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    Keyboard, Fingers Ready, and ACTION!

    in Entertainment

    Please join Author's Michele Gwynn and Jami Brumfield as they chat with guest authors J Rose Alexander and Kelly Cozzone on creating action in novels. It's going to be a fun show... You can check out the author's book pages below.

    J Rose Alexander's Amazon author page

    Kelly Cozzone's Amazon author page

    Michele Gwynn's Amazon author page

    Jami Brumfield's Amazon author page

    Join us during the live broadcast at #C2CJM with any questions or comments... you may hear us discuss your questions and comments on the show and who knows you may be Cover 2 Cover with Jami & Michele's Twitter star of the week.


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    Bullying on Social Media: Dealing with keyboard thugs

    in Entertainment

    Do you know anyone that has been bullied before? Have you ever been bullied by someone on social media?  What  about keyboards thugs;have you or anyone you know been attacked on Facebook or other social media outlets by one? Well this Friday April 3rd on Night Talks with Sasha at 11:30pm est/8:30pm pst we will talk about Bullying on Social  Media and how bullying can affect a person's esteem. In our discussion we will hit points of how to deal with bullies and when or if one should respond to social bullies. To be apart of the show CALL IN at (215) 383-3929 or  log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/nitetalkswithsasha too hear the show LIVE on your PC, Tablet, or phone.

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    Keyboard Warriors Urged To Stand Up And Do Something!!!

    in US Government

    There is an awful lot wrong with our country today isn't there? Our government is full of liars, thieves, treasonists, and backed by powers that we rarely see. We are slaves to the banking system, victims of false flags, and our streets are being run by military. There are 3 kinds of people in this world: The people who do nothing and say nothing, the people who only sit at their computers and cell phones posting and complaining, and those who are on the streets ready to take action! Well tonight we discuss those who do and say nothing and also call out the Keyboard Warriors who are just as bad if not worse.

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    Keyboard Revolutionary (Knucklebones 9/10/10 re-broadcast)

    in Radio

    The Keyboard Revolutionary is a podcast about the Pros and Cons of online activism. Can we do more to make change according to the will of the people? Respect all Races, Religions, and Freedom of Choice. (Freewill) It's the Elite in every nation that undermines the will of the people. Come together for the sake of human rights and the rights of the working class and poor. The 99%.

    Hosted by Larry Dickieson of Smartpolitricks, World Wide Resistance Radio, Knucklebones Radio, and member of Facebooks' "The Coalition". NWO. Inspired by Milton William Cooper (www.hourofthetime.com)

    Knucklebones 9/10/10 re-broadcast


    Guest Call in #(347)945-5867 while show is live. Press 1 to speak with host.

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    TD&KS Episode 212: With musical guest March to May

    in Comedy

    All the regular Dereck and Kay you like, plus special musical guest March to May.

    March To May’s Darren Guyaz (guitar, vocals, keyboard) and Beth Wesche (Celtic harp, vocals)  

    first met in December 2012.  By March 2013, the folk/indie/Americana duo had co-written their 

    first two songs, by April they had a paid gig under their belts, and by May they had a name and 

    shows booked out into the months ahead. Before settling in Seattle, Washington, where the act is 

    now based, both Darren and Beth had traversed the Western Hemisphere separately.  Darren 

    migrated from the northern Appalachians to his birth-state of Montana, before heading on a South 

    American adventure across the Andes mountain range, eventually falling in love with Seattle and 

    the Pacific Northwest.  The daughter of a US Foreign Service Officer, Beth also spent time in the 

    Andes, as well as a host of US states on both coasts, before moving to Seattle, just blocks from 

    where her beloved Celtic harp had been created, years before.  The duo has drawn comparisons to 

    acts like The Civil Wars, Damien Rice, the Swell Season, The Banner Days, and Robert Plant and 

    Alison Krauss.  The Water’s Edge is the debut release from March To May, out April 25th, 2015.  

    For more information, visit www.marchtomay.com.

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    Sick of CRMs? Here is your solution

    in Real Estate

    Feeling burned by your CRM? Tired of trying to make a bulky, one-size-fits-all corporate solution fit your real estate practice? There is an effective, easy-to-implement, low-tech alternative that some of the nation's top-producing brokers & agents use to track sales without spending all day pounding on a keyboard. Remember, CRM's are relatively new to the real estate industry, and still not a perfect fit for all businesses. Quit fighting with your computer & start making money again - learn how on today's show!

