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    Serena Dyer Shares Her Collective Wisdom w Kate Loving

    in Spirituality

    Serena Dyer is the sixth of Wayne and Marcelene Dyer's eight children. In 2001, Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book called 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, based on the most important principles he wanted his children to live by. Serena contemplated these ideas throughout her life. “Don’t die with your music still in you” has been the most important principle for Serena: to her, it means that you don’t allow yourself to live any life other than the one you were born to live. In this book, Serena sets out to explain what it was like to grow up with spiritual parents. She touches upon all ten of her dad’s original secrets, imparting her own experiences with them and detailing how they have affected the way she approaches various situations in life. She shares stories, struggles, and triumphs—and Wayne, in turn, contributes his own perspective. This unique father-daughter collaboration will warm the hearts of all parents . . . and inspire anyone who is looking to find the “music” inside themselves.


    Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom has been on the air 7 years.

    Join my Community HERE: http://bit.ly/1i21gPC

    Kate Loving's PRAYER Podcast: http://katelovingshenk.com/PRAYERpodcast

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    Nicole Dean and Kate Loving On The Power Of AWESOME

    in Spirituality

    Nicole Dean is a wife, mother, daughter, friend- business consultant to really smart people- author of books and speaker of words- helper of orphans and rescuer of dogs- eater of good food (and her veggies)-
    And the Creator of Awesomization Nation, an idea whose time has come.
    Awesomization Nation is all about taking tiny actions which create impacts that build with others taking tiny actions, too. Before we know it, businesses grow, people are happier, (you are happier) and the world becomes a better place. 

    Join us as we discuss this movement. Here is where you can check out Awesomization Nation.


    Author of the book series: "The Prayer Prescription Series," Kate is a Prayer Prescription Mentor and her mission is to bring Death out of the closet. When death is brought out of the closet, we learn to live joyously, happily, optomally and fearlessly! Her intention is to mentor others in releasing the fear of death to discover a life of joy and love through the medium of her books and google hangouts!



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    Spiritual Whispers with Kate Large

    in Spirituality

    Tonight Kate will be making an announcement - be sure to listen in!


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    Legal Name Fraud Radio and Outside the Box with Kate of Gaia

    in Education

    Tonight we discuss the dualistic realities of our world, the one of literal fictions in contrast with causal anogogic fact or how to spot the difference between Oz and Kansas and determine which reality one truly exists in; one of truth or false programmed reactive literal fiction smoke and mirrors....see you there, kate

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    Race Talk Live Founded By Kate Moss

    in Professional

    Another week, another controversy. We'll tackle the big white elephant once again. This time he has two names, Logano and Kenseth.

    Steve and Mike will break down everything from Martinsville as Brandon Caldwell will join us right at the top of the show from SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio. He has some unique views on the state of NASCAR right now, and at the 7:30 Jim Noble from the Performance Racing Network will join us to help break down the penalties, the appeals process and what NASCAR needs to do moving forward.

    Oh and we'll talk about our surprise winner from Martinsville, a very excited Jeff Gordon.

    All that plus look ahead to Texas, Fantasy and maybe even some phone calls.

    we're going 90 minutes tonight...we'll need every minute of it to get this all in.

    Miss a minute, miss a lot. Race Talk Live Founded by Kate Moss takes the Green at 7.


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    Race Talk Live Founded By Kate Moss

    in Professional

    It's a night of What Is Going On In NASCAR as Stat Guy Steve Conley and Mike Reed look back on the "circus" that was Talladega. We will be joined at 7:30 by Tim Disspain, host of the Pit Stop on the Speedway Digest Radio Network. Tim was in Talladega this past weekend and we'll get his thoughts from the press box.

    We will look on to Martinsville and prognosticate on the drama that could unfold there.

    Plus we are opening the phone lines to you, we want to hear your thoughts on how NASCAR moves forward from this incident, plus "Steve's Weekly Wonder" Which was multiple choice this week.

