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    Making a diference.

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    On today's show we will be talking about what has MAD DADS done for you. I will be sharing my testimonies and the MAD DADS them selves will also talk about how their lives has been effected by the Minneapolis MADDADS.

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    A Candid Look at my book A Life of Death The Redemption Part 2

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    Join me for another informal chat about my book "A Life of Death: The Redemption". My eternal gratitude goes out to Donna Kshir, Best Selling Author and President of Dreamcatchers For Abused Children and Sandra Potter, Author and CEO, Founder of Dreamcatchers For Abused Children for believing that my story could help other survivors who are suffering in silence to break the chains and break the silence and to keep the hope alive by reaching out and getting help. My book is available at Lulu.com and all proceeds are going to Dreamcatchers For Abused Children to help stop child abuse.

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    Dream Chasers Radio w/Yahaloma interviews Joseph Israel

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    Gone Are the Days (Lions of Israel, 2005)

    What an impressive solo debut from newcomer Joseph Israel Gone Are the Days is. Everything about it scream "professional," and it has a Jamaican authenticity that belies the fact that Israel is from the US. Its lush roots sound was recorded in part at Tuff Gong Studio and was co-produced and arranged by legendary Jamaican musicians Earl "Chinna" Smith and William "Squidley" Cole. And it features guest vocals from big names like Luciano and Mikey General. Luciano's appearance is appropriate, as it's that sort of humble modern roots sound that Israel strives for. He succeeds with wonderful tunes like "Jerusalem," the soulful "Gone Are the Days," the funky call to action "Jah Souljahs," and the lively love song "Be Together." The only piece that at times falls short is Israel's vocals, which aren't as full-bodied or polished as, say, Luciano, and thus are occasionally overpowered by the potent music (A dub album could certainly be in order.). Joseph Israel cuts a striking figure in the reggae realm, with his pallid features and dangling auburn beard, but any prejudices about his appearance should be put to rest with one listen to the sparkling Gone Are the Days. Take a gander at lionsofisrael.com.

    Booking and Management:..

    Israel Music Management :303-444-1554
    Email:israel@josephisrael.com israel@josephisrael.com

  • The Proof of Plagiarism in the Book of Mormon

    in Christianity

    This program will give solid evidence and proof that the Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith Jr. and his associates rather than it being the word of God translated from Gold Plates. Several groundbreaking investigations have been completed to identify the true source of the Book of Mormon, this information will Rock your World.  Note:  This is a Live Call-in Show on KUTR 820 AM and 95.3 FM Utah radio called “Mainstream Mormonism” by Bishop Lee Baker.  To participate LIVE, call KUTR at 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH, Saturdays at 4PM (MST) or Listen Live at LeeBaker.4Mormon.org




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    Vampire Diaries: Masquerade

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    Once again two bloggers break down the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. Of course we love the genre but that does not mean that we should not be watching with a critical eye.

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    The Andrea Shea King Show - Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee and Navy SEAL Ben Smith

    in Politics Conservative

    Gold star Mom Debbie Lee (founder of Mighty Warriors) spent 3 weeks on the road with the Tea Party Express, then went on to Oregon where she faced off against anti-war mouthpiece Cindy Sheehan (also a Gold Star Mom). Joining Debbie is Ben Smith, former US Navy SEAL.

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    Together Again With Coach Marsha and Coach Jim

    in Internet

    90 minute live call-in talk show discussing relationships and topical issues. Tonight we are joined by Dr. Jeffrey Blevins from Iowa State University and Sunil from Smith Micro to discuss the recent FCC ruling on Net Neutrality and the impact it has on everyone who uses the Internet.

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    Child Abuse Headlines

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    Child Abuse Headlines
    Dreamcatchers Child abuse advocate Laurie Ann Smith and hosts discuss various child abuse headlines and add their opinions regarding the issues of this very real and horrific epidemic that is a plague upon our society. Please join us as they discuss all topics relating to child abuse, by promoting education and awareness to prevent and stop child abuse! Together we can and will make a difference. Together, we can stop child abuse!

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    The Men Confess III

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    Tune in to be motivated, excited and influenced with this interactive panel of MEN talking about relationships! The panel includes Minister Lewis Johnson- aka JUDAH, Curtis Smith- Chef, Vincent White- Author and Minister George Dale. Listen online at http://www.Sharvette.com

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    Get Up And Date 2- Another Xcellent Solution

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    It’s Time to break that cycle of pain and loneliness. Not next year. Today. It’s not going to get any easier. Learn how to break that cycle!Sign up for a reminder here.
    Focus on opening yourself up to meeting men all season long.
    We will teach you all the tools you will need for this holiday season! Be sure to find, friend, and follow the show! You won't want to miss this!

    So why do we put love on the back burner during the holidays? Find out this Tuesday when I interview Lori Pinkerton, founder of Get Up and Date

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    Billion Dollar Class Action Peoples Grand Juries Protect DHS Abused Runaways Atty Gen Malpractice

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    This is a 12/26/10 HireLyrics Administrative Services demonstration of a U.S. Citizens controlled Public Docket Database Evidence Module submitted as due diligence requesting Intervention and Audits for slowing and eventually stopping Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Education and Court Reform State of Emergency. HireLyrics is Born To Serve on Blog Talk Radio show Topic Agenda url goes to President 10/27/10 Domestic Violence Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett re Judges deliberate denials protection from abuse cause “no child safe at home” John Walsh America’s Most Wanted Tip line re human trafficking caused by Family Court Judges Conflict of Interest Malpractice with billing contractors; Michelle Rhee re Education Reform Initiative. See 12/26/2010 11:00 AM Billion Dollar Class Action Peoples Grand Juries Protect DHS Abused Runaways Atty Gen Malpractice. 1 Community Development Leader Umar Abdullah Johnson has given permission to play his talk of “Wake Up, Your Children Are Dying!” Live at Freedom Theatre on MLK Day 2007 Vice Principal Certified Child Psychologist Orator Educator Umar Abdullah Johnson “a conversation about violence must include economy education employment” 2. Adrienne Tynes Michigan Attorney General condoned State Court Judge Virgil Smith Protects Pedophile Child Rapist Dr. Donald Tynes 6 children raped tortured medical experiments 2 children killed lawyer threatened. 3. Mary N August testimony Cowlitz County Washington Judge James E. Warme Jean Waller Esq Karen Dinan asst atty general DHS Malpractice Kidnap Injuries Inflicted on Autumn Joy August 9/06/10. 3. PEOPLE’S ABOVE GROUND PROTECTIVE CUSTODY GRAND JURIES SAFE HAVEN FOR HS DEMONIC HORROR STORIES RUNAWAYS. Join fifty families Plaintiffs in All Related Dockets USDC PaED 209cv04119-MSG Roxanne Grinage William Brounson Lorraine Grinage Ezekiel Zadkiel Brown Arriyel Roxanne Brown One Billion Dollar Class Action. Free Sign Up Forms. Roxanne Grinage www.HireLyrics.org 229-395-0039

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    Intel Hub Radio with Matt Smith from Project Gulf Impact

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    Matt Smith from ProjectGulfImpact and Mark Sircus will be joining us to discuss the effects of Corexit. We may also be joined by a Marine Biologist.