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    Cultivating Courage

    in Business

    Courage is the spice of life. Look at people you admire, I would bet that you recognize and admire their courage. They weren't born with courage, they cultivated it. Courage is part of your superpowers and cultivating it will help you live an extraordinary life. Fear holds you back but courage puts you in the driver seat to overcome those fears and allow you to step outside your comfort zone. It has been said "Live begins at the edge of your comfort zone.", so what are you waiting for.


    Todays Guest: Sara Wegwitz

    Sara Wegwitz is a Registered Nurse by trade and a Master Strategist by passion.  She is a highly sought after strategist, presenter, educator, and facilitator with a reputation for being inspiring, positive, and FUN! 

    She is the founder of Tailor Making Health and the creator of the popular series Mental Fitness Boot-camp© and Mental Fitness Boot-camp for Athletes©. What distinguishes Sara’s approach is that she knows how and more importantly will SHOW YOU HOW to leverage your physiology AND psychology to help you be a peak performer in your life. 

    Her client base includes and is not limited to athletes (weekend warriors to high performing) and athletic teams; leaders and professionals in corporate organizations, government and non-profit sectors; parents; university students; and entrepreneurs.

  • TSOTS Productions Interviews Roxxy Haze

    in Entertainment

    On the first TSOTS Productions Interviews of the season we are interviewing Houston's up and coming YouTube sensation and comedienne Roxxy Haze. Listen in as we ask the foul mouth femme fatale everything you want to know and more. If you have any questions you want to ask send them to reachus@twosidesofthestory.com.

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    Scott - 7XL Productions & Kasim Allah

    in Music

    Part II: This week's show is a continuation from last week.  Kasim Allah and Bigg Scott of 7-XL Productions will tell the audience of a more "in-depth" of their current projects.

    Kasim Allah is a multidimensional literary, visual and performing artist whose vocals can be currently heard nationally in Sheetz and Big Lots commercial rotations. Additionally, he narrated VH1’s Playa’s Guide to Scarface was a featured poet on BET’s Lyric Café, was signed to EMI with his group The Inviseez who co-wrote Emphatically No for Salt n Pepa’s Very Neccesary album, was featured on Redhead Kingpin’s Who Am I? God, Lord Jamar’s 5% Album and released the single Haggen Daj on Henchmen Records, now Czar Entertainment.

    As a free agent he has become one of the most slam-winning and captivating performance artists in New York City. He was additionally a member of the 2003-2004 Hottest Poets International Slam Team. Kasim has also authored and published LOVE, LIFE & LIBERATION (selected poems) and has been published by Yale University press and Signifyin’ Harlem Literary Journal (volumes I and II). This man has also written and released several CD’s JUST WORDS (2001), THE WET SPOT (2001), GHETTO MESSIAH (2002), HOOD POLITICS (2005) in addition to writing & co-producing SUBWAY BOMBER (2007) and now, he prepares to release his new CD, “Da Food Stamp Champ”.

    Scott - 7 XL Productions is also a free agent and responsible for the music production of many well-known artists.

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    TSOTS Productions Season Kick-Off

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the new season for TSOTS Productions. We're starting fresh and everything has been rebooted. Catch some of your favorite host and a few new ones as they usher in the new season. So #JoinTheMovement and listen in. 

    Follow the official TSOTS Productions Facebook page here. 

    Follow the official TSOTS Productions Twitter at @TSOTSProduction

    Follow the official TSOTS Productions Instagram at @TwoSidesOfTheStory


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    Music for Courage

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Music 4 Life® Radio where we practice healing Mind, Body and Spirit by transforming B.S. (Belief Systems)™ to support healthy lifestyles!  September's theme of ReSet, ReAlign, BeginAgain is explored with host Judith Pinkerton, licensed music therapist, mother, wife, daughter and founder of Music 4 Life, and her special guest Tiffany Susman, yoga instructor and realtor.

