case on Twitter, Facebook, or her website www.StacyVerdickCase.com

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    Ray Brooks first started as a vocalist in the Coral Club, while in high school. In 1958 began his career as a professional guitar player and singer at the Cloud 9 club in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. He worked throughout South Texas, backing artists as Floyd Dixon and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. In 1961 Brooks moved to Dallas, Texas, where he worked with Freddie King and the great Buster Smith. Ray arrived in Los Angeles, California in June of 1963, and started to appear in all of the popular L.A. clubs of the time. In 1968, Brooks co-wrote "Burbank Brown", a song that was featured in the hit movie, "Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice". Ray was nominated for the Blues Grammy in 1979 for his recording of "Walk Out Like A Lady". He subsequently toured with the Job Corp. around the country, and shortly thereafter played a lengthy residency at Harrah's Club Lake Tahoe. In 1980 Ray toured South Africa three months with Cashears as the opening act for Tina Turner, and after that, with late keyboard great, Billy Preston. In 2007, Brooks performed the music in a commercial. for French sunglasses company, Optic 2000. Most recently, Ray relocated to the Southern California High Desert city of Victorville. He was a headline performer at the 2014 High Desert Music Festival, and continues to perform throughout SoCal, as well as teach music. In addition to performing music on a regular basis, Brooks currently teaches music at the Excelsior Charter School system in Victorville.


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    Get an A+ in COUNTRY, a better President, with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    I am aware of the situations around the world and I have input and resolution. Our Foreign Police SUCKS and our STATE DEPT’s Leadership SUCKS and I believe it began with Mrs. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton with the help of President Barack Obama. Now I don’t hate these two. But i do detest what they have done to our country and what DISLIKE & DISTRUST the world has of us. Don’t mind my Spelling & Capitalization. My cmptr screen is too bright and I keyboard too fast and can’t read the copy. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Irag, Iran, Jordan, Lybia, Syria, the Med is all a mess and we did it with the help of our friends. I will have an easier time bringing semblence and better – sense is in the distance depending on how far the mess gets when I can enter the WHITE HOUSE to the Middle East. Yes, I left out some countries. Should I become Sec Of State – no, its too small a job; President is the right size of a job for me, especially since I can do it  like a piece of cake/ a slice of pizza. America, you need to see me in the White House or else we will get a portion of what is good for us and the world with these Politicians running for President. They are good but not good enough, I am so much better because I am not handcuffed by Politics, the SAME OL SAME OL POLITICS and I do not have to adhere to Party Politics or suggestion/influence/money/lobbyists. My Presidency will be unique for these reasons and for another – I have succeeded on many fronts and backstages, I can bring an instant award winning government. Listen to all my BLOFTALK RADIO Broadcasts and you will hear 40% agreement, 20% almost agreement, 10 % disagreement, 15% of tough medicine and the rest up in the air until proven correct.     promise and guarantee    I am curtis Clinton and i can deliver what i say

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    Simply Independent: Episode 3- Julius Ames, Music Engineer

    in Entertainment

    Thankful for every breathe I have taken and will take.To be saved is the best gift i had and will every have.Don't miss out this sense of peace and love that god gives. "Julius Ames"

    A passion for music that formed a lifetime of love. Julius and Kiara have always been interested in music. From an early age they have been involved in band and other musical activities. It all started with a Casio keyboard. They began to make music; Jazz, Hip hop, R&B, Pop and Rock they did it all. Ten years later their passion for music and each other still has not changed. Julius has graduated in Recording Engineering and Music Production, he has worked on various songs that have been sold worldwide. Kiara is currently attending the Audio Production school where she's perfecting her skills as a great producer. Kiara's instrumentals have also been featured on albums that's been sold worldwide. Outside of their studio production company Julius serves as a Sound Engineer for ministry and Kiara serve on the financial department for ministry. Love, family and God is what Kiara and Julius believes in. Now they are ready to work for you!

    Thank you for tuning in to Simply Independent!!!!! Episode 3 with Julius Ames