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    Welcome Mr. Reshard McCants of Big WACO, Texas (The Great Music Man)

    in Spirituality

    Writer of Holy Hip Hop and known for Gospel Music, Mr. Reshard McCants is very familiar to the gospel world. He is actively involved in his church and can make any piece of music sound great with his great anointing that God has given. Please help me welcome Mr. Reshard McCants!


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    Check out articles-alfreda.hubpages.com


    Need a speaker-emonya_love@yahoo.com

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    Understand how ISIS became ISIS; Will McCants talks about his new book

    in News

    It’s Wednesday October 21st.

    So do you really understand what ISIS is?

    We’ll find out -- with an expert.

    Will McCants directs the Project on US Relations with the Islamic World at the Brookings Institution.  He also teaches at Johns Hopkins University.  He was also a senior adviser for countering violent extremism at the State Department.  He has just written a book called ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy, and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State – which I just finished on audible. 

    How Russian military intervention and Vladimir Putin have changed the situation?

    Let me give some of my take-aways for folks who haven’t read the book.  First, this was not a political treatise but an academic view at how ISIS began.  Second, there are no real solutions – or easy solutions – to this problem. I mention this because I think opposing sides in the US obscure what is really happening there – or what can be done.  Is there a real solution to ending ISIS?

    US boots on the ground usually ends up in disaster or encouraging more jihadists.  Same thing here?

    In the short run, ISIS can last with its terror tactics and destroy a lot of lives.  But in the long run, can we assume they won’t exist as a state offering services to its so-called subjects?

    Do we need to worry about ISIS attacking us here?

    Morally corrupt ISIS leaders are in their use of the Koran to justify their barbarism.

    Usama bin Laden was actually moderate and forward thinking compared to ISIS breakaway leaders.

    Most Americans are confused and apathetic about foreign policy issues because they just don’t understand what is happening there.

    Talk about the website Jihadica.


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    in Christianity

    Flakka is a dangerous drug that is sweeping through south florida and heading north...let's talk about it.

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    Keith Andrew Uncensored #21 w/ Ella Arlienne

    in Entertainment

    Keith Andrew interviews VP Public Relations, Producer / Actress, Singer, Model, Voice Talent ..... Ella Arlienne

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    Keith Andrew Uncensored #22 w/ Trang Ho

    in Entertainment

    Keith Andrew Uncensored #22 w/ Trang Ho ............ Founder, Financial Media Consultant at Key Financial Media LLC

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    Keith Davis....QSciences

    in Entrepreneur

     Keith Davis has impacted thousands of lives as a business owner and officer of many organizations over the past 35 years, including the Network Marketing Industry.

    Keith has owned "The Keith Davis Show" for over 7 years, retired 5 years ago from the telecommunications industry as a business systems and fiber optics technician, and earned his fiber optic splicer certification.

    Working with teams and for the benefit of others has always been a strong passion for Keith and it's evident in his having held positions in many not-for-profit agencies over the last 35 years. Telephone Pioneers of America, Foresters not-for-profit Insurance Company, and The United Negro College Fund, to name a few, raising funds and managing and working with organizations like The Muscular Dystrophy Association, Easter Seals Foundation, The American Red Cross, MS Foundation, and many more.

    Follow Keith on his blog at keithadavis.com

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    Uncle Keith in Studio with the Boys Breaking Down Rivalries!

    in Football

    The legend Uncle Keith is in studio with URC breaking down Rivalry Week!

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    Gloria Govan Keith McCants

    in Sports

    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it. Expected to be joined by Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan, who discuss the show and more.  Also, ESPN 30 for 30 "Broke" star and former NFL LB Keith McCants who will discuss the movie and life after football. Finallym Hall of Famer Willie Roaf will stop by to discuss all things NFL. Listen @ Blogtalkradio.com/pgant or call 646-727-3070.


    in The Bible

    Keith and Kimberly Show: Who is this Jesus Christ? Can Jesus really save me, is an upfront conversation about the saving power of Jesus Christ as taught in the Holy Bible. Can we believe all that we have been taught, why should we believe what we have heard. Can Jesus alone take away the sin of the entire world? Join us as we take on the assignment of bringing illuminiation to this topice. Lines will be open for questions and comments.

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    in Health

    My guest tonight, Keith Thompson, a Clinical Hynotherapist is back to update us on his upcoming "Value System" webinar. .   A long time  student of the mind,  Keith started his journey in 1974 when he discovered the world of meditation and martial arts. From 1978-80, Keith attended Washington School of Professional Hypnosis where he obtained his certification in clinical hypnotherapy.  He has also worked in a private practice, "Inner World", where he worked with people with major illnesses and/or traumas in their life. 

    In 2006, Keith started his own radio show, “Designing Your Mind with Keith Thompson", and in 2008 he received his certification as a professional health coach.  Keith is currently  building a new website, "A journey into Value Systems" and spending  time writing, speaking, and teaching when the opportunities present themselves.

    Website:  www.myvaluesystems.com