    Schedule A Free Coaching Call

    Visit Tim & Julie Harris Online

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    SATURDAY WAKE UP CALL - Your Mind Powered Up and Harnessed

    in Spirituality


    The Power of Mind is not in our critical analysis or rational thinking. The Power of Mind is in our IMAGINATION.

    Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to continuously create new neural pathways. When we repeat a skill that we are trying to master, we strengthen the neural networks that represent that action. The same happens physically in the brain whether we perform the action, or simply visualize it—Your brain cannot tell the difference between an action you performed and an action you visualized.

    In a Harvard University study, two groups of volunteers were presented with a piece of unfamiliar piano music. One group received the music and a keyboard, and was told to practice. The other group was instructed to just read the music and imagine playing it. When their brain activity was examined, both groups showed expansion in their motor cortex, even though the second group had never touched a keyboard.

    Albert Einstein, who is credited with saying that “imagination is more important than knowledge,” used visualization throughout his entire life. Why not take advantage of what we know about brain plasticity and take the time to add visualization as part of your rehearsals of anything you are trying to master, such as delivering a flawless presentation? ~ by Bruna Martinuzzi, President, Clarion Enterprises Ltd.

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    The Shoutout Show! "Keyboard Courage & Social Media Drama!!!

    in Entertainment

     "You got Twitter beef? Somebody Instagram bucking on you? Crazy stalkers in your Facebook Inbox? Let’s chop it up! We’re talking Keyboard Courage this weekend on “The Shoutout Show”! Our show this week addresses the crazy and wacko antics people pull on social media. Social Media has taken “airing your dirty laundry” to all new heights, and sometimes these actions can lead to real life dramas, such as fights, and even attempted murder. Celebrities are not even exempt from social media drama."

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    Driver Health- Uncovering the facts and moving forward

    in Health

    Professional driver, health advocate and recent Travel Centers of America Citizen Driver Award recipient, Rick Ash, joins us to share how he applies healthy living to his life as a Professional driver.
    The show will include how important it is to obtain correct, valid, and factual material when searching for beneficial overall health resources.
    Rick will share a few of the books and resources that have helped him over the years. We’ll also review some of the best online resources for trusted information.

    As creatures of habit, another topic we’ll include is one of the most difficult challenges for all of us, “How do we change the way we are used to eating”

    Also, Rick will share some of what the Trucking Solutions Group will be providing for the trucking community at the Health Pavilion they are putting together at GATS

    We invite all to call in who can offer their own experiences and resources as well as those who have questions.

    Call in # 347-826-9170 Press “1” on your keyboard to be a part of the show

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    Native Broadcast Network Presents-March to May Indie Folk Music from Seattle, WA

    in Music

    Who is March to May? 

     Darren Guyaz (guitar, vocals, keyboard) roamed the northern Appalachians through his childhood, plinking & plunking the classical keys until he ventured West to his birth-state of Montana, settling in Missoula to finish a degree in Geography. One evening on an old, historic homestead in the hills north of town, he picked up a friend’s guitar and began strumming, teaching himself how to play a few chords, finger-picking his way through the frets, and forever changing his musical expression.

    Beth Wesche (Celtic harp, vocals) Beth spent her formative years wandering through the Andes and across a smattering of U.S. states.  The daughter of a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, she stayed in each place just long enough to fall in love with it before moving on to the next adventure.  Music wove its way through her life from an early age - she sang in choirs from elementary school to college, beginning classical voice training and starting to sing a cappella as she grew older.  While living in Ashland, Oregon, she picked up the Celtic folk harp and found herself captivated by the sound.  However, a few short years after beginning to play, she moved to the East Coast, leaving her harp silent in her family’s living room for five years and largely convincing herself that music would have to take a back seat in her life.

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    in Entertainment

    Named one of the 27 greatest keyboard players of all time by Music Radar, Frank McComb is a divine soul man who speaks with the native tongue of soul, jazz, blues and pop.  His virtuoso vocal and piano work has made him not only an indispensable and highly sought after session musician, but a favorite on the soul, jazz and R&B scenes.  He’s worked with Prince, Branford Marsalis, George Duke, Patrice Rushen, Gerald Levert, The Rude Boys, and so many more!   Frank will talk to us about his new EP SoulMate featuring guitarist David P. Stevens and Avery Sunshine.

    Follow Frank on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.