    At Music 4 Life®, music is the core of all that we do, connecting you to the Life of your Spirit through the Life of your Senses with a favorite composer Ludwig Van Beethoven's quote: "Music is the Mediator betweeen the Life of the Senses and the Life of the Spirit."  So what does that mean, and how do we transform belief systems? We plug you into yourself differently with music at the core, discovering that when you push play on music you find out how the music is really playing you. We support you being responsible for the choices you make to create a healthy lifestyle, connecting you to the Life of your Spirit through the Life of your Senses.

    Today's music choices are explored to understand how we use music to stay positively engaged in the game with renewed courage. Find our music recommendations and Judith's commentary at Music4LifeBLOG. 

    Learn how your personal music listening habits may affect your desire to connect with others in Judith's TEDxTalk "Music Powers Potential."

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    Howcee Productions Gospel Online Radio BlogTalkRadio Bishop Henry Fry Camden AL

    in Radio

    Mark your calendars for Bishop Henry Frye & the Chosen Ones
    4th year anniversary to be located at Camden School of Art technology 303 Broad St. Camden Al, 36726 November 8, 2015.

    We have chosen you to come out to our 4th year anniversary @ Camden School Of Art & Technology 303 Broad st. Camden Al 36726. Door open at 3:00 P.m program starts at 4:00 P.m.

    Look out Camden Alabama and surrounding areas. The Alabama Gurlz are On their way here November 8, 2015.More information is coming soon ,also there will be many many more group on this program. stay tuned Facebook fans and friends we will be telling you more about this awesome blast you don't want to miss it

    The Alabama Gurlz - "Heaven Belongs To You"

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    Sue Perszyk - October 6, 2015

    in Management

    Today we are excited to hear from Sue Perszyk who has worked for large companies and owned her own business. We look forward to hearing her story!

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    Lori Tsugawa Whaley: The Courage of a Samurai

    in Women

    Get ready to find the Warrior within you! Lori Tsugawa Whaley is an Inspirational Speaker, author, and life coach who is on a mission to empower women. Through the Samurai code known as Bushido, Lori teaches how to embrace the way of the warrior and live with courage, integrity, benevolence, respect, and honor. She also embraces the indomitable spirit, expressed in the Japanese word Ganbaru, meaning try your hardest, never give up, do your best and go for broke. 


    For more information about Lori Tsugawa Whaley, visit her website: www.loriwhaley.com

    For more information about Dr Jo Anne White, visit her website: https://www.drjoannewhite.com/

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    Howcee Productions Gospel Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio 7 AM

    in Radio

    "Howcee" Productions Gospel Bringing Families Communities and Churches Together Community Howcee Productions Gospel Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio

    Ask "Howcee" Productions Gospel anything playing your music radio interview radio internet advertisement listen to Howcee Productions Gospel Ask "Howcee" Productions Gospel anything... Howcee Productions Gospel "Bringing Families Communities and Churches Together" Music gospel music. What is gospel music? What is the common factor in all gospel music? that is sang played written regardless of what genre. The answer God (The Father) The Son (Jesus) The Spirit (Holy Spirit The Holy Ghost The Comforter) We play all style of music in one place. We will cover all elements of the human being. We will minister to the whole man. Come join us. In "Bringing Families communities and Churches Together" read more...  @ howceegospel@yahoo.com

    Christian/Gospel / Electronic / Gospel Beatrice, AL  

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    Courage Creating Resolution Head on

    in Health

    Courage  " Bravery; intrepidity; that quality of mind which enables men to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without fear or depression of spirits; valor; boldness; resolution."

    Are you willing to face your fear head on AND keep a positive attitude?  We are going to get inspired and motivated to be courageous!

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    Kelz Productions Talent Showcase Live

    in Self Help

    Listen live as we broadcast from the Kelz Productions talent showcase!!! Just in case you missed the event and could not come out tonight!!! You thought we were done with final broadcasts, well not necessarily. I still have one more in me!!! Surprise!!! Hear me one last time from Charlotte... Be Guest Panelists tonight!!! Call in to listen at 347-945-6867 or click the link.