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    #14 About the Spectrum of Out-of-Body Experiences with Katy, Advanced Channeler

    in Spirituality

    We are multi-dimensional beings, who are evolving. In our sleep state, we naturally exit our bodies to visit other dimensional realities for our growth and learning. Learn about OBEs. Hear Katy talk about an extraordinary,recent OBE she had. 

    Soul Evolution Center Show to Evolve into Your Best Life! A special time where different dimensions intersect for spirituality & metaphysics. Follow the show!

    *Call-ins not taken*

    To Evolve into Your Best Life! A special time where different dimensions intersect for spirituality & metaphysics. 

    About Rev. Katy, Providing Life Wisdom from Beyond

    http://soulevolutioncenter.com/*.  Click here to download her free eBook "Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age, a series of Channelings" *Author*Speaker*Workshop Facilitator*Private,Small &/or Large Group Certifications in Tarot Basics, Psychic/Intuition Basics, & Oracle Card Readings by Phone/Skype/or Computer* Speaking & Evolution Coaching Topics on Various Spiritual & Metaphysical Topics*

    For more of Katy's teachings, channeled messages, her psychic and out-of body experiences, see her Blog,Soul Evolution Center FB page, & YouTube.  

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    Author Katy Towell discusses literary journey, new book on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Katy Towell to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her literary journey and the new book released in August called CHARLIE AND THE GRANDMOTHERS.

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    It's Cheaper To Keep Her

    in Entertainment

    Get the latest scoop on Master P's nasty divorce from Sonya Miller. We'll also give you the scoop on Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, and more.

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    Greedy preachers are never satisfied and COGIC scandal Blake a molester?

    in Religion

     Recently Rod Parsley and Ken Copeland sold prayer cloths and Rod claims he has a seven times greater anointing since his throat cancer diagnosis. Is Charles Blake a child molester? We will also discuss world news, the Paris terror, Pope Francis stumbling. Katy Perry's Dad confronted by Christine Weick, and other news.

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    #16 Light Workers, Multi-Dimensionality, Dreams, & Out-of-Body Experiences

    in Spirituality

    Who are light workers? Are you one? We are multi-dimensional beings, who are evolving. In our sleep state, we naturally exit our bodies to visit other dimensional realities for our growth and learning. Learn about OBEs. Hear Katy share an extraordinary OBE she had on 11/4/15. 

    Soul Evolution Center Show to Evolve into Your Best Life! A special time where different dimensions intersect for spirituality & metaphysics.

    *Follow the show!*

    *Call-ins not taken*

    Rev. Katy Simmone* Founder of http://soulevolutioncenter.com/ * Host*Advanced Channeler of Light Beings*Author of the free eBook"Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings "(Free download at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/575068) 

    *Speaker*Workshop Facilitator

    *Phone/Skype/Computer Evolution Coaching & Certifications*Book on Website Calendar

    Connect with Katy for her sharings of her psychic experiences & channeled messages on her Blog, on Soul Evolution Center FB page, & YouTube. 


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    Nika Annon Interviews Transmedia Artist & Producer, Katy Walker

    in Self Help

    Nika Annon interviews transmedia artist and producer, Katy Walker, of the documentary film 'Time is Art'. 'Time is Art' is a film about synchronicity and the rise of global collective consciousness. The film was inspired by acclaimed & visionary author José Argüelles’ studies in ancient indigenous wisdom. It explores the idea that modern humanity is immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time that deviates from the natural order of the universe. The documentary shows how society has become disconnected from the natural rhythms of the earth by focusing only on money, consumerism and exploitation while deep down inside, individuals crave the return to a foundation of culture, community, and creation.

