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    Female Chondro Keeper Round Table on March 15th 2015 at 9pm EDT

    in Pets

    Please join Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi as we welcome Robyn Saunders, Kim Burge and Melanie Bernal to GTPKeeper Radio on March 15th 2015. All three of these women are long time chondro keeper/breeders who will be sharing their knowledge on keeping and breeding Green Pythons.

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    Franchise Interview with Darren Guccione of Keeper Security, Inc.

    in Business

    Did you know over 1,000 companies were hacked in 2014 alone, and that doesn’t even touch the number of individuals that had their personal information compromised? Between May 2013 and May 2014 the Ponemon Institute estimated that over 432 million people were hacked, which roughly translates to about 47% of adults in the US.  We are meeting with Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper Security, Inc.  Keeper Security, Inc. is the creator of Keeper, the world’s most downloaded password manager and digital vault.  We will discuss the topics of security, franchising, and entrepreneurship with Darren.

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    The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show "John Kassir AKA The Crypt Keeper"

    in Paranormal

    A blast from the past when John Kassir AKA The Crypt Keeper joins Shaun and Nathan to talk about all the fun behind Tales from the Crypt.

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    Interview with author of the book Diary of a Desperate Mother.

    in Motivation

    Debbie's believes that we can all make a difference in our communities and ultimately the world, if we were to share our journey's and our experiences with others. Debbie's greatest desire is to inspire others to overcome life issues and fulfill their purpose. Join Debbie every Tuesday at 8:30pm GMT with special guests. Joining Debbie on today's show is Fredericka Charles an amazing lady who is making a difference by sharing her story. Fredericka is a health and fitness consultant and author of the book Diary of a Desperate Mother, Battling Eczema and Allergies. Fredericka was nominated for Best Author at 2014 BEFFTA UK Awards. Fredericka wrote her book because she had such a desperate and lonely time when her son was younger. She didn’t really understand Eczema and Allergies and as a result of that, blamed herself for his condition. Her book is for parents of children with Eczema and/or Allergies to help them know they are not alone. Her motivation is to share what she has learned in the hope that other parents do not have to experience such a desperate time. Her book is also for Health Professionals so they can get a look into the lives of their patients.

    I look forward to you joining me Debbie and my special guest Fredericka Charles for Pure Inspiration.

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    Bake McBride League Keeper Deadline Discussion

    in Baseball

    It is keeper deadline date in the Bake McBride League and our band of misfits discuss the lists at great length and mock each other without mercy.

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    My Sisters Keeper - Tray Kearney, of the Woman To Woman Show

    in Goals

    EnterpriseLifeRadio is welcoming guest Tray Kearney (@WTrayKay, www.TheW2Wshow.com), Host of the Woman to Woman show, Correspondent for The Movement Magazine and Executive Producer of the short film that was nominated for a Black Reel Award, "The Tombs”, on our 3rd Episode (February 15, at 5:30p, cst) - My Sisters Keeper.   Call in to speak with the host: (646) 668-2725

    “Your passion is your purpose” Tray believes that women have the power to save families. “It starts with loving one self and respecting one another’s relationships. Infidelity is a destroying the core of families and it’s time for women to be accountable for their part and start the healing. It starts with me… for I am my sister’s keeper”.

    Come join the Fun! You want to be listening and calling in to this show. EnterpriseLifeRadio where we bring you everyday people doing extraordinarily amazing things on topics covering Family, Fun and Funds, Entrepreneurship, Parenthood and Enterprise! We look forward to you joining in the discussion!

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    Word Play - The Diary of Adam and Eve

    in Current Events

    Word Play presents a dramatized version of The Diary of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain.  Performed by Zac and Mindy Curtis.  Music: Chopin's Ballade No. 3 in A Flat Major, Op. 47

    This is a longer piece.  I suggest downloading it for some peaceful and witty entertainment on your next road trip.

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    Jeni Tyrell A Professional Puffer Keeper Will Speak!

    in Pets

    Jeni Tyrell, known the world over as Pufferpunk will be guesting on Aquatics Euphoria March 7th at 3 pm EST. She will be discussing freshwater, brackish water and saltwater puffers. I really hope I can do her justice in my interview of this great puffer keeper and writer of numerous articles on puffers. She is an awesome person and well known in all puffer communities. Come listen to her interview you will be better off for it. Jeni will give a bio on herself at the beginning of the interview.

    Jeni Tyrell? gives her Bio:

    I own a pufferfish website and I have served on the Crew of WetWebMedia, in addition to moderating & submitting to countless other aquarium forums. I wrote the puffer fish profiles for the most recent publication of the Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes, published articles on Green Spotted Puffers, Figure 7 puffers, the Dragon Goby & Pufferfish Dentistry in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine (& other mags), also in WetWebMedia's online magazine, the Consciencious Aquarist. I am a scuba diver & underwater photographer. I also ride my own 1982 custom Shovelhead Harley-Davidson & I am an avid tattoo collector. My Jack Russell Terrier (Kalvin the Krrrrrrazydog) rides on the back.

    Puffers are an amazing species of fish that do require special care. Jeni rides a Motorcycle with her dog for enjoyment. She is an all around cool lady. You owe it to yourself to come hear her speak on the puffer fish. Aquatics Euphoria is honored to have her and I, William T is absolutely gracious to be able to spend this time with her, learning about the puffer fish. Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 to ask Jeni questions about puffers or go to her forum site for more articles she has written. Search by author Jeni Tyrell. www.thepufferforum.com.

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    My Diary...Confessions of a Black Woman...The Stereotype Monologues

    in Radio

    Host: Shunda Milhouse
    Co-Host: La'Tanja Milhouse
    Admin/Engineer: Gayle Lockett

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    Brandon Harper Author of Diary: From the Outside Looking In

    in Radio

    Nook and Barnes & Noble: http://goo.gl/vFJve5
    Amazon paperback: http://amzn.com/1507802900
    Kindle:  http://amzn.com/B00T7ZIYH0

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    I AiNT mY BrOtHeRs KeEpEr - BuT JeSuS, I LoOoVe yOu!

    in Relationships

    Okay, Matthew has gone over the top!!  As we build up to Friday's wrap up of the ReLaTiOnShIpS Topic. with NCC Executive Tom Gordon, Homeless Planning Council Director Phyllis Chamberlain talking about the CoMpAsSiOn LeFt iN HuMaNiTy...or lack there of ...Matthew wanted to poke the bear so to speak and really ask the question "Do we even know to have a relationship with others let alone Christ?" 

    We reached out to Mary Davies...our expert on Relationships and a new friend of mine Dion Welton a National Radio Host and asked if they would offer their thoughts!!  So DON'T you MISS us TONIGHT LIVE @ 9pm EST on "Skin DEEP Theology"  Call in with Questions, thoughts or concerns - (516) 387 1513.... WE'LL BRING YOU ON THE AIR, wE AiNt sCaRed!!


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