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    Kate Mansi is an actress who has appeared on many tv shows including "How I Met Your Mother". Currently she protrays Abigail Deveraux on Days Of Our Lives. 

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    Kate Mansi was bitten by the acting bug at a young age; starring in print and television commercials. She was introduced to the world of ballet by her mother; an accomplished dancer and joined the Pacific Festival Ballet, where she was a principle dancer in performances of the Nutcracker, Bambi, Peter Pan, and the contemporary ballet Heaven and Hell. After college, Mansi decided to focus solely on her acting career. She appeared in several national commercials and print ads. In 2008, she landed a guest spot on the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother and was asked to screen test for the role of Melanie on Days of Our Lives, but lost out to Molly Burnett. Three years later, she auditioned for the part of Abigail Deveraux and landed the job. She visits Behind the Mic Radio on Thursday, April 4, at 7pm EST. 

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    Update with Kate

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    just a few updates etc.......surprise!...kate

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    Diva interviews Kate Mansi!

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    Diva of Days of our Lives interviews Days actress, Kate Mansi.  Kate portrays Abigail Deveraux on the show.  This is a pre-taped interview.

  • The Ethics Guy Returns!

    in Jobs

    Employers look for two things when hiring or promoting people: knowledge and skill. They rarely, if ever, consider character. Yet character is the key to extraordinary business success. The Good Ones presents ten crucial qualities of high-character employees, qualities that enhance employee satisfaction, client relationships, and the bottom line.

    You’ll read stories from managers and employees across the U.S. and beyond who reveal how honesty, courage, loyalty, and patience have helped their organizations maintain an edge over the competition. Each chapter is devoted to a single quality of character and ends with questions employers can use to hire and promote the Good Ones — people who are consistently honest, accountable, fair, and grateful.

    Whether you’re looking to bring new people into your organization or seeking a job or promotion yourself, The Good Ones will help you appreciate in practical terms why character is the missing link to excellence.


    Kate Loving And The Collective has been on the air 7 years.

    Join my Community HERE: http://bit.ly/1i21gPC

    Kate Loving's PRAYER Podcast: http://katelovingshenk.com/PRAYERpodcast

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    Nicole Dean and Kate Loving On The Power Of AWESOME

    in Spirituality

    Nicole Dean is a wife, mother, daughter, friend- business consultant to really smart people- author of books and speaker of words- helper of orphans and rescuer of dogs- eater of good food (and her veggies)-
    And the Creator of Awesomization Nation, an idea whose time has come.
    Awesomization Nation is all about taking tiny actions which create impacts that build with others taking tiny actions, too. Before we know it, businesses grow, people are happier, (you are happier) and the world becomes a better place. 

    Join us as we discuss this movement. Here is where you can check out Awesomization Nation.


    Author of the book series: "The Prayer Prescription Series," Kate is a Prayer Prescription Mentor and her mission is to bring Death out of the closet. When death is brought out of the closet, we learn to live joyously, happily, optomally and fearlessly! Her intention is to mentor others in releasing the fear of death to discover a life of joy and love through the medium of her books and google hangouts!



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    Race Talk Live With Kate Moss

    in Professional

    With tears in our eyes and love in our heart we take to the air to remember our host, our leader and more importantly our friend.

    Tonights Race Talk Live will be about remembering Kate Moss. Kate left this earth yesterday morning August 4th, but as she once told me
    nothing brightened her day more than hitting the air at 7pm EST to talk racing, so that is what we will do with her friends and colleagues.

    Mike Reed our social media guru will join us. Adam Niemeyer as well as Jeff Moon will stop by at the end of the hour. One of Kate's favorite people from the ARCA series Josh White will join us at the top of the hour as well as Kate's best friend Dinah Thompson. And of course you.

    Tonight, we honor our friend. It's all about Kate tonight.

    Stat Guy-Stephen Conley

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    Kate Daily - Tarot Girl

    in Spirituality

    Kate will explain the Tarot Cards and guide listeners in the process of how to use Tarot Cards. Kate is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader/Teacher, Writer, Dancer and Life Coach. Kate adores Tarot, oracle cards and all things metaphysical.

    Kate's website:  http://www.daily-tarot-girl.com/about-tarot-reader-kate

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    The Hooper's Log - Episode 12: Show dedicated to Kate Moss

    in Basketball

    Considering the lack of content we'll still do a show, but with a warm heart considering one of our very own passed away this week. We'll still talk basketball, get you up to speed on whats going on, and Andrew Norris and I will get into a debate about some classic topics in the world of basketball. With a heavy heart, the SHOW MUST GO ON! IN HONOR OF KATE AND THE MOSS FAMILY!!!!!

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    Join us with our first guest of the night will be Mike MacDonald with his project that he has been working on which is called A Warrior’s Reintegration. 

    Mike MacDonald is an Iraq War Veteran, he served on active duty for 5 years in the Military Police. Mike was later honorably discharged from the military in 2013. He began to take photographs to begin to raise awareness of the issues of veteran suicide in regards to the issues that are not spoken about amongst others.

    Then join us with our second guest of the night Kate Longest while we discuss her organization Rescue to Service Dogs For Vets. 

    During this time we will go more in depth behind the company to discuss the PTSD recovery support groups, the types of assistance in training as well as styles of training for the dogs as well as vets. 

    These are great organizations to get involved with so lets show some of our fellow veterans some support by thanking them for what they do. Also keep in mind we still have not given the copy of A Warriors Garden that was written by Malachias Gaskin along with a warriors garden coin.