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    Power of Perception writers with Kemi Egan

    in Spirituality

    Kemi Egan Kemi Egan is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, Wealth Coach and Author of 35 time #1 International Bestseller The Power of Real Estate Investing’. She is the founder of Freedom Academies, Freedom Investment and host of Turbo Charge your Success Podcast. After growing up in a financially challenged family with addictions and violence prevalent Kemi made the step to attend University. However, after losing her best friend to domestic violence at 21 and ending up homeless it quickly became clear that traditional financial advice no longer works! Kemi set about finding out what it was that the successful and wealthy people in the world knew that she didn't. Within twelve months of making the decision to commit to investing in herself and her future Kemi raised $1m joint venture finance to buy a real estate portfolio of $2 million while homeless. Her life was transformed and she is now on a mission to help as many other people as possible transform their life. “This powerful, practical book gives you a proven step-by-step process to start with nothing and become financially independent in real estate investing” ~ Brian Tracy – Author, The Power of Self Confidence Connect with Kemi: http://www.facebook.com/kemieganfreedomacademies http://twitter.com/kemiegan For more information, please visit: Freedomacademies.com Thepowerofrealestateinvesting.com

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    Pearls for our daughters roundtable discussion.

    in Motivation

    Lets talk about "Values" and how they work with Rules

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    The New Year is the perfect opportunity to undergo an attitude adjustment and focus on YOU for a change. This show is all about letting your own light shine. We live in a world full of strife and negativity, and a lot of things (and people) can steal our joy. Join 4 vibrant coaches to discuss how to maintain your joy and combat stressors such as: fear, perfectionism, energy vampires, and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Give yourself the gift of reconnecting to your inner light-and let it shine!

    Trina Ramsey is a career and life strategist, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. Trina's is on a mission to help people to discover the joy in life and make more empowered decisions. Learn more at mycoachtrina.com. Jumpstart your 2016 with this free program: http://bit.ly/2016Kickstart

    Sara Bell is a Core Energy Coach who works with people who are stuck in a pattern where no matter how many times they leave a job, relationship etc., they keep ending up in the same situation. She helps them break the cycle and create the lives they want. Learn more at bellscoaching.com

    Erica Wiederlight is a certified quantum life and happiness coach. As the CEO and Founder of We The Light, LLC, she considers herself a student of the universe and is dedicated to her education so she can help others live in their light and love. Because, life is brighter when we shine! Learn more at wethelight.org

    Kemi Sogunle is an award-winning author, international speaker, and certified professional coach. As the Founder/CEO of Love Not Hurt, she promotes self-development, building healthier and stronger relationships – helping others transform their lives by gaining knowledge and self-love before becoming involved in a relationship. Visit her at kemisogunle.com


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    Great and Full- A Celebration of Gratitude

    in Self Help

    With all that's going on in this world, we can all afford to focus on some gratitude!! Join Sarah Bell, Kemi Sogunle and Kristin M. Young for a great big thank you! Who do you need to thank today? What are you grateful for? How do you spread love? We'll answer these questions and more as we celebrate International Thank You Day

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    in Spirituality

    How did I dosconnect from nature? How did I disconnect from the universe? The ancients said as above so below.

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    Pearls for Our Daughters - Episode 2

    in Motivation

    Join us for another Episode of
    "Pearls for our Daughters"

    Saturday, December 19, 2015 at
    9am US EST.

    We will be discussing " Social Media influences on self esteem and stringing some Pearls on how we can empower our daughters ( and even us as women) with the wisdom to navigate the hype, pressure, compare and contrast and all other media pressures that social media presents especially to the teen girls" we will also discuss Social Media privacy and safety guards they need to be aware of.

    Dial in or Skype In.

    Dial in : USA 646-564-9711
    Skype in from " Sparklespirations" Channel on Blogtalkradio.com


    (Other family members i.e. Dads raising daughters welcome too

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & Kemi Sogunle

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: Kemi Sogunle

    Topic of Discussion: Love, Sex, Lies, & Reality!

    Kemi's Bio

    Kemi Sogunle is the author of Love, Sex, Lies and Reality. She writes and speaks from a personal place and experience on healing, forgiveness, purposeful living and moving from pain to purpose. Kemi began her journey as a life and relationship coach after her separation and divorce, which led her into soul-searching and eventually finding herself by connecting to her spiritually. This allowed her to view life from a different perspective. 

    She gained a deeper understanding of love and relationships and found her purpose in life. She believes that truthful living is paramount to long lasting relationships and healthy living. She inspires others through writing, speaking and coaching to be the very best version ever created and encourages others to learn to experience self-love before getting into relationships so as to make their lives better not bitter.

    Also find attached the headshot picture. I would like to talk about relationships as well as my book, “Love, Sex, Lies and Reality.” – the lies we tell ourselves, the façade we sometimes put up, the sex used as a cover up and facing reality at the end of a breakup or broken relationship/marriage.

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    Kemi is also a professional writer, speaker, IT business analyst as well as a professional life and relationship coach. She is dedicated to helping others transform their lives through self development and growth, gaining knowledge and understanding of self-love before becoming involved in a relationship, find what works best and how to stay true to oneself while connecting with others to build solid relationships that will make their lives better not bitter. She writes and speaks from a personal place and experience on relationships, healing, forgiveness and purposeful living by moving from pain to purpose. Kemi began her journey to becoming a life and relationship coach after her separation and divorce, which led her to soul searching. She connected to her spirituality while viewing life from a different perspective. She found herself in the process and gained a deep understanding of life and relationships as well as her purpose in life. She shares deep and inspirational messages through her writing and has touched many lives across the globe. She also teaches, motivates and inspires others to become the best version of the person God created them to be on daily basis. She believes that living truthfully is paramount to long-lasting relationships and healthy living.  Her articles have been featured on Ezine Articles, Self-Growth and her podcasts on Roots Radio Love (Kemi's Lounge). She has also been featured Diaspora PR and iGroove Radio. She is a member of the Women Speakers Association (WSA), Non-Fiction Authors Association and Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI). Kemi holds a first degree in Microbiology and a Master’s degree in Information Technology.  She is the founder of the nonprofit organization (501c3 pending), Love Not Hurt, an organization that promotes self-development, building healthier and stronger relationships while living with purpose. 

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    Pearls for Our Daughters -Episode 1

    in Motivation

    We will be chatting about empowering our daughters with values in the midst of a changing environment, media, etc

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  • iBloom Radio W/Host La Deema Burns W/Kemi Sogunle

    in Christianity

    I am your Host La Deema Burns, Tonight My guest is

    Kemi Sogunle is an author, writer, speaker, professional life and relationship coach.  She is also the Founder/CEO of the nonprofit organization (501c3), Love Not Hurt, an organization that promotes self-development, building healthier and stronger relationships while living with purpose.

    She is dedicated to helping others transform their lives through self-development and growth, gaining knowledge and understanding of self-love before becoming involved in a relationship, find what works best and how to stay true to oneself while connecting with others to build solid relationships that will make their lives better not bitter.


    We want our Listeners to be apart of the Show call in ask our guest questions,Be a part of our Blooming Moments .. It’s about what has God done in your life this past week or even today call in share them on the show or on our iBloom Radio Facebook Group page

    You will be encouraged and empowered to Bloom into your divine purpose God has for you.

    Join us on our face book group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/780062502088310/

    Or connect with me La Deema Burns through my website http://www.ladeemaburns.net to the iBloom Movement/Radio page and summit your information there to get the iBloom Newsletter also stay connected through my personal facebook https://www.facebook.com/la.deema.burns