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    Revised Reality Radio-talks Karma, what is it?

    in Entertainment

    What is Karma? lets get into Karma for a small bit this evening. Do we create our own Karma, is the universe doing it for us, or is there higher powers at work serving justice to man-kind? lets talk

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    The Wisdom of Karma with Expert Patricia Gagic

    in Spirituality

    Karma is a potent law of the universe. Karma, literally meaning action, is the sum of your intentional and deliberate consciousness, which prescribes your thoughts and thus determines your actions. Just as positive thoughts initiate positive outcomes, negative thoughts create angst.

    The wisdom of your Karma is yours alone; you cannot experience someone else s karma. Fortuitously, you can influence the sovereignty of your karma

    Today's expert guest is Patricia Gagic, the author of the book, Karmic Alibi. In her book Patricia shares how to expedite the wisdom of karma. She says that by mastering the five radical degrees of life, so as to leave all excuses behind, you will be better able to live in a state of joyful and purpose-filled abundance emotionally, physically and spiritually a legacy to your divinity.

    To learn more about Patricia Gagic and her book, please visit http://www.inspiredtoberewired.com/

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    Desire is the Fire; Full Moon in Scorpio

    in Spirituality

    Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the Full Moon on May 3, 2015 at 11:42 pm EDT and how it can be used to jumpstart your union with the Divine. By pointing  out the two tee squares that are included in the lunation; they will discuss the benefits of this cosmic tsunami and how to use it to generate momentum . The Moon opposition Sun square to Jupiter and Mercury opposition Saturn square Neptune is useful energy; if you can harness it and give it direction. Fire can warm you home and it can burn it down; two different uses of the same energy-- desire is the fire for human behavior; it can make you or break you. Learn how to use a perfect practice of Kriya Yoga to initiate the progressive cycle and expand your identity beyond physical reality. Desire Prana and experience the benefits. 

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    “A Street Car named Desire “by Curt Hahn

    in Current Events

    “A Street Car named Desire “by Curt Hahn

    Prerecorded 5-14-15 MHS Theater Arts, & Thespians troop 7389 Production of “Street Car named Desire “

    Podcast link:

    For information on the background of the Show contact Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions1 or oscssw@juno.com

    ALL credit is due to the Artists, Companies, Students,

    Today’s Show was Prerecorded at the Montebello High School Theater Arts studios and features the  four senior Casts leads for “ A Street car named Desire “  for a pre-opening night show about their roles in the play, Their vision of the 5 shows they are producing. Why the Visual and Preforming Arts are important to their high school educational experiences and finally their outlook for their futures.  

    Dominique “Blanche” She is also Head of Costumes, Makeup and Publicity

    Joanna S. “Stella” She is also works with Props, Costumes, and Sound.

    Jacob C. “Mitch” and Master Carpenter

    Bryan C. “Stanley” Propmaster

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    Evolution FEST: Cut the Karma and Get On With Your Destiny

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Erin Diedling share their insights on Evolution FEST: Cut the Karma and Get On With Your Destiny

    Tuesday, May 5th  10am PST

    Erin Diedling, M.Ed., is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor based in Chicago where she is Director of Trauma Treatment at the Awakening Center. She specializes in treating trauma, eating disorders, couples counseling, artists and performers. She completed a three-year training in Somatic Experience Trauma Healing techniques. In addition, Erin is an intuitive reader, healer, body worker and spiritual coach.

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    Dr. Carmen Harra and Daughter Alexandra talk about Karma

    in Self Help

    Today at 11 AM Pacific Time, join Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant on I AM U Radio as they interview The Karma Queens...two amazing women, the first, Carmen Harra, PhD, a world renowned author, psychologist and intuitive; and the other, her daughter Alexandra Harra, a gorgeous model, life coach, and Huffington post columnist. 

    Dr. Harra, and her daughter Alexandra will talk about their new book The Karma Queens' Guide to Relationships.  In it they reference Karma as the missing ingredient to changing what's not working...to what is!  And they are here today to reveal the secret of how to transform your relationships, including attracting or keeping your soul mate.  

    Listen in today or call in with your questions! 


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    Behind the scenes of Sensual Voices - a Book Program about Desire and Connection

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to our first Sensual Show!

