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    The Conversation: Introducing VH1's Le & Ji

    in Self Help

    This is the HOTTEST show out "the Conversation" with your hosts Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey! Each week we strive to bring our listening audience a line-up that will motivate, educate and inspire. This week our guests include:

    Eric Nolan- Eric has been a member of the legendary r&b group "the O'Jays" since the late 90's. Tonight he's here to talk about his 3rd Solo singer and touring with the group

    Le & Ji- they are the amazingly talented twins on VH1's "Twinning" joining us tonight to talk about what's new in their World

    Yvonne Pierre- our guest is a survivor who has overcome years of childhood sexual abuse, rape and the murder of her father that led to self-destructive behavior at an early age. Tune in as she talks about her book "the Day My Soul Cried"...

    All this and more!

  • This Needs To Be Said with Katherine Waddell

    in Motivation

    Join Bare It All and special guest Katherine Waddell, Owner of This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc. Do you dread Sunday nights because you know Monday is around the corner, and that means back to work? Do you feel like there is more to life than having a "job?" She was always telling others to "quit that job and do what you love," it was now time for her to practice what she was preaching.Ms. Waddell is here to share her story of how she went from crying in her car because Monday was around the corner, to living her dream. What started out as a blog is now a blog radio talk show. Each day the goal is to invest in the community, good seeds that will grow, and produce productive citizens. All of her life she has been consistent in sharing information with others as she has learned it. Katherine says, “It has been my desire to educate others.” So now she is doing just what she has held in her heart for many years. Through her understanding, people die when they do not know. So that saying, what you don’t know won’t hurt you…is a lie!

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    Llamada de Informacion de Le-Vel

    in Entrepreneur

    Thrive en Espanol

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    Diane Pomerance debuts latest book about Katherine Hayward

    in Lifestyle

    Diane Pomerance joins Life Lessons to discuss her latest book.

    1).  Tell us about yourself and your spiritual background.

    2).   You studied with many great spiritual teachers and masters – tell us about your

    experiences with these great teachers.

    3).  How did you meet Katherine Hayward?

    4).  What about Katherine Hayward intrigued you and led you to become her student,

    then protégé?

    5).  Who was Katherine and what made her “different” from other spiritual teachers?

    6).  What kind of paranormal/psychic experiences did Katherine have in her life,

    particularly her youth and life?

    7). What was remarkable about Describe Katherine’s visit with Chapter 8’s “The

    Remarkable Mrs. Dunham” and how it changed her life.

    8).  How did the discovery of Anton Mesmer’s teachings influence Katherine i.e. “I Can

    and I will”.

    9).  How did the visit of Spiritualist healer, Mr. Fletcher, forever transform Katherine and

    the life of her family?

    10). How did Katherine, her father, husband and mother come to experience a six-month

    period of instruction with their Spirit Guides?

    11).  What was the purpose and substance of these communications between the spheres?

    12).  What Life Lessons did Katherine learn from the Spirit Beings?

    13).  What kind of phenomena did Katherine help and produce at Wood Court New

    Thought Center?

    14).  What was the purpose of Katherine’s life?

    15).  What teachings did she share with her followers?

    16).  What is Katherine’s legacy?

    This program is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for more information on Church Kitchen Ladies.

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    Katherine Hine: Who's Judging the Judges? Corruption in our courts!

    in Politics

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    Guest: Katherine Hine The corruption in our courts has become so epidemic, so wide-spread and engrained, that our courts are the last place to find justice.  Join us this evening as Katherine Hine of wlja radio  in Ohio joins the show to discuss just who is judging the judges?  

    Katherine Hine, host of 3 weekly broadcasts on www.wljaradio.net, has been invited to be a guest on Marti Oakley’s Sunday night broadcast of T.S Radio.  Listen to Marti’s interview with Katherine Sunday evening online athttp://ppjg.me/2015/08/ .Scroll down a few inches until you see the line in large letters saying:
    Listen to the live show (HERE!) or listen to the show live on your phone by calling (917)388-4520

    You can call in to the show during the second part, by calling the above number and then hitting “1”.  Katherine will be talking about WLJA and the issues she and Pastor Caleb cover on WLJA, especially on Bedlam in America, God’s Healing Bounty, and Who Judges the Judges.


  • Readers and Authors' conferences from an Author's perspective

    in Books

    Join me while I talk about conferences, their value, and what pitfalls to avoid when attending. Get my take on meeting other authors and how things like book signings work. 15 minutes of fun, so take a listen!

