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  • Game 2 | 2006 NWL Championship Series | Salem-Keizer 5, Boise 0

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    Game 2, 2006 Northwest League Championship Series

    Salem-Keizer Volcanoes 5, Boise Hawks 0

    Volcanoes Highlights

    Adam Cowart complete game, three-hit shutout

    2B: Felmy (1, Ceda), Rohlinger (1, Ceda), Boyer (1, Ceda).
    3B: Burriss (1, Francisco).
    HR: Felmy (1, 5th inning off Ceda, 1 on, 1 out).
    TB: Burriss 4; Todd; Felmy 6; Rohlinger 2; Pill; Boyer 3.
    RBI: Rohlinger 2 (2), Burriss (1), Felmy 2 (2).
    2-out RBI: Burriss.
    Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Witter; Todd 2.
    Team LOB: 6.

    SB: Burriss (1, 2nd base off Ceda/Mercedes).

    Pickoffs: Cowart (Matulia at 1st base).

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    Season III | Episode 1 | 2015 Salem-Keizer Volcanoes v 1966 Tri-City Atoms

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    #VolcanoesNation, it's Opening Night of Season III of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Fantasy Baseball Game of the Week and tonight, your Volcanoes welcome the 1966 Tri-City Atoms and their Hall-of-Fame Manager, Duke Snider.

    Coming to you live from beautiful Volcanoes Stadium, tonights call on station SKV and your announcer, Justin Lacche.



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    SKV Radio Season III, Episode III - Volcanoes All-Time Team hosts Salem Senators

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    #VolcanoesNation, we have an all-time Oregon classic tonight as the Salem Senators are at Volcanoes Stadiums to battle for Salem-Keizer Volcanoes All-Time Team

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    State Senator Kim Thatcher (R-Oregon) on Current Issues

    in Politics

    Kim Thatcher is an American politician. She is currently a Republican state senator from Oregon's Senate District 13, having won election in 2014. Prior to becoming a senator, she was a member of the Oregon House of Representatives from House District 25. Thatcher was first elected to the Oregon House District 25 in 2004, representing the Keizer area. Early in her career, as the owner of the highway construction firm KT Contracting, she was well known as a critic of the Oregon Department of Transportation.In May 2005, Thatcher successfully sponsored a bill to limit public access to information about concealed handgun license. She was reelected in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012. In 2014, Thatcher chose to run for Oregon State Senate Seat 13, held by the retiring Larry George, rather than seek reelection to her house seat. Kim will join us tonite to discuss issues.  Hosts:  Rueben Torres and Doreen Finkle.  This show sponsored by Studentsforabetterfuture.com

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    Leadership Development in Ministry

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    February 10th at 9:00 am; we will Pastor Kevin Truett.

    Kevin Truett is the lead pastor of Connection Life Church in the capital city of Salem, OR. He is the author of two books POSITION FOR TRANSITION and REAL FISHING. If you're in the Salem/Keizer area just south of Portland, Oregon, you can catch Pastor Kevin on television 12 times weekly with his church services airing in four prime time spots throughout the week. He also broadcasts his own leadership development series, Leaders in Forward Training (L.I.F.T.) helping train and develop pastors and leaders across all denominational lines. In addition he is the host of a weekly television show called Straight Talk with Kevin & Kevin where he along with his good friend and co-host Pastor Kevin Pemble tackle the topics of everyday issues and current news headlines with the always applicable Word of God. 
    With over 24 years of ministry experience and a successful career in business, Kevin also travels extensively as a seminar speaker to business owners and top executives from all over the world.
     He now resides in Salem, Oregon with his wife and partner in ministry of 19 years (Kristie) and their three children, Kameron (18), Keilani (15) and Kennidee (9). Together they count it a privilege to serve in building the kingdom of God.

    Pastor Kevin is passionate about leadership development, excellence and giving God our very best.

