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    Ms.P And Ms. Melinda Interviews The Power Hour's K.Bookman

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    Kristen Bookman-Quetant is a New Orleans (affectionately known as 'Nawlins) native, a lover of music, the culinary arts and writing with emphasis on lyricism and prose. K won many awards for essay contests, and writing competitions growing up, and was actively involved in her church and community, as a weekend correspondent for AM 940's Teen Talk Program, and Vice-President of the Youth Ministry. She studied English literature at The University Of New Orleans and went on to successful ventures in the telecommunications and sales industries, earning many commendations and accolades along the way, in addition to getting married in 2005. Having always loved children, the job she found greatest joy in was being a "Tods and Twos" teacher, but in 2008 Kristen left that behind to undertake her biggest venture to date: Becoming a mother. Daughter Kayden arrived in June of 08 and son Kodi Jr, followed in December 2009.         Once she gathered her wits after the whirlwind of motherhood had begun to calm just a bit...Kristen was left longing to feel relevant in the grown up world again. Enter... Social Media. While staying at home and taking care of the babies she was able to communicate and develop a rapport with people all over the world, chit chatting with people as far as Brazil and South Africa about music and life in general. She found a renewed love for people... a joy in discovering them, comforting them, encouraging them, sharing the greatness that she saw in them. K was empowered by the stories they shared, by the victories they achieved, by the dragons they slayed, claiming their dreams as their prize. Being profoundly inspired by the fortitude she observed in others led to her crossing paths with Ms P, who granted K the opportunity of hosting a segment on The Ntuned Show twice a month. 

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    K.Bookman The Power Hour, Ms.P And J. Carter

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    J. Carter is the Managing Partner and Director of Creative Development for PxD.  He is the one who’s been given the honorable responsibility of penning the dynamic and entertaining stage plays that PxD produces without fail.  Even as a teenager, J. was given the message that he was blessed with both the passion and talent for writing and creating.  “My 10th grade English Lit teacher, Ms. Andrews, pulled me to the side one day and told me that she saw that I had a gift for writing and creating stories.  She made me promise to always work at it and cultivate it.  Since that day, I always knew that I was going to be a writer and creator in some way, shape, or form.”  After high school, J. attended Georgia State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a Minor in English.  J. soon realized that post-graduation was not the land of milk and honey that most new grads think it would be