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    Self Clearing Your Karma for Finances and Business

    in Spirituality

    In this episode learn how to self-clear your financial and business karma. Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha gives the essence of Divine Transformation for one’s finances and business. Do you have a business and it not doing well? Do you want to start a business but have ran into challenges trying or simple just have a fear of doing it? Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha tells and shows you why you are having trouble and how to change this. Learn how to effect change on the soul level and get customers, clients, new business relationships and more.  

    Learn about soul marketing and how this little 3 minute practice can change your finances and business.  


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    Karma is it real? here is a re-cap on some valuable information on karma.

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    Call in to learn what is blocking you what is stopping you from being free from karma debt? Do you feel as though there is a weight on you, holding you back, or that something is stopping you from moving forward? Here today you will get answers and guidance on how to heal and also learn what started the blockages in the first place.

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    Back in 2010, when we first started our 'Library of Universal Knowledge', monthly recorded teachings from The Council of Elders, through trance channel Krow Fischer, we asked about Karma. We had good questions ready and thought this was to be just an overview. What we learned changed the way we saw and interacted with the world. Karma is not a reward punishment system at all. More of a physics equation, a cause and effect reaction, Karma is explained in a way that makes sense. We asked Red to give us an overview here, a deepened understanding. You can order the whole CD or MP3 on Karma at www.hereonearth.ca. There are plenty more teachings about life available there too. Have a look!

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    Is Karma getting in the way?

    in Spirituality

    Karma is very real!

    Many of us do not want to face the things we have done wrong, join me today to learn how to let go of the blockages and heal so that you may feel again and be free. 

    Feeling is a gift our God has given us, the gift of Love the gift of ( feeling ) so let me help you open up once again.

    Let go of the things you are unaware of so that you can improve your life and fulfill your purpose.

    Call 657-383-0285  

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    What is karma?

    in Spirituality

    Tammy Adams, an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer introduces herself and her new BlogTalkRadio Show, "Karma Talk." Today's show will discuss, what karma is, its significance in a person's life and also cause and effect. 

    Visit Tammy's website for info on one-on-one sessions, retreats and events at: http://growinginknowledge.com.

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    Karma Chameleons

    in Spirituality

    We've all heard the term karma but does that mean something good or bad and are you born with a certain kind of karma that you must work off or build up? Call in tonight at 11:00 pm646-727-2585

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    The Karma of the Earth

    in Spirituality

    The Karma of the Earth: Is the Messiah Returning?


    Tune in to The Oracle Speaks tonight to hear clairvoyant Douglas James Cottrell speak about the karma and balance of the world, and hear him answer the question everyone wants to have answered: Is the Messiah Returning?

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    Personalized Space Clearing

    in Self Help

    Indigenous cultures around the globe have used space clearing to shift the energy of a space for hundreds of years. It’s a way to honor a home for all that it gives to us, honor those who live there or once lived there, and bring in the energy for new beginnings. It also is used to mark sacred events in our lives, like weddings, births and important gatherings of friends and family.

    The techniques used to clear space are as varied as the cultures from which they come, all of which can lead to profound, powerful changes in your life. Part of what can be overwhelming are the number of tools used for clearings – sage, drums, bells, incense, feathers, fans, essential oils, crystals, candles, gongs, tingshas, rattles, and more.

    What’s most important; however, is not necessarily having expertise in the use of all of these tools, but finding the right tools for you. This is part of what makes Interior Alignment training unique. We work with students to help them find the right tools for them.

    Furthermore, we work with students to help them connect with their own gifts and guides that personalizes their space clearings to make them even more powerful for their clients.  

    On today’s show, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment Bill Schwingel will share ways in which to make clearings as individual as you are, and ultimately have a greater effect on your space. The show begins at 6 p.m. EST, we hope you’ll be able to listen or call in!

    Bill received his training in 2003 from Interior Alignment founder Denise Linn. He has been studying Feng Shui and Space Clearing for years, helping clients understand the flow of energy in their space and the many ways they can improve their homes or businesses. He finds his inspiration from nature, connecting with the energy of the earth, the trees and the animals to gather insights for his clients.

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    Fate & Destiny.... Throw in Karma and you got life!!!!

    in Spirituality

    Why am I where I am in life? Is it Fate? Is it Karma? Or is it some amazing Destiny that I am fulfilling? How can I tell the difference between them? We are all born with a path in life. Some of us execute free will, go against our guidance, and blaze our way in the world for better or worse. In this we create our own fate, and most of the time, it is a one way street. Why are these things happening to me? Is this some heavy bout of Karmic retribution? Who did I wrong??? Some of us follow our guidance on decesions in life and work hard for what we feel is right. Wether we are destined for greatness, a life of the mediocre, or becoming an evil genius, we know in our hearts that it is what we have to do. Join us tonight as we discuss this and other things. Not sure if what you are doing is Fate, Destiny, or just Karma being a pain.... call in or hit us up in the chat room to join in the fun! (347) 633 9648

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    Karma and Politics

    in Spirituality

    As we watch the political process unfold, deciding the direction of our future, what is the karma of our votes? Who we elect will decide the mentality of our political leaders. Will we go to war? Or have a recession? What will happen to our education system? And what about our food? Then there is the job front. So much of our collective experience plays out on this political stage for now. 

     But what is the underlying karma of it all? What mindset can we have as citizens that will help shift our future towards peace and prosperity for all? Join us as we discuss these topics and take a deeper look at the karma of our politics.

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    Emotional Block Clearing ~ LIVE Call-In!

    in Health

    Today Caroline is joined by master healers Karen Ross R.N., and Liz Bull for our once-a-month Emotional Bock Clearing session. If you have a concern about an emotional issue that could be holding you back from manifesting your good – this program is for you! During the program, using a simple muscle-testing method, your blocks are identified and healed energetically through Liz and Karen’s unique intuitive process. Call in and speak to Liz, Karen, or Caroline in person – our board is usually very full for this popular program!

    TONIGHT! Join Caroline on her Monday Night Teleconference ~ Caroline answers your health questions and provides Spot Readings for you and your loved ones! Are you struggling with a health issue? This call is for you. 5:30pm PT, 8:30pm ET. Register for call-in information here! Listen to all archives, by topic, here.


    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.”
    - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life