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    The Global Wake Up-Return of the Gods- Kemetrprince Ralph Okrafo-smart

    in Spirituality

    Are You Awake? Wake up & Live the Eternal Truth of Who you are- A Divine Spiritual Being...The Question is not who are you, but how do you want to express....
    The Decoding is happening. That which is encoded within us & is us on a vibratory level is being decoded and taking the form of thought (new thought forms)and manifesting out as manifested consciousness on the material plane of form.
    A major focus is the Deprogramming & Understanding the truth of these times.
    What Does This Mean for you & Humanity as a whole?
    People are Returning back to the Essence to the Source Point.
    In the seed of the old is the new. From seeds of destruction comes new creation.
    As 2012-2025 approaches it is Time to move beyond the little mind & express via Divine-Universal Mind.
    Time to move beyond Race Consciousness...The observer is the observed.- Projection-Perception.
    Moving beyond the Polarity Plane & experience of Duality
    What can you do to be spiritually balanced during these chaotic times of evolution, initiation & change.

    God is evolving.....
    The Next level of God is through the ethers- ethernet- internet & airwaves...