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    Kelly Bee Spotlight presents **REDS JOHNSON**

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    Salutes Kings & Queens, won't you come join me in my Kelly Bee Spotlight as we show some much deserved love to Best Selling Author *Reds Johnson* in a live Blog Talk Radio interview, Reds is the author of the Newly Republished Banger**Silver Platter Hoe . Reds gonna be talking to us on her newly republished book(s) that's soon to be dropping, what she has on the back burner, family, work etc. We will also be discussing the moves she has recently made and why she made them. She's a AMAZING Woman and author and i personally can't wait for her to walk down Kellz run way in my authors spotlight ....ya dig lol. This is yet another ~Kelly Bee Spotlight~ that i am sure you wont want to miss. The show will be April 22 2015 (Weds) at 8:00pm(chicago time) so PLEASE check your time zone for correct time in your area. Call in number is (516) 453-9099

    Thank You


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    Kelly Bee Spotlight presents.... Author Darrin E. Lowery

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    Kelly Bee Spotlight is so pleased to have in our authors spotlight A MAN lol, no seriously the Amazingly Talented  Handsome Author Darrin E. Lowery will be in the building and i for one am so very grateful that this King has agreed to take time out his schedule to kick it with Kellz. Darrin is the author of the following books... *Faith Lost*, *The Mistress Rules*, *Love & Sex*, *The Congratulations Series 1~10*, and also the books....*Divorce Him, Marry Me (second edition), * Still Crazy*, *Still Crazy 2 (crazy about you)*, *Still Crazy 3*, *Forbidden*, *Forgiving Mama*, *Heat*, *Handling The Truth 1&2*, *When A Womans Fed Up*, *Down Low, Double Life*, and *The Dangers Of Dysfunction*. Now i'm not sure if all these books are republished with new titles BUT what i do know is this truly amazing author wrote them ALL and we will get more in detail durring our interview about them, we will also be discussing, family, work, kids, and SO MUCH MORE. So wont you join me as we dive into another Kelly Bee Spotlight with a TRULY AMAZING MAN and AUTHOR. The show is airing LIVE 04/30/15 (Thursday) at 8:00 pm (Chicago time) SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE FOR CORRECT TIME IN YOUR AREA. Guest call in number is (516) 453-9099. Thank You....Kellz 



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    Kelly Bee Spotlight Presents.... Blog Talk Radio book discussion*Pink's Misery*

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    Greetings SRC from Sonovia, Jennifer and yours truly Kellz ;) , We will be having a blog talk radio book discussion on the Best selling book *Pink's Misery* written by National Best Selling Author ~Sonovia Alexander~.  The discussion will begin 4/19/2015 Sunday Night(TONIGHT) AT 8PM (chicago time) so PLEASE check your time zone for correct time in your area. We will get to talk to Sno and all the wonderful callers about Pink's Misery, what she's been up to, new releases, family, her Publishing Company Snow Publishing and SO MUCH MORE. There will also be 1st and 2nd place prizes for the caller(s) who gets the most answers correct, not half way right, not part of the correct answers but ALL answers correct. 1st place is a $2.99 book of your choice and 2nd place is a $0.99 book of your choice. It's going to definetly different from the book discussions your use to and since your truly Kelly Bee is hosting it....YOU ALREADY KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE A WHOLE LOT OF FUN,lol. Looking forward to hearing from you all later.  Call-in number:(516) 453-9099, And as always your purchase, support and reviews are greatly appreciated....Thank You ...Kellz 

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    Kicking it wit Kellz in Kelly Bee Spotlight as i welcome **Sonovia Alexander**

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    I KNOW Y'ALL MISSED ME, but NO WORRIES ~KellyBee~ IS BACK BETTER THEN EVER,  so won't you come join me as i interview Amazons National Best Selling Author **Sonovia Alexander**. We will be discussing her role as CEO of her very own publishing company  **SNOW PUBLISHING**, ALL her new book release, what she has in store for us next, family, friends, her SRC book club and if Thursday Nights is still on and POPPING (bow chicka wow wow) in the Alexander home lol. And as always y'all KNOW KellyBee gone be on her BESTEST BEHAVIOR, NAUGHTY as hell and full of LOVE&LAUGHS. 

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    Kelly Bee Spotlight presents.... Best Selling Author *Jennifer Raygoza*

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    Coming to Kelly Bee Spotlight blog talk radio for an interview once again is an amazing author *Jennifer Raygoza* aka The Rebel Of Writing. Jennifer is the author of the following wonderfully written books..... *The Gaurdians Series 1, 2, and 3*, *Unleashed Poems*, and *The Silver Lining*.  She also has short stories in books *Naughty Bedtime Stories (first taste)*, and *Fractured Fairy Tales*. I'm looking forward to hearing everything that's been going on in Jens world since our last interview. She's a awesome, Mother, wife, friend, writer and i for one just ADORE her vampire series and how she makes sure they are sexy and suductive lol. Show time is 05/01/15 (Friday) and it starts at 8:00 pm (Chicago time) so PLEASE check your time zone for correct time in your area. Guest call in number is (516) 453-9099. I'll be talking to you soon, and thank you in advance....Kellz 

    A little bit about Author Hennifer Raygoza...

