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    Keeping Up With Karyn White

    in Entertainment

    On December 12, 2012, Karyn White made her first appearance on Intro to Info. She discussed her music past and present and her industry tales.
    Now, in an effort to keep up with Karyn, we welcome her back! Intro to Info, in conjunction with WBOK radio, will be up close and personal with one of the R&B legend to discuss her new sitcom, her performances in the US and abroad, her life theme of "carpe diem" (seize the day) and MORE!"

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    Ms. Karyn White

    in Lifestyle

    We had Ms. White on our show last year with her new single Sister,  Sister.  Since then she has been busy making a mark in the theatre world and more. Please join us to catch up with this continuous moving, motivational force known as Karyn White.
    Dial-in (347) 637-2319 and  press 1.

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    Everything w/Kathy B The Ladies Lounge Karyn White-Suntia Smith Let's Get Moxie

    in Entertainment

    Karyn White - Singer, Author and Actress 6:15pm

    Moxie- (drama) Victoria West (Karyn White) is an entertainment manager that maneuvers in the tough, shady entertainment industry.

    "Moxie" is a behind the scene look at the world of entertainment management from the view point of manager Victoria West. On how she maneuvers in the tough, shady entertainment industry. After she is recently fired from a great job at a big label. She is force to start her new company and is determine to change the game in her own way. Her clients are rappers, singers, actors and models. Victoria is armed with beauty, brains and balls. In which gives her supreme "Moxie." from Executive Producer Karyn White

    Suntia Smith - Revolutionary Relationship Expert - 7:15pm

    Suntia Smith is a Revolutionary Relationship Expert, specialized in helping women heal from broken relationships. Suntia defines broken relationships as those that display dishonesty, disrespect and disregard.

    Suntia experienced the pains of being stuck in a broken relationship firsthand. Hers was filled with dishonesty and disrespect. So she walked away and re-discovered how it feels to love herself unconditionally. Today Suntia is strong, confident, and lives life with excitement and passion. Due to her personal experience Suntia is able to infuse her coaching and counseling style with an authentic and truthful flavor. Clients love her refreshing, empowering, and life-changing attitude.

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    White NOW Sports

    in Sports

    White Now covers the college and professional football games from the weekend, and is hosted by Patrick White. In today's show, we talk about the NFL game between the Colts and Texans, the tie between Cincinnati and Carolina, and the exciting Dallas Cowboys' victory over the defending Super Bowl Champs, the Seattle Seahawks. Also with the NFL, White Now talks about the MVP race and who our number one guy is right now. Also in today's show, we cover the best college football games from this weekend. We cover the Mississippi State victory over Auburn, Michigan State versus Purdue, and the thriller between Alabama and the Arkansas Razorbacks. We also talk about the Big Ten vs SEC, and which one is more dominant than the other. Our host, Patrick White, also EXPOSES the Heisman trophy award. Not only does he expose it, but he also tells you about the quiet giant who may rise to the top! You do NOT want to miss this episode! Tune in and listen to the upscale sports talk show today! You ready? Lets go White Now!

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    American White History Month: It's OK To Be White

    in Politics Conservative

    The 'Liberal Left', the mainstream media and other so-called progressives want you to believe that the people of American White History Month are racist - with the only reason, in their minds, to substantiate their claims: The members of American White History Month are outwardly expressive of the pride that they have in their White Heritage. Fortunately for us having a White Heritage, there are organizations on the forefront of the movement to lend a powerful voice to our cause: The American Freedom Party, the Republic Broadcasting Network, American White History Month and Prepare To Take America Back. I'm James Royster, your Host and the Voice of American White History Month and I urge you to gather your family together and join me this Sunday, December 7th at 7pm CST when I welcome two very special guests on the show to discuss this, and other, relevant and important topics. Joining myself will be James Kelso, the host of the American Freedom Party Report on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Mr. Kelso is also a on the Board of Directors of the AFP. Also joining myself this Sunday evening will be Bill Bohart, also on the Board of Directors of the AFP and a representative of AWHM. Mr. Bohart is a Constitutional Moderate.

