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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 152

    in Music

    Contact your local radio station & request these tunes! Support Musicians! Radio State by State Locater:http://www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/page?page=statesAll songs will be put in first comment box as well to Facebook & Twitter

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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 5

    in Music

    Music by :
     *RockN Rick Patterson
     *Bugsy Maugh
    July's Sponsor
    *Marc Benno
    *Tom Perlongo

    As always call in and play "Stump The Kat" ..
    (818)369-0352 Press one

    Last hour- depending on time left, I'll spin our guests this coming weekend:
    Kaleb Hensley
    Hannah Starr
    Vinnie Zummo

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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 13

    in Music

    (818) 369-0352 Press 1
    *Mother's Finest
    *Ian Lloyd & Social Hero
    *Ernie & The Automatics
    *Marc Benno
    *Billy Crain from The Outlaws
    *Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre
    *Southern Fury
    *Lynette Skynyrd
    *Kaleb Hensley
    *Hannah Starr
    *Gayla Graves
    *Grant Grieves
    *Larry Rust 
    *Icepack Jackson (BK2SQ1)
    *Eva Cappelli
    *Bruce Barthol (Country Joe & The Fish)
    *Doug Briney
    *Xander Demos
    *Rick Steed
    *Rock N Rick Patterson
    *Michael Tracy
    *Vinnie Zummo
    *Bugsy Maugh
    and our Sponsor James Thomas Band!

    Call in play "STUMP THE KAT" ..throw a music trivia question at me, if I can't answer it YOU WIN! "BK2SQ1" CD from


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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 4

    in Music

    Kicking off tonights "Sit & Spin" will be from our sponsor, Rock N Rock Patterson, who made  the "Sit & Spin" shows possible.

    Tonight's theme is:
    "Singers &Songwriters featured on Kat Pat's"

    FIRST HOUR.. I'll be spinning songs from up coming guests featuring:
    Kaleb Hensley, Hannah Starr, Vinnie Zummo and Southern Fury

    I'll be spinning my past guest, Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Mr Wild Hair himself, GRANT GRIEVES from Nashville!  
    Wait till you hear him sing "Folsom Prison"


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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 3

    in Music

    Kicking off 70s Flashback Eve, I'll be spinning Iron Butterfly's LARRY RUST tunes... and Stories lead singer IAN LLOYD current tunes, "City of Dreams" is Kat Pat's fav..
    The  first 45 minutes-Call in (818) 369-0352 ..Play "Stump The Kat" ..This time around YOU throw a trivia question to me, see if I can answer it correctly!
    WIN a free MP3 song of your choice, compliments of Iron Butterfly's Larry Rust! Pretty cool & BIG thanks for Larry to offer this to his fans!

    We'll take calls from artists promoting upcoming projects & shows..

    In the second hour we have two of my past guests :
    From the east coast I'll be spinning tunes from EVA CAPPELLI, an assortment of tunes from her "Valentine" CD and "Bits & Bob"
    For bookings, CDs & merchandise, http://evacappelli.com/fr_home.cfm

    Then country artist who has been in the news lately DOUG BRINEY!
    We'll be spinning his current CD "IT'S ALL COUNTRY" www.DougBriney.com
    Contact www.mtsmanagementgroup.com to book Doug Briney!

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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 2

    in Music

    Tonight Kat Pat is spinning tunes for this weekends guest..
    "70s Flashback Weekend" 
    Fri 7/13- Iron Butterfly with Larry Rust 5 pm PST
    Sat 7/14-STORIES with Ian Lloyd 9 am PST
    Sun 7/15 FIREFALL with Jock Bartley 9 am PST

    I'll be spinning 2 of the 70s artists Call in and guess WHICH of the 3 artists tunes I'm playing (it's new material that is AWESOME!)
    WIN FREE MP3 files from these artists! 

    Second hour I'll be spinning the CD "BK2SQ1" from Tali Icepack Jackson & Friends

    Thursday nite I'll be spinning new artists..

