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    Keyboard Revolutionary (Knucklebones 9/10/10 re-broadcast)

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    The Keyboard Revolutionary is a podcast about the Pros and Cons of online activism. Can we do more to make change according to the will of the people? Respect all Races, Religions, and Freedom of Choice. (Freewill) It's the Elite in every nation that undermines the will of the people. Come together for the sake of human rights and the rights of the working class and poor. The 99%.

    Hosted by Larry Dickieson of Smartpolitricks, World Wide Resistance Radio, Knucklebones Radio, and member of Facebooks' "The Coalition". NWO. Inspired by Milton William Cooper (www.hourofthetime.com)

    Knucklebones 9/10/10 re-broadcast


    Guest Call in #(347)945-5867 while show is live. Press 1 to speak with host.

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    The Shoutout Show! "Keyboard Courage & Social Media Drama!!!

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     "You got Twitter beef? Somebody Instagram bucking on you? Crazy stalkers in your Facebook Inbox? Let’s chop it up! We’re talking Keyboard Courage this weekend on “The Shoutout Show”! Our show this week addresses the crazy and wacko antics people pull on social media. Social Media has taken “airing your dirty laundry” to all new heights, and sometimes these actions can lead to real life dramas, such as fights, and even attempted murder. Celebrities are not even exempt from social media drama."

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    Up Close & Personal with Keyboard Prodigy "Paolo Rustichelli"

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    Son of the three-time Oscar nominee and most prolific composer for movies Carlo Rustichelli, the eclectic Paolo studied composition and orchestra conducting at Accademia Chigiana, as well as classical piano studies. He started his career at age 16 simultaneously as a soundtrack composer and as a rock keyboard player with the album "Opera Prima"on RCA Records, considered by critics a Rock progressive masterpiece.

    Among his album projects, Paolo recorded, performed and produced for rock-jazz superstars like Carlos Santana and Miles Davis.In 1997 he released the album "Mystic Man" in the US through Island Records, which featured the legendary Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Andy Summers and the disco diva Jill Jones.

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    Mantalk 12/18/14

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    Tribute to Ian McLagan- founding member of The Faces, Keyboard player with The Stones, and many others.

    Happy Birhday to Keith Richards

    Live 7-8p ET

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    It’s a slow news week, let’s have some fun on this show!

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    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

    Episode 63 – 12/10/2014 – It’s a slow news week, let’s have some fun on this show!

    Discussion  topics:

    Encyclopedias and almanacs: Do you still have yours?

    The history and evolution of Pizza: Deep dish or big thin slice?

    Blue jeans, green jeans and the denim in general;

    Christmas vacations and traditions, local and a far;

    The mysterious end of some relationships and a trail of confusion;

    Gullible people and some good jokes and tricks to play;

    Anaconda swallows a man - bogus trick and bad PR for snakes;

    Erector sets and the land of simple toys and their impact on our imagination.

    About our program:

    Hell No! the radio show is a socially conscious water cooler talk show about what’s going on in the world as we feature guests and callers who express their thoughts. Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth. We give a voice to people left in the dust. This program is not democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We do advocate peace, critical thought, education, reading and social awareness.

    Email us! HellNoTheRadioShow@gmail.com and to find other episodes you can play on demand anytime, please Like us on Facebook.com/HellNoTheRadioShow.

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    Computer America - Consumer Electronics Expert Sandy Berger!!

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    Computer America

    Both Hours: Sandy Berger.  Sandy is our Consumer Electronics Expert Correspondent on Computer America.  She talks about the latest technology gadgets and trends in the industry with us. Tonight's Topics include the BL Flip 2 - portable wireless speaker, Samsung Galaxy 5 Tab S, Logitech Protective keyboard case for the Tab S, Amazon Fire TV Stick and lots more.  Be there!

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    Kori Linae Carothers - Award-Winning Pianist and Composer

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    Kori’s saga is filled with a love affair for music. Kori grew up with 100% hearing loss in her left ear, which has not stopped her from pursuing her musical career. She is a classically trained pianist, and composes all of her music. Kori’s song “Carpe Diem – Featuring Aeone” won the 2012 Independent Music Award for Best New Age Song. Kori’s album “Trillium” was nominated Zone Music Reporters 2009 Awards “Album of the Year” and “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album”. Lately, she has been diagnosed with a vocal disorder, which has stopped her from singing, however, she still can “sing” with her fingers using her main instrument, the piano. Kori lives in Southern California with her husband, 4 children, a cat, dog, bunny and her eyes are midnight blue.