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    Karyn White is BACK!!!

    in Self Help

    What a GREAT show we’ve got lined up for you TONIGHT!!!  We’ve got a Legendary Diva and you’ll hear about a NEW play debuting in Atlanta Georgia this Weekend!! Stay tuned for a very exciting show!
    Karyn White: Legendary Diva Karyn White rejoins us on “the Conversation” to talk about all the NEW things she’s doing and her NEW MUSIC!!!
    Sir Earl McClora: Author/motivational speaker Sir Earl sits down with us to chat about how and why he’s speaking out against youth crime and gang violence
    Brenda Johnson-Padgitt: Author and publisher Brenda Padgitt has a new book… Tune in to hear what it is! :0 ASWIFTT Publishing
    Ted Johnson: Playwright/producer Ted Johnson is a criminal justice attorney, author and is now producing his sophomore project “The Boy and the Pink Bear”… Tune in…
    All this and more

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    Legendary Songstress Karyn White Makes Triumphant Return To Music!

    in Entertainment


    P.K. Spearman will be talking with 90's super woman and talented singer, Karyn White! She will be here discussing her hiatus away from the music scene, her triumphant return, hot new CD entitled, "Carpe Diem" and more!

    Karyn White possesses one of the most memorable, distinctive voices heard in popular music. She's an accomplished singer/songwriter who etched herself into music history with her smash hit, "SuperWoman"; which was an anthem for women all across the world. This song made international waves and went on to sell over a million units. The song was certified Gold and named Billboard R & B song of the Year for 1989. Since the release of her last CD, which was released in '94 entitled, "Make Him Do Right" Karyn has focused her energy and talents elsewhere. For instance, her daughter Ashley which she had with ex-husband producer/songwriter Terry Lewis of Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis, her skills as an interior designer and the moves she's made in real estate. However, the Los Angelos native didn't completely turn her back on music, she's always kept a close eye on what was happening in the music industry. And now, she's back with her HOT new CD entitled, "Carpe Diem" which was released in 2012. The CD offers a heartfelt Retro Acoustic soulful flare to it and she's here to talk about that and alot more! So, For more information on Karyn White and her new CD, please visit: www.KarynsWorld.me.

    Contact P.K. Spearman:

    Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LivingLargeRD

    Twitter: www.Twitter.com/PKSpearman

    Email: GuestOnLLRD@yahoo.com

    Contact Karyn White:

    Website: www.KarynsWorld.me

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    Live EXCLUSIVE Interview with Grammy Nominee, KARYN WHITE

    in Self Help

    Summer-Break...Show Re-Run

    The NEW True Purpose Development Show (2-HOURS) to INSPIRE * EDUCATE * ENTERTAIN!

    1st Hour:  KARYN WHITE, the phenomenal Grammy Nominee female singer/songwriter who etched herself into music history with her Billboard R&B, and certified Gold Song of the year, “Superwoman”, in 1989 is back and UNBREAKABLE, as noted on her NEW CD: Carpe Diem~Seize the Day!

    Don’t miss this Exclusive and Intimate interview and conversation with Karyn White as she shares her Story and Journey since her last CD released in 1994 (Make Him Do Right) and more about what Karyn is doing today!

    2nd Hour:  Join us for “Keepin’ It Real w/ the Doc and MoMoB” as we keep it real as only we can Sistah-to-Sistah.  This week’s QOD:  What are some top-reasons a relationship loses its flame?  Hopefully, we can inspire some love-fires to be rekindled w/ hot music and real…conversation!  

    More about Karyn White:  http://karynwhite.me 

    More about Bountiful Opportunities Group: http://bountifulgroup.com

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    Award-winning author Karyn Grice discusses #Unfaithful on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes award-winning author Karyn Grice to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her literary journey and her book UNFAITHFUL which Conversations chose as one of its Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2014. 

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    in Motivation

    Listen in as NICK introduces one of the most inspiring people in his life, Mr. Paul Derin. Paul is fighting a battle with ALS, and he is fighting it with NO WHITE FLAGS! It is a motto that he has impressed upon others and now he will impress it upon you!



    Tuesday nights @ 11 pm: NICK speaks, listens, and instructs you how to fly! Rise above your gravity!

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