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    Special Tuesday Show - Native Harassment after MHU's Cowboys and Nava-Ho Party

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    After the Mars Hill University Lacrosse team held a "Cowboy's and Nava-HO's party" Native MHU students Madison Crowe (Miss Cherokee 2014) and Katlin Bradley former Native Student Organization President have been getting harassed at school and on social media after "outing" the party to the public. Tonight we'll talk to MHU student Madison Crowe - reach out to her on Twitter at @MadiCrowe 

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    Mischeal Goldsmith and Soulout, Katlin Hill

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    Onstage7 Radio featuring: Independent and Unsigned artists from around the world. " IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU THE ARTIST "

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    Big Brother 15 The Fan Aftermath Of A Racist & Bully Season

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    The BB15 reality show season is thankfully and  mercifully over for loyalBB Fans. However how  BB fans feel is not over; and no amount of canned or scripted responses will calm the fan response from all walks of life of how BB fans feel about BB15 resident racists of Aaryn Gries, Amanda Zuckerman, David Girton, Katlin Barnaby, Spencer Clawson, Gina Marie Zimmerman.The bullying and derrogatory comments made by the hg's mentioned above and other hg's such as Jeremy McGuire, McCrae Olsen, Judd Daughetry and BB15 winner Andy Herron.Women were called sexist unflattering names by some of the hg's. Other Hg's children were attacked by the bully hg's who are nothing more then common trash and even autistic children were not left unscathed by some of the racist and bullying hg's who I liken to thugs who bullied other hg's.The actions and comments made by these hg's were deeply offensive to loyal BB fans who deserved better then what they got this season in hg's.BB fans KNOW what they saw and heard in the feeds by these ugly in character hateul prejudice HG's named. The BB fans did not overreact or take it out of context. The Racism, Hate, Bulling of Bigots displayed was harmful, painful, and unnecessaryIn the Aftermath The BB fans are talking  and they are not mincing words of how they feel about being subjected to a full racist season on the show. In which Hg's Candice Stewart, Helen Kim, Howard Overby, Elissa Slater, and Jessie Kowalski were attacked either via racism, sexism, bullying by these other BB15 hg's named.The fans are letting it all hang & they are not  stroking anybodies ego as they have their say about BB15 hgs.BB fans are definitley angry and appalled at the BB15 racist & bully HG's.Bullying Candice Video

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    Your Best Expert

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    This Week:
    We had such a great success with last week's show in talking about a crowdfunding project and job hunting tools with the resume experts at Resume Starr that we're doing it again, this time with a brand new crowdfunding project  and we will have the wonderful folks at Resume Starr back this week for hour two of the show because there are so many more questions out there about what it takes to get a job in today's market. Our first hour crowdfunding guests are Nick Mastandrea and David Greenspan of Innovative Developments talking about their highly successful project for Mycestro, the next generation 3d mouse that you have to see to believe!
    Show Overview
    This is YOUR chance to go one-on-one with a different expert each hour of each show each week. Our shows are all expert driven, so you know you're going to hear the best answers about your issues directly from the pros so if you do have to connect with a local pro, you'll go into the discussion with a lot more knowledge and understanding of what it is you really need.

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    PrimeTime: Katie Compton, Miller, & Antonneau

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    PrimeTime host Ted Burns and Cyclocross Magazine editor Host Molly Hurford talk to some of the stars of US Cyclocross as they get ready for their reace in Louisville on Sunday February 3.  9 time US Champion Katie Compton, Meredith Miller, and US U23 Chamion Katlin Antonneau all took time to chat with us over the weekend in the final days before the biggest cross race the US has ever seen.  

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    CallyRewind Honoring First Lady Michelle Obama & Director Devon Obama Shepard

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    Honoring Michelle Obama
    Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the forty-fourth President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

    Devon Shepard

    With the broadcast networks already in a pilot-pickup mode, two multicamera comedy pitches fronted by familiar faces scored last-minute sales at ABC.

    The projects, one starring Carlos Mencia and the other toplined by Cedric the Entertainer, hail from Sony TV and studio-based Tantamount.

    The Mencia sitcom, from veteran comedy writers Mitchel Katlin and Nat Bernstein, is a family comedy based on Mencia's life and stand-up act.

    Co-produced by Brillstein Entertainment, it centers on a man in the middle of his very large multigenerational immigrant family.

    The Cedric comedy, from Al Higgins (" 'Til Death") and Devon Shepard ("Cedric the Entertainer Presents"), will feature the comedian as a retired baseball player-turned-radio host forced to re-evaluate the type of father he has been when his son and 6-year-old granddaughter re-enter his life.
    Katlin and Bernstein are repped by UTA and Rigberg Entertainment. Mencia, Cedric and Higgins are with CAA, Shepard with APA.

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