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    Talk to the Twins with Artist/ Songwriter JAE HEMMINGS

    in Hip Hop Music

    "P & P Talk to the Twins" Live with Artist/Songwriter Jae Hemmings

    EDM has become an entire generations' mainstream pop music and No single FEMALE has become more powerful and talented in the EDM/Raggae genre than Jae Hemmings. "JAE" the self- proclaimed album soon to be released, brings attention to music that makes people feel good.There are no fillers, lip-syncing, or predictable vocals.

    Jae Hemmings is as real and raw as it gets!

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    Talk to the Twins Live With Actor/Director Leonard Jackson

    in Entertainment

    Actor/Author Leonard Jackson live on "P&P Talk to the Twins"Book titled " How to Become a Successful Commercial Actor Step By Step System"Leonard has been in many Superbowl commercials, Walmart Commercials etc.The list goes on and on.

    Leonard Jackson was born in Hollywood, CA ready for the big screen. He started his career with a recurring role on "In the Heat of the Night" and has since starred in several films including: "Love and War II", "Young Hollywood", "Snow Job", "Bug Night", "The Pact", Just Another Day in the Neighborhood and P.O.V: The Camera's Eye. He has made many Television appearances on "In the House", Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and several others. He is now performing live stand up comedy at many LA clubs around and is negotiating several new projects. Leonard grew up in Los Angeles, the third of five children. Leonard later moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1987 and finished high school and began college. While in Georgia he made his acting debut on the show "In the Heat of the Night".  In 1996 he moved back to LA and has been a working actor since his return. He has a passion to please the crowd and loves performing whether it is acting, stand up comedy or hosting.

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    Troy's Twins Chat

    in Sports


    Hello Twins fans! It's the offseason and the Minnesota Twins have been busy. Tune in as Dad and I discuss the hiring of Paul Molitor as the new manager. Also, we'll take a look at the free agent market and figure out what the Twins needs to be address and how they might be able to address those needs.

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    Talk to the Twins with Lisa Bennett Millionaire Realtor

    in Real Estate

    Lisa Bennet Live on "P & P talk to the Twins" She's a multi- million dollar real estate club holder, a board member at St. Jude's Recovery Center, she conducts workshops to empower women of color, has traveled to the wonderful land of Dubai to learn their real estate selling techniques

    Originally from California migrated to Atlanta, and has done remarkably well in the world of Real Estate.  Hailing from a tribe of success stories, Lisa attended the University of Southern California and the University of Phoenix, where she graduated with a degree in Business Management,  in 2004.  She continued her studies at the Barney Fletcher "Real Estate" University and acquired her Georgia license. An entrepreneur at heart, with a passion for the highest level of customer service, Lisa has owned and operated multiple successful businesses, finding her calling in the world of Residential Real Estate.  Launching her career in Real Estate on the finance side, as founder of Dana Capital, a net branch located in Buckhead, she specialized in Residential and Commercial Mortgages.   The Marketing specialist is a member of the Atlanta Board of REALTORS, the National Board of REALTORS and the Multi- Million Sales Dollar Club.  Thinking outside the box, Lisa has traveled extensively to the wonderful land of Dubai to learn Real Estate selling techniques.  Currently, this go getter is studying for her California license.   Her belief in trust, guidance and integrity, along with her loyalty to clients throughout their home buying and selling experience ensures her ongoing success.Since 2009, Lisa has been a loyal board member and fundraiser for St. Jude's Recovery Center.  

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    Talk to the Twins with Author Ted McLyman Financial Advisor

    in Finance

    P & P Talk to the Twins Live with Author Ted McLyman

    CEO of Apexx Group

    Ted McLyman has over 25 Years experience in Leadership,Education, financial advisor,business owner, and triathlon competitor. He is the author of the bestselling book money makes me Crazy,and the creator of the industry-reowned quick scan System(www.iplan.com) of Behavioral finance resources- suite of tools that hels financial professionals and their clients make better decisions in planning for their financial future. This system includes the highly-regarded Money Tempermanet. assessments which uncover how clients predisositions influence money decision making.