    This is the beginning of a series where we introduce the authors of our upcoming book Sensual Voices: True Stories by Women Exploring Connection and Desire.

    Radio Hosts: Andrea Hylen, founder of Heal My Voice and Marie Ek Lipanovska, founder of Heal My Voice Sweden.

    On this show Andrea and Marie take you behind the scenes and share their experience of leading women in transformational process.

    Saying YES to your Divine Calling
    The Awakening of Women Leaders
    Collaboration with Powerful Women
    Why are Women's Voices so Important?
    P3 Coaching - their uniqe coaching process

    Heal My Voice’s mission is to empower women and girls to step into greater leadership in their lives. We believe women are pivotal role models in their homes, communities, and institutions. Our programs and projects do this by creating a safe, intimate space for each participant’s voice, allowing each person to experience their situation authentically and speak from their place of truth and inner authority. We believe humans who trust their ability to speak and express themselves are a powerful force to unleash into this world. In short, we believe your voice matters.

    To learn more about upcoming book programs and events please visit the webistes:



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    A Life of Miracles Radio: Freedom from Karma

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A Life of Miracles radio with you host Denise O'Regan. Our sister Sandra Saradesi is away this week.

    When karma rules our lives it is but a belief we hold. Karma goes when we align with the innocence of life and fully surrender in trust to Infinite intent. This week we share some wisdoms from Almine on "what is Karma" and how to release it. Please bring

    your comfy blanket and pillow as we share a beautiful meditation from Almine. 

    To learn more about Almine please www.spiritualjourneys.com

    Perut-arsate  To lose the love of playfulness is to lose the love of life, since each is stimulaterd by the other. Allow creative play to turn responsibilities into lighthearted fun. Elfin Quest Card #19

    Praise, Love, Gratitude and Trust




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    We Have a Contract with God - Karma

    in Spirituality

    According to the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 5 vs 38 and 39 Jesus said...38"You have heard that it was said, 'AN EYE FOR AN EYE, AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH.'39"But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.…Peace and Blessingseveryone!! An eye for an eye was the law of Moses, but Jesus taugh we should love our enemies and not seek retribution. Jesus had an understanding of Karma. He knew that what goes around, comees around and that many of us have Karmic debt, short comings to make up for, some thing(s) to work on, some short fall that must be corrected.  We refer  to KARMA quite often when we say what goes around comes around. When we understand KARMA we understand that we are really forgiving ourselves. Accordingly,tonight we address our KARMIC Debt as revealed by the numbers that are missing from our names. DiscoveryourKARMI Tune innandntella friend.

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    karma...the reality of the lie

    in Self Help

    RQRA panel will discuss the real truth behind karma. We will dicuss Georgia sheriff victor hill,and put some light on why he has the power he does. some questions we will answer are..Can there be a gay president in our near future?, or has there been many already?....Is bill clinton right about his reform he signed into law the reason the prision system population is out of control?. And much more...we will touch the subjects most are scared to touch.

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    in Self Help

    The question of karma and destiny has baffled scholars and philosophers since the beginning of time, so much that this subject has become quite controversial.

    In these modern days, we don’t really take the time to understand this mysterious happening in our lies.

    But back in the day, the ancient sages were crystal clear regarding this topic and tried very hard to educate us so we too may understand.

    So what is Karma? Karma simply means action. Every action has consequences. Karma creates the future, but it is also an echo from the past. 

    With karma, like causes produce like effects; meaning a good deed will lead to a future beneficial effect, while a bad deed will lead to a future harmful effect.

    Most people are prisoners of Karma, because we do the same actions in life, and these actions becomes so conditioned in us, that the results of our actions become so predictable.

    The goal of enlightenment is to break the in shackles of Karma.

    The word “action” includes physical action, speech, and thoughts—What matters to forming our character is not the “behavior” that makes up our action but our intention in engaging in that action..

    The numisconception of Karma is that Karma is a punishment, but this law of cause and effect is not punishment, but is solely for the sake of education or learning.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Practitioner and Host of the SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW to truly understand the meaning of Karma, and how you create your own Karma and destiny, and how to make sure that the Karma you create is for your highest good.

    I am sure you don’t want to miss out on our ME TIME!!!

    One Love!!