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    Awakening Through The Heart Chakra of Love

    in Self Help

    Chakras are energy & spiritual centers in the human body which are connected with our life force energy. They are the gateways to being spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically balanced.

    On this show we will open with a 5min. meditation & explore the Heart Chakra, it's functions and how to Embrace Love through this Chakra!

    Tracey Clark, aka ‘Butterfly’ is a very powerful Energetic Healer, Medical Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master & Intuitive Healer and will be our guest speaker.

    Tune-in an become more Enlightened!

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    The Road to Enlightenment with Kellie Fitzgerald and Katina Love

    in Goals

    My guest today is Katina Love, a Spiritual Wellness Coach who works with women who have the desire to improve their health and well-being and want guidance on how to begin.


    Katina is different from other Wellness Coaches because she take a spiritual approach to my coaching where the focus is on Mind, Body & Spirit to address overall health. She teaches women how to shift their mind-set so they look at wellness differently; how to connect with their inner-being so they have more self-love, think more positively, balance their emotions and make better choices concerning their diet.Katina also teaches how affirmations play a key role in wellness!


    If we desire healthier, happier, balanced & more fulfilled lives, it begins within.

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    The Significance of The Mayan Calendar

    in Self Help

    There has been a lot of interest around the subject of "The Mayan Calendar"! What it is, what our ancestors knew about it and the significance of it; in our present time!

    On this show, Akhenaten S-L-M-Bey will shed light on and answer questions you may have been curious about!

    About the Speaker

    As a young teenager, Akhenaten heard the message of LOVE and answered the call to minister hope and healing to the people. For nearly 42 years, his message has been broadcasted globally through the airways and in lectures! Feel free to tune-in to "The Witch Doctor" on WRFG 89.3FM/Atlanta.

    Tune-in and become more Enlightened!

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    The Zingy Divas Presents: Poo B Gone!

    in Self Help

    Debbie and Sandy have known each other since 4th grade. When they retired, they wanted to do something fun & provide income fo them; so Poo Be Gone came to be!!

    Poo B Gone was designed for those times when you are out in public & you want to leave a nice fragrance behind when doing the #2! Many people use in their place of business, along with a sign "SPRAY THIS BEFORE YOU GO & NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW"!

    Poo Be Gone comes in a few beautifully scented fragrances: Diva, Tahitti Sweety, Rain, Lavender & Pepperment and they really work!!!

    The subject of pooping can bring a good laugh & really it's ok to talk about it :D because it part of life.

    Poo B Gone was founded on friendship, love, giving back to the community and most of all a good laugh!!














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    5 Ways to Save On Your Homeowners Insurance

    in Motivation

    Save on Homeowners Insurance

    1.  Raise your deductible- the lower your deductible the higher your premium

    Example: You had a fire in your home and the estimate for renovation is $15,000.00 and your deductible is $500 the insurance company would send you a check for $14,500.00

    2. Bundle your insurances-like auto, home and life that may give you up to 15% discount

    3.  Ask for discount- Example: living near fire station, security system, deadbolt locks, history of being claims free, home renovations (new wiring, sensors that detect gas and water leaks and not smoking)

    4.  Shop around on a regular basis-sometimes staying with your current company gives loyalty rewards (insurancequotes.com and netquotes.com)

    5. A high credit score

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    Jewcee Tales Erotic Chat - Meow University

    in Romance

    Join Mz. Jewcee and Honey B da Producer for a Adult Conversation on the Erotic side of the house! Each week you will be treated to a variety of topics and Co-Hosts that are in the Adult Entertainment Business! From Entertainers ~ to Business Owners ~ to Event Planners ~ to Erotic Poets and Writers!


    You will also be treated to Educational and Informational Co-Hosts that will assist you through the ever alluring subject - The Lifestyle! Learn more about the different aspects of the Lifestyle and how you can be a part of it!


    Tonight's Co-Host: Ms. Katina Leaks - aka Ms. Kat - Dean of Sexploration


    Ask questions and get ANSWERS right here!


    ...so join us! As we ENJOY - ENLIGHTEN - EMBRACE - EROTICISM!


    Tuesday, February, 2, 2016


    Show Time: 8pm (Pacific) ~ 9pm (Central) ~ 10pm (Eastern)


    Call-in Number: 718-766-4343 - Press 1 if you have a comment and/or question for the Host or Co-Hosts.

    You can also listen LIVE on any wireless device by clicking the link attached. NOTE: Your best Internet Browser for Blog Talk Radio is: Chrome, Firefox or Safari (on your wireless device)

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    The Gifts and Talents of Healing Artists

    in Self Help


    On this show, Akhenaten S'L'M-Bey will share what a healing artist is and what we can all do together as a collective consciousness to help raise the vibration of humanity!

    As a young teenager, Mr. Bey heard the message of Love and answered the call to minister hope and healing to the people. For nearly 42 years his message has been broadcasted globally through the air waves and in lectures. AKA "The Witch Doctor", Mr. Bey serves his community in a 30 year tenure at WRFG 89.9FM/Atlanta. Ministerial and fiduciary capabilities include: Truth & Transformation Ministries, Preamble More Trust and Morrish Science Temple of America.

    Tune-in and become more Enlightened!!

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    Mid Mo Sports Show 2-1-16

    in Sports

    Join your host Justin Renaud and producer Ian Bellue for this weeks show! Topics include: John Scott being a boss in the allstar game, what to expect in the superbowl, a new perspective on the story of Katina Smith, whats happening with the cardinals, hotdogs vs. burgers, NBA Allstar game coaching fiasco, how to fix the probowl, My Hero, EPIC MANFOOD, and lots of Hot Sauce/Weak Sauce!

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    Detroit Public Schools: Our Kids Deserve Better

    in Radio

    Some 88 out of 97 schools in Detroit closed recently after teachers called in sick in protest of rodent and mold problems. There are complaints of an odious smell of mold and mildew that hits you like a ton of bricks when you step through the front doors at Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit. Once a school any city would be proud to have in its district. Today, it’s the poster child for neglect and indifference to a quality teaching and learning environment for some 500 students.

    The gym is closed because half of the floor is buckled and the other half suffered so much rainwater damage from the dripping ceiling that it became covered with toxic black mold. Instead of professionally addressing the problem, a black tarp simply was placed over the entire area. That area of the school has since been condemned.

    The once beautiful pool sits empty because no one has come to fix it. The playground is off-limits because a geyser of searing hot steam explodes out of the ground.

    Exposed wires hang from missing ceiling tiles. Watermarks from leaks abound. Kids either sit in freezing classrooms with their coats on or strip off layers because of stifling heat.

    Complaints to Darnell Earley, the emergency manager over the Detroit Public Schools have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

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    The Art of Allowing

    in Self Help

    When Susan Young learned more than 15 years ago, that we are creating our own realities with the thoughts we think; she was eager to share this information with others! And wanted to become an amazingly deliberate creator! It was then that she realized that we all need a ritual, a system to keep us on track and raise our vibration to a higher set point. Susan found that, the combination of making some basic commitments to herself and performing 2 simple daily rituals began to create dramatic results in her life!

    Susan has been recommended as a top "Law of Attraction" Coach by Law of Attraction magazine (2015). She is the author of "How to Allow" book & eBook. On the show Susan will share TIPS on how you can get started on your journey of being a deliberate creator and how to attract the things you desire the most into your experience!

    Tune-in & become more Enlightened!





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