    Kevin began his ministry early on at the age of 16 under his father in Boise, ID. He received his education through Bethesda Bible College and Christian Life School of Theology and would enter full-time ministry in 1992.

    Kevin is also an entrepeneur launching several small businesses in the various communities that he has lived in.  Pastor Kevin & his wife, Kristie had a vision to launch their second church in Salem, Oregon where together they reside with their three children.


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    Volcanoes Fantasy Baseball 2015 Game 7

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    #VolcanoesNation, tonight the Kyle Haines era begins as he leads the 2014 Salem-Keizer Volcanoes who host the 1929 Hollywood Stars, live from Volcanoes Stadium. Come join Crater and all your Volcanoes family on the Volcanoes Radio Network.

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    Volcanoes Fantasy Baseball 2015 Game 6

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    #VolcanoesNation, we end 2014 in style as Tim Hudson and the 1997 Southern Oregon Timberjacks come to town to take of your 2014 Salem-Keizer Volcanoes "live" from Volcanoes Stadium. 

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    Volcanoes Fantasy Baseball 2015 Game 5

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    #VolcanoesNation, nothing is better than some December baseball, and we have a great game for you today: the 1955 Burlington A's, the Kansas City A's affiliate in the Provincial League are in town to take on your 2014 Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, the proud affilate of the 2010, 2012, & 2014 World Champion, San Francisco Giants. Come join Santa, Crater and the whole crew, "live" from Volcanoes Stadium.

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    Volcanoes Nation Nov. 22, 2014

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    Volcanoes Nation Nov. 22, 2014

    Tonight's show we talk Panda, Winter Ball, Spring Training, and yes, a little holiday shopping. Live from the studios of your Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, it's Volcanoes Nation

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    Volcanoes Fantasy Baseball 2015 Game 4

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    #VolcanoesNation, a very happy Friday "live" from Volcanoes Stadium where tonight, we have a great match up as the 1951 Klamath Falls Gems are back in town to take on your 2014 Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (NWL Affiliate, 2010, 2012, 2014 World Champion, San Francisco Giants). Come join Crater and the entire team!

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    Helen & Ontwaken met Dr. Eppe Keizer & Nelleke Keizer

    Seksuele Energie Veranderingsmeditatie (herhaling oktober 2012)

    In navolging van eerdere "New Energy" Meditaties zal Dr. Eppe Keizer je meenemen in een meditatie waarin de negatieve seksuele energieën worden losgelaten die op celniveau liggen opgeslagen ten gevolge van trauma's of verwondingen op het gebied van seksualiteit, zwangerschap, misbruik, opvoeding, ervaringen etc. Deze meditatie is voor iedereen geschikt. Mannen en vrouwen nemen in de meditatie ieder hun beide delen mee, zowel het mannelijke als het vrouwelijke.

    We leven met elkaar in een maatschappij waarin de vrije seksuele energie behoorlijk verstoord is geraakt. Niet alleen de ouderwets, religieuze opvoeding waarin sex een taboe is is hier debet aan, waarbij men overigens weer wel de opdracht kreeg om 'heen te gaan en zich te vermenigvuldigen', ook de hedendaagse losse 'sex verkoopt' mentaliteit doet iets met ons sexueel bewustzijn. De verstoringen hierin zijn overigens niet alleen van nu, al ten tijde van Atlantis hebben we hierin een programmering ondergaan en ons DNA herinnert zich en vermenigvuldigt zich...

    Hoe fijn zou het niet zijn als we al deze opgeslagen energieën, die tóch niet van onszelf (onsziel) zijn, zouden kunnen loslaten zodat we vrij en vanuit de eigen ziel onze verbinding met de ander, met onzelfs en met ons lichaam kunnen beleven en vieren? Tenslotte hebben we alleen hier op aarde het lichaam waarmee we dat kunnen en mogen doen. Gun het jezelf, gun het je ziel.....simpel, eenvoudig...doe mee!