    Jennifer Raygoza also known as the rebel of writing, burst through the writing scene in 2012 with a vampire series called, The Guardians. It was a story originally written just for fun, but ended up being self-published out of curiosity. Little did she know the series would be strongly embraced by vampire reader's. Since then this down to earth, California girl has been picked up by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. She has recently released two short stories and a poetry book that includes work from her youth. 
    She break hearts, kills bad guys and gives you characters that make you fall in love. This writer will have you turning pages and thirsting for more. 


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    King Kellz (Famous LGBT entertainer)

    in Entertainment

    On tonight's episode of "Straight_noChase", Angel J interviews LGBT celeb King Kellz.  On this candid but collected interview, Angel J will find out all about King Kellz.  Make sure you tune in tonight!

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    The Tasty Tuesday Show w/ Kellz and Reality Pat

    in Entertainment

    Join Kellz and Reality Pat as they discuss todays real topics.. Tonights show; the new side chick and the meaning of taking a break in relationships... Are you in a Big Homie relationship?  What are the tell tale signs?  Medical Marajuana versus Recreational Marajuana- agree or disagree?  Is our country about to Odee?

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    Kelly Bee Spotlight with guest Author Marques Lewis

    in Entertainment

    I am so pleased to have the Handsome Author Marques Lewis in my ~Kelly Bee Spotlight~, This King is breaking barriers on so many amazing levels, he's a author, writer, actor, future motivational speaker, director and host. Not to mention a all around great guy period. We will be discussing his wonderfully written books *Words Of Wetness*, It's Love For Her 1, 2 & 3, and a collab tittled *Married But Still Single and Lonely*, his family, friends, work, love, sex, is there some one special or not and so much more! You already know it's gone real HOT real fast. I'm going to bring Ice in the 1st part of the interview then hit you with that FIRE baby like ONLY Kellz can. And since Marques is hella SEXY, thats NOT going to be a hard ;) . This is a positive King and i am so very honored to him walk the Fyre & Ice red carpet and give it to us 100% pure uncut wit NO MF filters. This is yet another Blog Talk i am sure you don't wanna miss. The fun will start Wednesday night 10/15/2014 @ 10:00pm~12:00am CENTRAL TIME so please check your time zone for correct time in your area. Call in number is....(714) 868-0247. You can call in with questions or comments for the author or to halla at Kellz. Thanx in advance for your support

    ~Kelly Bee~ 

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    The Tasty Tuesday Show with Kellz & Reality Pat

    in Entertainment

    Yes, Yes, Yes, We are LIVE!!!

    Dial in at 323 679-0918 to listen on your phone, press 1 tp comment or speak to the hosts of the show.

    You  cnan also listen in by logging on to BTR and joining us in the live chat room at wwww.blogtalkradio.com/thetastytuesdayshow


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    Kelly Bee Spotlight Proudly introduce Queen Of Erotica **FYRE INKS**

    in Entertainment

    What can i say about this diva but THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!!!! Fyre Inks is very much STILL making things do wtf it do in the writing world and she done put a whole new twist on things baby like ONLY she can. Thats right she is STILL The Queen Of Erotica, wearing her crown proudly and she is gonna be chilling in the studio with yours truly Kelly Bee and baby you already know....IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! The writer formally known as Fyre Mouth will be getting upclose and personal in Kelly Bee Spotlight and honey she has some shit ta say>>>WHAT!!?? We will be discussing her new collab with National Best Selling Author Sonovia Alexander and they new release and 5 Star Banger **The Hot Zone**, Fyre Situations, her AWESOME group Fyre & Ice, Family, Friends, and just what she has in store for us next. I dont know what it is, but you can bet ya sweet ass it's gonna be a REAL CROWD PLEASER ;) . Showtime airs Sunday Night 10/05/2014 and starts at 10:00pm~12:am CENTRAL TIME, so please check your area for correct time. This is yet another AWESOME interview i am sure you dont wanna miss, and like i said earlier..Fyre Inks & Kelly Bee in the building at the same time so thats just spells TROUBLE, this will be a ADULTS ONLY show cause we gone definetly bring the Hot & Naughty with a side of Grown & Sexy, see you there and thanks in advance...



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    Fyre&Ice ~KellyBee Spotlight~ with guest author *Cherise Chef Kateri Young *

    in Entertainment

    Cherise Chef Kateri Young is a woman that wears many hats, she's a Mother, chef, author, future wife, CEO of her own Publishing company **Purple Diamonds** a great friend AND she owns her OWN catering business. Can you say BUSY,lol. We will get to discuss all these wonderful things and SO MUCH MORE. The fun starts this THURSDAY ( 9-18-2014) from 10:00pm~11:30pm CENTRAL TIME, so PLEASE check your time zone for correct time in your area, call in number is (714) 868-0247. And y'all already know this is a Kelly Bee interview so thangs gone get pretty damn HOT!!!! So please come along and join me as we walk Fyre & Ice red carpet with this QUEEN, see you there. And Thank You in advance....