    Contribute to the documentary film campaign for 'Time is Art' by visiting http://igg.me/at/timeisart

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    First Contact Radio 11/11/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs

    in News

    First Contact Radio 11/11/15 Show #1406 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Jewish Calendar


    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, November 6 – 14

    UFO News
    TR-3B caught on tape over California 6-Nov-2015

    UFO fleet seen over Los Angeles, CA

    Two huge UFOs flying over Kentucky 10-Nov-2015

    UFO Or Missile Test, Either Way The Video Has Gone Viral

    Daily Stories
    MIZZOU HUNGER STRIKER Claims He’s Oppressed, Rips ‘White Privilege’ – Comes From Family Worth $20 Million

    VIDEO: Milwaukee police fold American flag burned by protesters

    Race protests scattered around U.S. campuses after Missouri resignations

    Casting of white actor as Martin Luther King prompts outrage from playwright

    Attorneys: Katy-area teacher fired for refusing to address girl, 6, as transgender boy

    18 Signs That You’re Here To Transform Human Consciousness

    Dayne Francis Teachings from Higher Self November-03-2015

    Warrior of the Light - pg 126

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

    First Contact Radio

    WakeUp by UFOetry

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    WKPJB Radio presents a discussion on Cultural Appropriation

    in Poetry

    Cultural appropriation is a sociological concept which views the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture as a largely negative phenomenon. What is it about and how can we avoid it. I think it is time we discuss this at length. If you’re Katy Perry, for example, you believe it’s A-OK to don corn rows and gel down your baby hair, put on some long fingernails and so-called sassy mannerisms with a “blaccent” and slang to portray how you believe certain black women behave and speak. But when you do it, as a white artist, you perpetuate a long legacy of white cultural theft—in addition to bypassing all the racist and misogynist insults those black women must contend with on a daily basis. That includes being called “ghetto” by white (and other) people, typecast as a welfare queen or otherwise told that your natural hairstyles and expressions are inferior and unwelcome. These are symptomatic of slavery and segregation in America and, yes, this really still happens every day. And it’s cultural appropriation.

    As writer Tamara Winfrey Harris expertly notes over at Racialicious, it’s the oppression that causes the intense offense that many people—mainly white people—seek to explain away rather than critically question.

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    Women in the News: Carly Fiorina Punches Back & Fortune's Most Powerful Women

    in Current Events

    We're back and kicking off with an action packed episode of women headliners on the Power Lunch Radio.

    Fortune recently published it's 17th annual Most Powerful Women in business list, and this year's list is impressive.  From IBM's CEO Ginni Rometty to Ivanka Trump; General Motors CEO Mary Barra, we cover the top names and movers and shakers, as well as the MPW Summit.  Then onto another list, in the world of Sports 13 WTA players have now crossed over the $20 million mark in prize money.  

    In the headlines, we cover some of the big stories such as Bonnie Ross, who was on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, "The Real Master Chief", the woman behind the success of Halo 5, Microsoft's biggest hope for gaming success this year.  Other Silicon Valley women powerhouses include Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos and their recent struggles, to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and her quest to make YouTube the model for breaking the gender gap in technology. Oprah makes headlines with her newest investment in Weight Watchers, creating a stock market frenzy doubling the stock price the day after the announcement.  Then music sensation from the U.K. Adele, breaks every record this past week with her much anticipated new record and new release, "Hello".  Katy Perry breaks the bank as Forbes ranks her the highest paid female artist topping the charts at $135 million.

    Lastly, onto the world of politics where both Carly Fiorina and Hilary Clinton continue on their quest for their party's Presidential nomination. Who's not talking about Carly's visit to The View today.  Get all your updates on women in the news by downloading our podcast and listening on your time at www.ewnradionetwork.com/power-lunch 

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    The People's Townhall

    in Politics Conservative

    The People's Town Hall live in Katy, Texas is closed this weelend only due to expansion and updating.  In the virtual town hall, we are replaying an excellent interview I had with Dale and Mary Huls a few weeks ago.  Enjoy it and I will see you in the live town hall next Saturday. 

    The Speaker's race heats up and Dale and Mary Huls of RagingElephantsRadio give us some inside information after having dinner with Louie Gohmert recently.  They will also share with the folks in The People's Town Hall their insights into the presidential race after attending a Presidential forum in South Carolina.  Another exciting Saturday in The People's Town Hall and I hope you will join your host and town hall moderator, Phil Waite, at 11am CDT

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    Cruz Control

    in Lifestyle


    Woman posted snapchat of her boyfriend pointing gun at her, found dead hours later
    Katy Perry invites a drugged-out fan on stage
    Game of Thrones movie actually happening

    You can call into the show at (323)-870-3398 and you can tweet the show @JcFilmz and @ChristianCruz66. Cruz Control with Jonathan and Christian Cruz is LIVE Monday-Friday at 11:00 PM ET here only on MSL Radio.