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    Life in a Better Than You are Society

    in Politics Progressive

    Life in a better than you are society hurts the subject and hurts the object of the subject. Life in a better than you society is not the way to equality for all. Life in a better than you are society is not the way to justice for all. Life in a better than you society creates false pride that leads a nation to growing generational poverty and growing generational elitism. White Americans have been fed from the spoon of being better than all others for hundreds of years. The result is a group of becoming minority Americans has been a force that continues to hold America in the 19th century with hopes of taking America back. Ignorance prevails in pockets of the White community. Life in a better than you are society hurts the subject and hurts the object of the subject. Ignorance, complacence, elitism equals destruction. Woe to USA.

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    I Am Xena Canada ~ Empowering You! Featuring Sheryl Jones

    in Women

     I Am Xena Canada - Empowering YOU is a branch of I Am Xena.  Women on a mission and have a purpose to help other women and girls feel safe, and protected from all forms of abuse.  Each week you will hear remarkable stories of women who have beaten the odds, risen above all challenges, and are now living their amazing lives full on like the amazing Xena warrior women they are born to be.  For more information please visit www.iamxena.com

    Toay's guest is Sheryl Jones!

    Sheryl Jones is CEO & Founder of Rodcor Services located in Irving, TX.  I am the Queen of Hearts, giving my community TREMENDOUS LOVE.  I SERVE adults & children with special needs by providing their families with EXTRAORDINARY STAFF so they can take a much needed break to reduce their STRESS. 


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    Love Human: Where You Come From and Where You Are Going

    in Spirituality

    Which of the following questions have you asked yourself at one time or another?

    Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Am I doing what I came here to do? Where was I before I got here and where will I be when I leave?

    Are we alone in the cosmos? If we aren’t alone, is our universe similar to other universes? Do any of them have human beings and, if they do, are they more evolved than we are or less evolved then we are? Will we ever meet face-to-face?

    Love Human is an attempt to answer these questions and many more. Keep an open mind. Be willing to look at preconceived notions from a slightly different angle. When you shift your perceptions, you find new ways of seeing the past; and new ways of seeing the past brings resolution to old and painful heartache. As new perceptions bring healing into the present, they created new feelings. New feelings encourage new actions, and new actions create new results.

    This is the gift of Love Human; guidance regarding how to find comfort in a world where uncomfortable things happen. Perhaps the peace we seek is only possible on a large scale if we find it on a small scale; one person at a time finding resolutions they hope that others will find.

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    You Can Dream The "I Dare You" Dream

    in Self Help

    Support and courage together is the winning combination needed to begin on the road of success in the life of public speaking. The internal factor of courage is the only thing we personally have control of. This is what makes Toastmasters so invaluable because once decisions are made to step up and speak publicly; the forum of support is already willing and available to give you the physical and emotional support required for the journey ahead. Toastmaster Ann Taylor, will be joining D44 Talk Radio show and remind us that, you too can dream the "I dare you" dream by living life with courage and how toastmaster international is The Perfect Companion. This is certainly a show you don't want to miss. Host: Mary Logan

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    N.M.I. w/ Billy Grima, Revolution,I Love You, 2 Miles North & Almost Awake!!!

    in Music

    Billy Grima - Singer/Songwriter born in Australia now residing in Canada...New album "Sugar & Cream" ft the single "Pleasure To Have Met You" out now...Check out his music,tour dates & more @ www.billygrima.com

    Revolution, I Love You - Electro-rock band from Philadelphia,Pa...New singles "Dare(Gorillaz Cover)" & "Autumn Leaves" out now...Check out their East Coast tour starting this Friday...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/revolutioniloveyou

    2 Miles North - Alternative Country Rock band from Lancaster,Pa...Debut EP "Lessons" out now...Just celebrated the EP in Lancaster this past Saturday..Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/2MilesNorth

    Almost Awake - Alt-Rock band from Las Vegas,Nv...New Album "The Explorer" out now...Playing Eagle Aerie Hall on June 13th & OMD on July 4th...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/AlmostAwake

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    in Self Help

    Have Tea with Blase, every Thursday night at 6:30 pm eastern time on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.
    Call in to speak with guest live on the air (347) 324-5185

    Contact: Blase

    Phone: 315-333-2377

    E-mail: SuccessStory@verizon.net

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    Before You Say I Do

    in Radio


    Call in to listen to the show (516) 387-1714
    To talk to the host or guest press #1
    Keeping it Real with K Smilez

    Tonight's topic is: "Things you need to know before you say I do" You may want to take a real good listen in on this show topic if you are in a relationship and thinking about popping the big question, or you may be thinking of saying yes when the questioned is asked.  You may want to also use this as a guideline for your friends or children who may be thinking of getting married soon.  Before you say yes, there are several things you need to know like, their spiritual/religious beliefs, medical/mental family history, do they want children or pets, how is their credit, etc?  

    These are just a few very important questions you need to know before you say yes and there are plenty more.  To get more advice on things you should know before you say I do, join me tonight with my returning co-host Ms. Angela Nickelberry, Licensed and Certified skin care Specialist, Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur and owner of Day Springs Wellness in Cordova, TN. Also returning to the show is Chicago Native Mr. Sean "PacMan" Newsome, Independent Marketing Professional who works with Radio Advertising Inc.serving radio stations with professional advertisements all across the globe.

    So join us tonight and tell a friend about my show "Keeping it Real with K Smilez"



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    How to Solve the Argument in Love

    in Romance

    Join The Church Girl & Pastor Bob as the discuss how to Solve your Argument in Love. Couples all over the world have had that one to many heated argument thats esculated thus cause many relationships to fail. However, being frustrated or angry with your partner doesn't have to be destructive, as long as you know how to approach the argument in Love, Gentleness, and considerate in the knowledge of one another.

    Relationship Advice I Wish I'd Heard Before Getting Divorced

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    in Self Help

    Angels when you hear the word LOVE what comes to your mind? Romantic LOVE, BEING in LOVE with someone or something? OR,does LOVE propell you to do random acts of kindness, to help someone in need whete'r you KNOW them or not!

    Angels, Unconditional LOVE I AM remembering are small acts of kindness done quietly, helping a stranger that you do not KNOW, BEING kind to family members or friends that have hurt you in the past, LOVING yourself, and taking time to BE with yourself.

    Take a listen to the BUZZWORD OF THE DAY and let LOVE into your consciousness, your life, and your world!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!


    http://www.buzzardskorner.com Self help packages, past episodes,archived writings, and so much more to start your day out on a positive note!


    bringing people back to themselves!

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    What Kind of Love is this ?

    in Relationships

    Couplesgo through predictable stages in marriage, and sometimes even before marriage. Even in the happiest marriages, you will revisit stages and need information and tools to help return you to the real love that you both want. Just knowing the stages are normal, and that there are ways to move to the higher stages can help you know where you are and what to do.

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    Love of Heart Movement spotlights LaTresa Blakely-I am Enough Movement

    in Motivation

    Queen of Hearts interviews LaTersa Blakely-Founder of I am Enough Movement

    Top 6 reasons to listen to this interview

    1. Why pain forced her into her purpose

    2. How she turned her pity into her power

    3. What is the result of her pain

    4. Why it is important to own your story

    5. Learn why people's opinions do not equal your reality

    6. Tip for all entrepreneurs-Look UP and Look Within

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