    As always chat room is opened
    Log in using your Facebook profile
    Call in (818) 369-0352
    5:00-7:00 pm PST
    7:00-9:00 pm CEN
    8:00-10:00 pm EST
    Intro Song is by this month's show sponsor RockN Rick Patterson from his "Beat a Demon" CD , "St Louis Girl"

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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 143

    in Music

    Todays show is Sponsored by www.BBRProductionsComing August 2-30 HAMLET!THIS EPISODE: * new release   01- Patriot Girl by @DeeRockCountry 02- God Bless The USA by Joy Collins 03- Did You Think by Erica Morgan 04- Long Gone by @DaveWidow  05- Good Times by The Frank Caswell Band 06- I Like Her Like That by #JayDirks 07- I Call Home by Jeremiah Wheeler Music 08- Nashville Nights by #DiamondHitch 09- Van Zant by CashboX 10- If Your Hearts Not In It by Chelsea Crites 11- Letting You Go by #MeghanLinsey *12- Ride by @TheMawBand NEW CD #SunshineScreaming 13- Give A Little Love by @MartiniGarden - Booking @BBRproductions 14- Bakersfield Wine by MickeyClark *15-Labor Day by MojoFilter 16- Can You Tell me by MosesMo  17- Gettin Good Lovin by #ShureThingBluesBand *18- Coming Home Soon by @IcepackRecords 19- Big Old Universe by #KeniFink 20- Missing You by #MichaelLynne 21- All Along The Watchtower by #Voxxie 22- Same Way by @JRNYrevisited *23- Driving Towards Daylight Joe Banamassa 24- Cross Your Mind Frank Hannon Band  25- Just Got Started Lovin You by James Otto  26- Kentucky Thunder by Jesse Keith Whitley 27- Lonely Alone by Lauren Elise 28- Fireflies by Breathing Theory 29- Ring Of Fire by David Stone  30-Dehumainized by www.Martyrd.com -BOOKING @BBRProductions

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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 144

    in Music

    Spinning 2 for 1

    * NEW TUNE never before heard on #SitNSpin

    *01- Red Light by #EricaMorgan

    02- Did You Think by Erica Morgan 

    *03- Bluesman by #DaveWidow 

    *04- I Look For Things Like That by Dave Widow

    *05- Remedy by The Former Members - U.S psych blues

    *06- Stand Up by TheFormerMembers

    *07- Devils Way by #TheMawBand

    08- Moonbeans And Dust by The Maw Band

    09- American Dream by Madison Rising

    10- Soldiers Of America by Madison Rising

    11- Whiskey by #DiamondHitch

    12- NashvilleNights by Diamond Hitch 

    13- Rain Pours Down by CashboX

    14- Iron Mt Train by CashboX

    15- I Call Home by JeremiahWheeler

    16- Can't Run From Her by Jeremiah Wheeler

    17- Touch The Ground by Frank Hannon Band

    18- Redemption by Frank Hannon Band

    19- It Ain't Just Music by @JoyCollinsMusic

    20- I Do by Joy Collins

    21- Same Way by @JRNYrevisited

    22- Don't Stop Believing by www.JourneyRevisited.com

    23- Rock Me Baby by www.GrantGrieves.com

    24- Four On The Floor by Rockabilly Hall Of Famer- Grant Grieves

    25- Rock This House by Catfish and The Hollywood Hounddogs

    26- Hot Rod Momma by HDD

    27- Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynrd- #Donate to #RonEckermanCancerFund 

    28- Call Me The Breeze- written by #JJ Cale #RIP

    This episode is sponsored by: The Rose Theater 

    COMING AUGUST 2-30 to

    #WilliamShakespeares #HAMLET The Tragedy of the Prince of Denmark -Tickets $20

  • "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 146

    in Music

    This episode is brought to you by http://www.BBRPRoductions.com Hamlet August 02-30  Tickets $20 At The Rose Theater

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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 145

    in Music

    Play List is located in the first comment box TODAYS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR SPONSOR: http://www.BBRPRoductions.com COMING AUGUST 2-30 to @TheRoseTheater  ?#‎WilliamShakespeares? ?#‎HAMLET? The Tragedy of the Prince of Denmark    

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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 142

    in Music

    This epsiode is brought to you by our "Sponsor Of The Month"Meet: http://www.BBRProductions.com COMING AUGUST 2-30 to The Rose Theater TWITTER: @BBRPro  ?WilliamShakespeare's? ? HAMLET? The Tragedy of the Prince of Denmark Tickets $20   http://thestageawaits.com/images/jpg/Shows/1%20Show%2030.jpg

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