    “Kori Carothers is, without question a brilliant pianist and composer. What sets her apart, however, is the broad range of styles she utilizes so gracefully. Kori moves between the worlds of achingly beautiful acoustic piano composition and lavish keyboard production with remarkable ease. The result “Trillium”, a cohesive collection of compositions of stunning breadth and dynamic range, confidently held together by her singular musical voice. ~Will Ackerman, Windham County, VT May 2009

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    You say you are a Patriot, a Liberty Fighter, and a Prepper. Tonight I will try to give you a different perspective; a different point of view.

    Prepping is not a spectator sport.

    Unlike FakeBook where people can go and talk trash about what they ‘will do’, while doing nothing, and actually believe they are ‘involved’; Prepping requires action. It requires real sacrifice. Time to learn basic skills lost to the ‘Modern American’, money spent now against future need and the the experiences to find what really works and what is not going to work for you. (I blew a thousand dollars on Aquaponics before finding it low producing and too fragile for North Texas.)

    If you say are a Prepper but believe you are Rambo reincarnate, that you have guns so you will make it; or that your stores of food will last till either the United States is free again or till Jesus returns… I hope to disabuse you of that notion.

    We are headed for a generational collapse. All the FakeBook Keyboard Commando bravado will not feed your family, watch while you sleep. And you with guns only will be nothing but predators when your lack of forethought has your children crying from hunger and a real Prepper will just make you compost when you try it.

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    A Kind Voice on Music

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    This episode of A Kind Voice on Music features The Big Cheese. The Big Cheese is a family band plus one. Larry Rice (Father), the musical mastermind, plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, vocals and banjo if need be. Shannon Rice (Daughter) is on drums, keyboards and percussion, and Lea Rice (Other Daughter) plays guitar, keyboards, banjo and sings. Shannon is away for a two-year stint in San Diego as Lieutenant Shannon Rice, Naval Medical officer. Larry and Lea anxiously await her return. They are joined by Julie Greene on mandolin, tenor guitar, and autoharp.

    The group plays a mix of traditional music as well as more modern tunes as Poker Face by Lady Gaga and even some favorite Gospel tunes! The Big Cheese is working on releasing a live album "Live Culture" which will feature a performance from earlier in 2014 as well as four studio recorded tracks. Host Mitch Ruth will discuss the naming of the group, what happens when your keyboard/percussionist joins the military, and which cheese goes best with traditional music gouda or swiss?

    Host Mitch Ruth

    Kickstarter Project Page http://kck.st/1zaH4Pm

    Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheBigCheeseMusic


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    Friday Traffic Jams *HALLOWEEN PARTY* @5pm PST

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    It's Halloween Party, best costume, gets to come on air for 2 mins.  BYOB, (Bring Your Own Business).  Bartenders will be on duty.  Make sure you have a ride home, I'm not paying for nothing.  Ok, let's get this party starter, keep all hands above keyboard, and we won't have no problems, ya hurd! lol lol 

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    When a record deal Jill Tirrell naively signed right out of college didn't turn out as she expected, she decided to learn all sides of the music business first hand. She moved to New York City and got jobs working at Atlantic Records,and EMI.

    Tirrell's recorded "Be With You Tonight" with a duet called, "Run Away," that quickly became a summer smash and was popularly labeled as a fan-favorite of 2014.  Jill's new single, "Real Love" also produced by Todd Terry, will be released on InHouse Records this December 1. Jill Tirrell and Todd Terry have put together a powerful, fun new song with a great groove, called "Real Love" which is set for release on InHouse Records on December 1, 2014. The new song is a follow-up to Jill Tirrell's chart-topping breakout single, "Be With You Tonight," and international summer smash duet, "Run Away."  "Real Love" features Todd Terry's signature drums over a melodic keyboard and impressive vocal performance by Jill singing the lyrics, harmonies and catchy chorus. 

    Jill Tirrell has been gaining steady recognition as Freestyle's rising star and has had a busy year performing with some of the industry's best.  She put on her show at New York City's Central Park Bandshell where 60,000 people participated in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and at Jersey Jam at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ to a sold-out crowd where she opened the show for Lisa Lisa, The Cover Girls, Sugar Hill Gang, and more.  This month, she performed alongside of George Lamond and TKA (K7) and also opened for Judy Torres.

    "Real Love" packs a punch and rises to the challenge.

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