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    Spiritual Minds: Introduction Episode (What Is Spiritual Mind?)

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    Introduction To Spiritual Minds:

    "Spiritual Minds" (The Next Level Of Bible Study) is a wholly independent bible study show hosted by Yokas Boslarelli every weekday @ 6:00pm eastern time and end time study every friday @ 8:00pm eastern time. Spiritual Minds is a small, non-denominational, christian radio show.  we have been on the Internet for a few months now so We are not affiliated with any other organization or any denomination as of yet; we are an independent Christian Bible study group; our only allegiance is to the Word of God, and Yokas has an heartfelt desire to teach it accurately?and that by the Holy Spirit of God.  We are supported and funded by the listeners, the like-minded few and concerned listeners from all around the world

    about the host, Yokas Boslarelli is a Music Artist, Song Writer, Film Producer, Poet, Long Board Skater & Christian who is blatantly and unafraid to come against the powerful institutions of religion discussions of any sort. he doesnt advocate no violence, We battle a spiritual battle where truth and hard-documentation from the written Word of God are the weapons of the day; and are confident that If God be for us, then none can overcome us?knowing that the gates of hell herself cannot prevail.


    Today's Bible Study: Genesis Chapter 50

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    Elevated Minds

    in Self Help

    Is it the fault of the parents how a kid turns out??? tune in tonight to find out on what we think on Elevated minds

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    'Elevated Minds"

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    This Sunday on Elevated Minds Radio?? we will explore the positive and the  negative effects of role reversals in relationships and family settings. In modern America women are becoming more and more self sufficient and independent; also ironically single. Does role reversal play a part in this dynamic? Call (917)932-1078 to tune in. you can also tune in by  logging on to www.elevatedmindsradio365.co as well as listen to episodes you may have missed.

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    "Elevated Minds"

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    Tonight on "Elevated Minds" we will be honoring Black History Month. Black History is American History since African Americans helped to build this country. Despite what is portrayed in the mass media, African as well as African American history is rich beyond measure. There is no doubt that it should be celebrated 365 days instead of only 28. We will Talk about African history all the way down to civil rights, we will also have our black history corner tune in live at 9/10c by calling (917)932-1078 press 1 to highlight a prominent person of your choice in black history or ask a question.

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    "Elevated Minds"

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    Tonight On Elevated Minds Radio We will discuss the evolution of television.In the years since its invention televison has had some drastic changes, from the faces it showed to the stories it told. From Movies, to comedy and to Reality televison we will evaluate how far it has come, the change in content, the message, as well as how it negatively or positivlely effects the community and our youth. Also We are kicking off Black History Month by showcasing a featured prominent African or African American in history in our new "Black History Corner"

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    Keep Ya Ear To The Streets

    in Music

    This is a open forum to post, promote, or just be heard. This Group is open to all (Mc's, Singers,Poets,SpokenWord,Authors,SongWriters,Producers,Managers,Labels,RadioPersonalities) ALL ARE WELCOME!!!
    HOSTED BY Johnny Beats
    (347) 637-3229
    EVERY THURSDAY AT 11PM TUNE IN TOhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/johnnybeats

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    Sound Off: What's On Your Mind?

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    This is the show where we talk about everything from politics to music, to current events, religion, whatever is on your mind.  Speak your mind, the only rule is be respectful of others' opinions and views.  We may not all agree, but we can amicably agree to disagree as adults.  No subject is taboo.  So call in and sound off!  This week's episode features music by O.Liver Twist, B Angie B, CeCe Peniston, Fall Out Boy and more!

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    Elevated Minds

    in Self Help

    Tonight on Elevated Minds Radio We will discuss another common New year resolution, finding balance. Most people have very hectic lives and after doing a recent survey alot of people's New year's resolution was to find some sort of balance and order in their busy lives and carve out some "Me" time. Kids, work, home/social lives can become to much at times,but with some great planning and preparation and a little advice from the Elevated minds gang you can have your cake and have the enjoyment of eating it too. to tune in live call (917)932-1078 if you would like to ask a question or comment/give advice press 1 and you will be able to share live on air. you can also tune in online by going to www.elevatedmindsradio365.co

  • Illuminating Minds Society

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    Illuminating Minds Society

    I guide you through Life’s Challenges in an effortless fashion through our Life Coaching  techniques utilizing the understanding of the Universal Laws, Multidimensional, Parallel Universes, Quantum Physics, Esotericism,  the Power of your Thoughts, Your Words,  Subconscious Reprogramming, and Vibrational Energy, Sound, hypnotherapy, Meditation  teachings on Law of Attraction, within the Microcosm of the mind and the Macrocosm. In order to master the outside world we realize one needs to move inside our own inner reality to manifest the reality we wish. If you are ready to  take your power back as a Sovereign God/dess you will know how to act appropriately against life’s difficult challenges and obstacles.  We coach others on how to effectively operate on in the mundane of Malkuth confidently without any misconceptions that have been construed by the public, media and education system, of the belief that we are just a human chattel lacking the capacity to utilize the gifts that are inherited to us by Prime Creator.

    Join her every Wednesday afternoon at 12:00pm pst to 1:30pm pst as she shares some enlightening info that will rock your socks off!

    Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us - 347.324.3704
    Support our network by joining our live chat and listen at  FreedomizerRadio.com


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    SRWM ~ Keep Believin

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    The Lord is Faithful to all HIS Promises and Loving toward all He has made. Ps. 145:13

    When you ask God for help HE Will answer! When you need help, take it to the LORD in Prayer. Then Thank HIM for His help!

    TOMORROW on Eye Am Bless Blog "No Malice" will be sharing about his book and CD. Join in at 6:00 pm Est. 


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    Embrace Change

    in Motivation

    Join Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. We will discuss, "Embrace Change." Are you afraid of change? Are you setting for good enough? The only way for life to get better is to embrace change and welcome abundance. Learn how to be open to the blessings you deserve and take your life to the next level. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 2/22 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/02/23/embrace-change

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