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    Love Fest Radio Party

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    Join Big Blend Editors Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith, for Big Blend's 1st Annual Love Fest Radio Party! Special guests include: Joan Burns 'Event Planner Extraordinaire'; Mark Manfield - Lorimar Winery; Howard & Ruth Milstein - author 'Cooking with Love: Ventures into the New Israeli Cuisine'; Ron Tipton - National Parks Conservation Association; and Mike Dunmyer & Chris Laughlin - Ocean Champions.

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    The Jackwagon Sports Hour (Feb. 9)

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    Gregg Ring and Taylor Smith discuss the NBA, NFL, MLB, golf, anything. Call us toll-free at 310.807.5231.

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    Debra J.M. Smith - Time to tell it like it is once again

    in Entertainment

    Latest from the person that only wants personal gain from a God that is not the same God I know. And how its not Christian once again out of the mouth of The Ultimate liar and user, Debra J.M. Smith. Lots has happened since my last show about her. And She has shown she's no where near normal at all and not near rational at all too. I will let it all be known on this special show I will be doing. I will also read something that was sent to me by someone who did go back and forth with her too and how she was about it all.

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    Talking Baseball with Special Guest Brian Jordan

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    From a 14 year Veternan for the Atlanta Braves, St Louis Cardinals, LA Dodgers, & The Texas Rangers. Brian Jordan stops by to discuss his long time baseball career, As well as his current foundation, And his Children's books that he is writing. http://www.brianjordanfoundation.com/

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    TEAMWORK RADIO New Update Format

    in Marketing

    30 Minutes of Updates with Matt Rappaport, Tim Green & Ann Smith of Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, LLC - Teamwork Radio Update as we get closer to our social network launching!

    TeamWork Radio is the place where you will find Real People talking about making a difference in the Online Network Marketing World. Come Learn about our Teamwork Team & OUR OWN PRIVATE ENTREPRENEUR SUCCESS NETWORK (Brand New @Spruz - http://bit.ly/newteamworksite),Teamwork Autoresponder w/Newsletter, Step by Step SetUp Guide & Guide to Success, and the Social Mega-Hub that will change the world: **New Name & Site Coming Soon**! Inspiration SURPLUS and TOOLS/LINKS GALORE for anyone that markets online - Season Internet Marketing Pros & Newcomers alike and everyone in between will LOVE what we've got in store for ya! * * * Teamwork ROCKING the DREAMWORK! T.ogether E.veryone A.chieves M.ore! Look forward to having you join us on our show & helping you out as you pursue the world of Online Marketing/Making Money On the Net. For more about who we are and how you can join our team: Add Me on Skype: nyactor511 Email Me: nyactorm11@gmail.com

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    One Child Abuse Survivor 2 another

    in Self Help

    Need a friend? Want to tell your story? Want to help others who are suffering from PTSD, or survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, but do not know how, we can find the answers together. Join me for a daily walk from one child abuse survivor to another. I am not a counselor, have no experience counselling others, I am not a legal representative and I can give no legal advice. I am just one survivor who cares very much for others and just one more voice saying "Stop Child Abuse!!" and "Stop Domestic Violence" and "Stop Human Rights Abuses"! Join me and raise your voice! We do count! It does matter!

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    Greg Ellis: 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

    in Movies

    English heartthrob Greg Ellis talks about his exciting acting career, including his role in the fourth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” in 3D. In this much-anticipated movie, Ellis stars alongside Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz, as “Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves,” a Lieutenant serving with the Royal Navy forces. Ellis will also discuss his new action web series “The Confession,” produced by Kiefer Sutherland, which premieres in March on Hulu. Ellis’ breakthrough film role was in the highest grossing film of all time, “Titanic.” He has since appeared in “Beowulf” opposite Angelina Jolie and in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with Jolie and Brad Pitt. His television credits include TNT’s drama and comedy series “Trust Me” with Eric McCormack, the hit FOX series “24” and a series regular on Nickelodeon’s hit teen comedy, “Gigantic.” Adding to his decorated acting career, Ellis’ accomplishments in music as a singer/songwriter include 3 Top 20 singles in Italy.

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    The Conversation with Cathy Brooks - Episode #7

    in Culture

    Facebook has fundamentally changed the way millions of people, hundreds of millions actually, connect with each other, share information and express themselves. It's also become a de facto staple for a businesses' social media diet. There are those people who call themselves "experts" in social media or "gurus" of Facebook. Then there are the people who really *are*. Chris Treadaway and his co author Mari Smith are in this category and they've just released the second edition of their book: "Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day." What's so special about this version? The way they developed one of the chapters. On this week's episode, Chris joins Cathy to talk about the new book, what people can learn and how use of Facebook is changing.
    Formerly known as Social Media Hour, The Conversation is a new look for some great themes. Namely - it's not about the technology
    . It's about what you do with it. Jumping from this basic premise, each week The Conversation's Executive Producer & Host Cathy Brooks explores the bits and bytes that are changing the way people get and share information, interact and the way in which this is fundamentally changing social and professional interactions. Each week guests ranging from up and comer entrepreneurs to seasoned influencers and everyone in between join Cathy to talk about what they do, why they do it and how their personal story fits into the mix.

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    Tuesday November 2,2010:America's Day of Political Reckoning

    in Politics Conservative

    Tuesday November 2nd 2010 will be a history making day in American Politics. The voters will send a message to the White House, to Congress, to their statehouses and even their local governments on whether or not we continue on the course we are on. The American people’s voice on healthcare, spending, taxes, and bigger government will be heard. Some say that Americans will turn out in record numbers and stop the socialist movement that taken place, other are not so sure they want it to stop. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, Jimmy and Bernie will be here to guide you through the political minefields in the election. Join them at 2:00PM EST this Saturday October 30, 2010 on the Blog Talk Radio Network for Let’s Talk Justice America.

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    Watchman n Warrior World Affairs, Prophecy

    in Religion

    LORD is a Refuge as he Reigns among the Nations

    Commentary and discussion on the Word of G-d, in light of prophecy and the World events that are occuring.

    Psalms 9:7  But the LORD shall endure for ever: he hath prepared his throne for judgment.
    8  And he shall judge the world in righteousness, he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness.
    9  The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.
    10  And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.

    Surely as he is Lord, he is our Refuge, surely he Reigns today!

    He has prepared his throne, he shall judge, yet in times of trouble, he is a refuge for those who seek his face even as he reigns among the nations. Those that know his name, put their trust in him!
    The Lord will not acquit the wicked, he has offered them Salvation and redemption, yet for those who know him, again, he is our shelter in time of trouble. Even the end times in which we are in, as our Lord is our Refuge so he Reigns.

    Welcome to Warn radio Hosted by the Watchman and co-hosted by the Warrior. WARN Radio "warning the church, america, and the world to make their paths straight before G-d."
    WIBR/WARN does not necessarily agree with all the doctrines/teachings of Guests who
    may appear on our show. Their appearance does not constitute a blanket approval of everything they may do and/or say and/or believe.
    Let the Watchman declare what he hears from the LORD and see's coming according to Isaiah 21:6.
    Produced by WIBR/WARN Media, Producer Dana Smith

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    KFAM Radio 2 13 2011

    in Family

    Family Community Church--- We will certainly discuss the morning sermon by Senior Pastor Chester L. McGensy. Also we
    campaign for the Global Christian Orphan Fund. Guests include Michael Smith,Bob A.Hall-Executive Director and other guests. special announcements from the Couples Ministry,breaking news alerts(weather and emergencies)... Tune In or download for a later date.....Hosts: Ken McCoy and Bob Hall

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