    Give us a call at 929-477-2466

    Miss a minute and miss a lot. Race Talk Live Founded by Kate Moss goes green at 7 EST.

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    Kate Gosselin Star of TLC's Kate Plus 8

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Kate Gosselin Star of TLC's Kate Plus 8.

    School’s out for the summer, and Kate has some surprise activities planned for the kids including a family beach trip to Florida. Kate also gets back in the dating game, but not without checking in with the kids first.


  • Race Talk Live Founded By Kate Moss

    in Professional

    A busy week in Motorsports will keep Steve and Mike hopping tonight.

    It's the fastest hour in Radio and we want you to be a part of it. Race Talk Live Founded by Kate Moss looks back on the events of Kansas, "Spin To Win" by Joey Logano, The very tight points battle going in to the "Wildcard" race at Talladega, Kurt Busch's new deal and Champions crowned in ARCA and the K&N Pro Series, plus what ever else in the news we can squeeze in.

    We'll look at fantasy standings and who got cursed this week, plus we'll fire up the ol' blender and pull out someone to win this week.

    At 7:30 we'll head to pit road and talk to the front tire carrier for RCR's No. 27 Menards Chevy driven by Paul Menard, Ray Wright. We'll get an upclose look at life on pit road, going over the wall and a special program Ray and RCR have put together in recent years. Pit Stops For Hope.

    All that plus your phone calls at 929-477-2466

    Don't miss a minute, or you'll start a lap down.


  • 01:00

    Carole Matthews & Kate

    in Spirituality

    Carole Matthews joins Kate to for a fun evening with spirit.  We will provide readings to callers.  Call in early - phone lines fill up!  To learn more about Carole, please click into her website, Carole Matthews Intuitive.com, here.

  • 01:02

    Celebrate the 4th with Carole & Kate

    in Spirituality

    Carole Matthews joins Kate to discuss Freedom from Fear and how to take advantage of the Golden Opportunity of Mercury Retrograde. 
    Mercury Retrograde is the period of time that the planet Mercury appears to travel backward in space.  Mercury is the planet of communication, so be patient with technology and check twice to make sure you're on the same page with people you're communicating with!  But, how is Mercury in Retrograde a Golden Opportunity? 
    Schedule a reminder to listen in tonight and find out!
    To learn more about Carole Matthews, please click into her website at http://CaroleMatthewsIntuitive.com

  • Spiritual Whispers with Kate Large, free Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Spiritual Whispers Radio a safe place to help you find the light within you and reconnect with your essence as One with the Creator, face the illusion of physical world fear and shift into a higher expression of yourself bringing Heaven to Mother Earth. I’m your guide, Kate Large and I invite you to join me as the angels and I hold the light to assist you in illuminating your spiritual life path. In this 60 minute program I will share with you tools of enlightenment and insight to reconnect with the divinity within and help you understand the transformational shift of energy we are all experiencing as the collective consciousness of our planet seeks to ascend. At the end of the show callers will receive free angel readings of what your angels want you to know today. ***I am a teacher of hope and infinite possibility, author, medium, Power of Two Spiritual Life Coach and spiritual webmaster. I work with Jesus, my angels, guides, teachers and my dad, Big Jim, who road into the light of God on a new Harley while his physical body was in open heart surgery. Most of my work is shared through the SoulKisses.com website that was created in 2000 as an online resource for those seeking information on their spiritual path. Since January of 2003 the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers newsletter has been connecting the grid around Mother Earth by illuminating the path of seekers of the light in over fifty countries. By direction of Jesus and my guides, my work has expanded to validating that the spirit lives on after the physical body dies through my book “Waiting in the Other Room” co-written with my dad, Big Jim, connecting with the higher self of those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and sharing the light messages of the spirit orbs that show up in our photographs. Another branch of my work has been with Florence Scovel Shinn bringing her teachings from 1926 into the 21st century. Visit www.SoulKisses.com.

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