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    Part 2: CUTV News spotlights Katherine Nuyens, MA, CH, CST of Empowering Change

    in Business

    Maple Shade, NJ – "I know the power of the subconscious mind,” says Katherine Nuyens. "The subconscious mind does not judge our beliefs. We live out our programs in our subconscious mind, and that part of our mind does not know the difference between real or unreal. As a result, our daily struggles and insecurities are manifestations of the programming we received from others and eventually ourselves. We are so powerful, that what we say when we talk to ourselves comes true."

    Katherine Nuyens is the founder of Empowering Change, where she specializes in facilitating empowerment with self-healing tools and techniques for personal and spiritual growth. Katherine uses hypnosis, the Emotional Freedom Technique and the Emotion Code/ Body Code to create changes for clients all over the United States. Katherine has expanded her services under the instruction of Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s Self Talk Institute to become a Certified Self-Talk Trainer.

    According to Dr. Helmstetter, when you change your self-talk, you rewire your brain; when you rewire your brain, you change your life. Positive self-talk allows you to develop the confidence and inner strength to stand up to adversity of all kinds.

    Katherine is the author of Invitation to Greatness – A Workbook For Personal Growth, a powerful tool to expand one’s consciousness and facilitate self-healing work.

    “I see so many changes in people,” says Katherine. “People tell me I’ve changed their life, but it’s not me. It’s Spirit working through me. I’m just the facilitator. I’m speaking to their Wise Mind, the part of them that knows.”

    For more information on Empowering Change, visit www.empoweringchangeinyou.com

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    LE SACERDOCE , Francais and English Broadcast! Prophete Dr. Owuor!

    in Christianity

    Francais and English broadcast of the LORD!

    Actes 17:30-31

    30 Dieu, sans tenir compte des temps d'ignorance, annonce maintenant à tous les hommes, en tous lieux, qu'ils aient à se repentir,

    31 parce qu'il a fixé un jour où il jugera le monde selon la justice, par l'homme qu'il a désigné, ce dont il a donné à tous une preuve certaine en le ressuscitant des morts...





  • South African Series Presents - Henri le Riche

    in Current Events

    On Thursday 17th September at 1 pm CT (8 pm SA time) our guest will be Henri le Riche.

    Henri is

    a 16th Century French descendent from Huguenots who fled for their lives to South Africa, after being persecuted for their beliefs.

    Belongs to one of the oldest Afrikaner Boer descendant families in South Africa.

    Lost family in the Anglo-Boer War concentration camps (1899 - 1902) Family fought with the allies in WW1, WW2 and the Angolan war during the cold war.

    Last of his generation to have done military service (township duty) before Apartheid came to an end at the young age of 18, where he was a paratrooper in the once proud South African Defence Force. 

    He Left South Africa when he was 23 and lived in many places like Alabama, Mississippi, Massachusetts and New York. Getting to know the diverse hospitable people from the north and south with some great memories.

    He Lived in Asia, Australia, and Europe.  (The nearest you will get to an American is in his opinion an Afrikaner. Christians and Patriots )

    Studied abroad through the University of Liverpool in England to obtain a Masters in Business.

    He is  an Afrikaner/Boer and minority rights activist specifically for our cause/situation in Africa.



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    The Creative Process

    in Books

    Find out about my creative process as a writer - and how that benefits readers! This show might also be beneficial to fledging writers to hear how I do what I do and what works for me!

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    Pourquoi est-il important de bien définir le succès?

    in Spirituality

    Chaqun semble avoir son idée de ce qu'est le succès ou une vie réussie.

    Mais lorsque l'on pose la question plusieurs ne sont pas certains de marcher dans la direction du succès ou sur le chemin du succès.

    Je suis de ceux qui pensent que la réponse à cette question est primordiale. Et que celui est sage s,assurera d'avoir trouvé la réponse avant d'engager ses ressurces dans des voies qui pourraientnepas le mener là où il pense aboutir.

    Je sais aussi que personne ne recherche volontairement l'échec. Nous aspirons tous à réussir.

    Au cours de cet épisode nous apporterons quelques éléments de réponses à cette question essentielle.

    Nous voulons vous voir réussir et impacter cette génération pour la plus grande gloire de notre Dieu; au nom de Jésus-Christ.

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