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    Kenny Pugh Joins Butterfly Evolution

    in Self Help

    Kenny Pugh joins Butterfly Evolution on Monday June 3 at 8PM CST.  Kenny is a powerful speaker, advocate of successful marriages and families, best-selling author, minister and radio personality.  He is also founder of Kenny Pugh, LLC, a platform in which he manages versatile professionally delivering messages that not only inspires but transforms and empowers.  Kenny is known as a life and relationship strategist. 
    “Can You Do It Standing Up” the first of many books has proven to be a best seller and becoming in high demand for singles’ conferences, church, youth groups and the mainstream listening audience.  “Can You Do It Standing Up” has spawned countless media appearances and speaking opportunities with media such as: BlackEnterprise.com, HLN, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and several others that has allowed Kenny to elaborate on his own personal choice and explain why he believes it's the best approach for unmarried individuals to take in order to have the best outcome in a marital relationship.
     WHAT’S NEW WITH KENNY PUGH?  “IT’S A.M.!” Abstinence Matters a national program launched May 1 targeting young adults ages 18 - 29 that will encourage dialog with young people of diverse backgrounds in an open-forum format that will address everyday issues affecting young people with a focus on sex, relationships and money. Through multi-city tours, “IT’s A.M.!” is dedicated to helping to reverse the trend and change the culture that an over-sexed society has had on single young adults.
    Kenny states "We have the highest teen pregnancy and birth rates in the fully developed world. Grab the family, and friends and prepare to tune in.  Listeners are encouraged to call in to speak with Kenny Pugh.    

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    Genesis with Kenny Fagan

    in The Bible

    Join us each Tuesday night as Kenny Fagan reads from his Braile Bible the word of God starting in Genesis. Join us as we grow inknowledge and faith.

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    Liberty and Freedom show with Kory and Kenny

    in Politics

    Tonight's show, Kory and Kenny will be discussing some homeschool vs public school issues, the Pro's and Con's. Everyone has heard about the shooting in Grapevine, Tx? They will be touching some points on that story. And of course the phones will be open as to what other topics you might want to bring to the table. Join Kory and Kenny tonight, right here on We Resister Radio Network at 9pm central.

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    TMPT of Wrestling: Kenny Cassanova

    in Wrestling

    The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling is joined by the author of "Kamala Speaks", Kenny Cassanova. As told via www.kamalaspeaks.com - “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala is a former WWE superstar wrestler who never spoke once during his 30 year wrestling career. Having wrestled the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, The Undertaker, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and The Ultimate Warrior, readers from around the world will take interest in this book. It is a tell-all story of life, bouts with blatant racism, overcoming obstacles and the gritty underbelly of professional wrestling 

    For more information on Kamala Speaks and to purchase an autographed copy of the book visit http://www.kamalaspeaks.com or http://www.facebook.com/kennycassanova

    For more on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling checkout our website, http://tmptofwrestling.com and on Twitter @TwoManPowerTrip and @therasslinpal

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    Liberty and Freedom show with Kory and Kenny

    in Politics

    This Friday on Liberty and Freedom radio. Kory Watkins and his co-host Kenny Lovett will be talking about updates with the battle in Texas for Open Carry. Will be talking among other things from Cop Watch and everything in between. Fighting daily for the Constitutional rights for We the People. They will be talking a ton of phone calls so tune in and call in right here on We Resisters. Spread the message and be the resistant.

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    Cynt Chats with Trez Pugh III, President & CEO of Sip & Savor Chicago

    in Self Help

    I love coffee shops.  I like to sit with a cup of tea, my laptop and my thoughts.  Back in the day, I found a cool coffee house in the Heart of Bronzeville on 43rd street in Chicago. Yes, 43rd street.  When I walked in this joint, the environment just grabbed me.  I was hooked before my very first sip.  The Bronzeville Coffee House became my home away from home.

    The guys that owned the joint were some cool dudes too and they created a place in my opinion,  that felt like the old show Cheers; a place where everybody knew your name at some point.  Only thing was, they weren't serving up beers, they were serving up a different kinda brew, coffee with a smile.

    That enterprise has evolved since it's establishment in December 2005, there are more locations and many business lessons were learned along the way.  I'm honored to have the opportunity to pick the brain of the man behind the metamorphosis. Let's see what we can learn from Trez Pugh III's transition to the world of entrepreneurship and his growing Sip & Savor brand.



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    R.E.A.L Single Wives Club with Kenny Pugh

    in Relationships

    For the LOVE OF MONEY! Guest Kenny Pugh visits Single Wives Radio to share his expertise on love and money! Kenny will share ways to pursue your purpose, understand finances and restore the foundation of their relationships.

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    A Kind Voice On Music Reflections with Kenny Fulton

    in Indie Music

    Today, our host, Kenny Fulton, will reflect on previous guests and discuss how those guests and their music has inspired him.

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    Author Kenny L. Mitchell discusses THE LADY NIOBE on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Author Kenny L. Mitchell returns to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his literary journey with host Cyrus Webb and what inspired his book THE LADY NIOBE.

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    Reading through the word of God With Kenny Fagan

    in The Bible

    Join Kenny Fagan as he reads the word of God starting in Genesis.Join us to grow in our walk.

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    Kenny at Gods Word

    in The Bible

    Join us for a time of growth and in the word

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