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    Portland Timbers MLS 2014 Preview with Bob Kellett from 5MTKO

    in Soccer

    Bob Kellett from the 5MTKO podcast joins us to preview the Portland Timbers' 2014 Major League Soccer season. This is the third episode of our MLS 2014 Preview Podcast Series. We'll be publishing a new show focusing on a different MLS team every day until kick off. COMING SOON: Look out for our World Cup 2014 preview shows!

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    Stoneshare with Nick Kellett

    in Entrepreneur

    The Firestone Williams Report is joined by Stoneshare's Chief Technical Officer Nick Kellett to discuss Stoneshare, Ottawa-Gatineau and Toronto's preferred destination for SharePoint specific products and services.

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    AVFM News and Activism: Year in Review 2013

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    It has been an amazing year for AVFM and the Men’s Human Rights Movement in general.  Between amazing news events like the Mary Kellett Disciplinary Hearings and Men’s Rights Edmonton’s fantastic anti feminist antics as well as AVFM’s swelling readership we can honestly say we have much to look back on as we look forward into the future.  

    Tonight we will be talking about the biggest Men’s Rights news items of 2013 and we will be opining about things to come in 2014.  This is going to be a fun episode where listeners are invited to call in and give their own views of the past year’s news as well as their own thoughts about the future.  

    Please call in.

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    Positive Experience with Joseph Aquilino on various topics

    in Psychology

    The show welcomes Susan Kellett from the UK talking about learning disabilities... this will be an informational show... please join us to learn about different Learning disabilities

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    in Poetry

    This is POETRY on a whole new level! Fully interactive LIVE BROADCAST and VIDEO STREAMING ~ ON LOCATION ~ DAN KELLETT will be LIVE and in person with Mikki to begin the night and then YOU are on the MIC! LIVE and WORLDWIDE!

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    AVFM News and Activism: Kellet Coverage

    in Politics

    Tonight we have as our guests Scott Solly and Sean Campbell, two of the three correspondents covering the Mary Kellett disciplinary hearing in Portland Maine yesterday.  After hearing pleas from AVFM’s Girl Writes What and John the Other, Solly, Campbell and another man, Chris Caldwell, took time out of their daily lives to cover the event for us.  They will give us an intimate eye witness account of the proceedings and reactions from Vladek Filler and Mary Kellett.  We hope you can join us in welcoming Solly and Campell as well as in thanking them for answering our call to action on such short notice.

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    Vladek Filler

    in Politics

    We see a man, alone, hobbled by iron. He’s kneeling in the path of a tank, unable to stand. You can see his hands trembling, or maybe he’s beyond fear and watching his death with uncomprehending eyes.  It will crush him. You know it will crush him.   You excuse the sight. If he fights he obviously is a threat and should be destroyed. If he doesn’t fight, he’s a coward who deserves to be crushed.  In your mind no matter what he does he deserves it. You don’t even know the context, but you're sure he deserves it. He deserves it, because he must deserve it. Join us tonight on avfm radio as we discuss why men deserve to be ground to pieces by the system. And why you're right to turn your head away, plug your ears and just let it happen.

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    AVFM News and Activism: Filler Revisited

    in Politics

    Tonight on AVFM News and Activism we will dedicate the guest portion of our show to covering current developments in the Vladek Filler case.  Joining us will be Paul Elam and John the Other to talk about the abhorrent legal maneuverings of  J. Scott Davis and what can only be described as an all encompassing ring of corruption in the family law justice system in the state of Maine.  Now, more than ever, aggressive activism is needed to expose and put to an end the destructive reign of Mary Kellett and the band of cronies that make up the press and legal establishment in that state.  

    Please call in and voice your support for this effort and share your thoughts.  

    The show airs live on November 6trh, at 8:00 Central Time, US, which is 2:00 a.m. November 7th in London and 11:00 a.m. November 6th in Brisbane. If you have not yet requested membership in the Stickcam Room, you can do so through the link below.

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    Poets Dream In Color W/ DK "Kellett" & Nic St. James

    in Poetry

    w/Hosts: DK aka Dan Kellett & Nic St. James ~ No Special Guest Nite ~ No Special Readers ~ ALL Poets Open Mic

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    AVFM News and Activism Show 6

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    Our guest tonight will be Karl Mathews, founder and primary administrator of Antimisandry, an internet forum which many consider to the be premier online forum for Men’s Rights Activists worldwide.  Members of this forum include Angry Harry, Paul Elam, Phyllis Schlaflay and both of your hosts James Huff and Robert O’Hara.  Antimisandry has been at the center of many MRA actions in recent years being an important platform from which action against Marry Kellett and other corrupt officials have been challenged.  

    Most importantly, it is the home of none other than Agent Orange.  It was Antimisandry that provided almost all of the logistical and administrative support for his activities and it is there that the Agent Orange Files are made available to the public.  

    We will be discussing many issues with Mr. Mathews on tonight’s show and we hope that you will  join us and consider calling in.  

    The show airs live on May 28, at 8:00 Central Time, US, which is 2:00 a.m. May 29, in London and 11:00 a.m. May 29 in Brisbane. If you have not yet requested membership in the Stickcam Room, you can do so through the link below. The call in number is 310-388-9709.

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    A Witch Hunt in Maine II

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    This show will be a second consecutive look at the second Vladek Filler sham trial about to be conducted in Maine by Mary Kellett and the Bar Harbors Prosecutor's Office. Special guests will be nationally known private investigator TJ Ward and author Phil Cook of S.A.V.E.. We will be highlighting efforts to convince the prosecution in this case to drop the charges against Mr. Filler.