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    Author D.A. Kelley

    in Books

    Tune in live as we interview, Author D.A. Kelley on Monday Dec 15th @ 6 p.m. EST. We will find out the deets on her new novel, 70x7: The Road to Forgiveness. 

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    Talk to the Twins with Author DawnAngela Mickens "Timeless Rebel"

    in Motivation

    " Talk to the Twins"

    Author Dawn Angela Mickens

    " Timeless Rebel"


    At age 46, I have reinvented myself, revamped my career, and rejuvenated my life! I’m living my dreams and enjoying every minute of it! Exactly what does that mean? Well, for me, it meant that life didn’t stop when I entered into my 40s. Hopefully for you, it will also mean that life doesn’t have to stop once you enter into your 40s. It’s not doomsday! After all, 40 is the new 20, isn’t it? Women are no longer rushing into marriage immediately following high school or college. There is this new urgency for women to secure independence, establish a career and be financially stable before entering into marriage or even having children. Women are now birthing children much later in life; late 30s or even early 40s. Actresses, Halle Berry, Kim Basinger, Susan Sarandon, and Brooke Shields all birthed their first child while in their 40s. Also, there are plenty of women who have decided to either go back to school, go on road trips with friends or even trying the unconventional way of online dating. I believe that as younger women our attention is directed to what others want; however as we grow into our 40s, we wonder what is that we want for ourselves. Nowadays it’s also typical for women of a more mature age to spring into action and really begin to connect with their inner being in the later years.

    This is not a “How to Book” on becoming a model or a format of what you should or should not do in life. “My Encounter with T.D. Jakes: Empowered to Become a Model at 43” is based on some of the highlights of my personal journey. It can also be a blueprint for a personal journey of your own; an inspiration that will empower and enable you to grab hold of your life and run with it!

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    Talk to the Twins Author Sonia Lipford

    in Books

    Sonia Vanessa Lipford currently reside in Oak Grove located in the state of Kentucky. Born in Richmond Virginia but was raised in Petersburg Virginia. While growing up our family moved/traveled a lot due to my step father being in the military from Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Alaska and Tennessee before settling down in Oak Grove Kentucky. I am a proud mother of four children two boys Terrance and Jamal and two girls Jumanji and Theresa whom I named after my mother. Graduate from Lathrop High School in Alaska and attended Austin Peay University in Clarksville Tennessee and Colorado University earned a Professional Certificate as a Correction Technician.My children was my inspiration for writing the three children books because as youngsters they would always try to find new ways to play with their toys.The three books she has written from first to last is Witches Broom in My Room, Teaching My Sister Her colors andMolly and The Purple String.



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    The Mooney Twins & The Metaphysics of Sex, Money, and Power - with Tendaji Eshe

    in Culture

    Join host Tendaji Eshe as she welcomes very special guests Daryl & Dwayne Mooney, "The Mooney Twins".  While the Mooney Twins carry on the family tradition of comedy (Paul Mooney), they also focus on community education, spiritual and personal power.  

    Tune in, listen, talk and get to know Daryl & Dwayne Mooney.  Share laughs and an introduction to  "The Metaphysics of Sex, Money,and Power" with the Mooney Twins.  What they have to say may change your life. 

    Tune in: Saturday, November 29, 2014 -  1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern

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    Troy's Twins Chat

    in Sports

    Hello Twins Fans! The Twins have just finished winning two out of three at Target Field over the Detroit Tigers. Tune in as my dad and I break down the Twins season. We'll also give out our awards. Also, We'll touch on the exciting playoff races. This is the last Twins focused show of the season.

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    Obadiah and the Twins

    in Christianity

    In the book of Obadiah it tells about the twins that struggled in their mother womb. Today we still have a struggling in the womb mentality with each other concerning the body of Christ/church. Because the remained at odds with each other today we are being punished because of our struggle against each other.

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