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    Karen Rands will share insights on networking for investors

    in Entrepreneur

    How do you find investors without paying an arm and a leg to an intermediary or fly all over the country to pitch at events? Tune into hear how you can Network for Investor Success. During this 30 min segment, Karen will share insights gained during the last decade on how to network to find angel investors and garner their interest to spend more time with you. Karen is highly sought out for her Entrepreneur Capital Mastery coaching program. You can learn more at http://launchfn.com

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    Karen Rands interviews Barry Yelton, Director of the NFA

    in Entrepreneur

    Karen Rands, the host of the Compassionate Capitalist radio show will interview Barry Yelton, Director, Vice Chairman, and Executive Vice President of the National Funding Association (NFA), an association of financial professionals and capital lenders.
    Barry will share his insights on the availability of debt financing for growing companies in the current economic client.  He'll also talk about the exciting three day national conference scheduled for May 4-6 in Atlanta.   Hundreds of lending sources will join company executives and strategic service providers to network and collaborate on deals.  The event includes golf, gala evening celebrations, informative panels, and great connections.
    You can get information about this exciting event http://www.nationalfunding.org/national_conf/nfa-conference-2011.html
    Use this link to register and save $50.

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    Karen Rands interviews Ross Rankin, TripLingo

    in Entrepreneur

    This Compassionate Capitalist segment will feature the COO of TripLingo, the company with the recently launched hot new mobile app that will travel with you to distant places, teaching you how to talk with the locals before you go or in a flash when you need it--even in the local "lingo". This exciting start-up company has been recognized by CNN, Atlanta Business Chronical, Start-up Riot and Atlanta Journal Constitution.  The AJC said: "TripLingo offers a solution to a real problem facing travelers. It's not... merely a solution looking for a problem, a common flaw of entrepreneurial ideas."
    Tune in to hear how this company took an idea and turned it into the hot new app for anyone who wants to communicate in Spanish, French or German. http://triplingo.com
    TripLingo was founded on the belief that language learning should be tailored to your unique needs and that most learners aren’t necessarily seeking to become fluent. Whether you’re a traveller for leisure or businesses, whether you’re simply curious about a language, or whether you’ve got an eye towards fluency, we’ve got you covered.
    Karen is excited to have Ross on her show to share with our audience the journey and exciting future of this innovative mobile app provider.

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    Karen Rands- Shedding light on the Courtship of Entrepreneurs and Investors

    in Entrepreneur

    During the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show, Karen Rands will take a light-hearted look at the remarkable similarities between finding an investor and finding a spouse. Although polygamy is encouraged in the investment world and divorce is easier in the marriage world....their similarities abound beyond those points. Tune in to hear how Karen's unique experience gained from years of providing early stage venture capital consulting services to hundreds of entrepreneurs can help entrepreneurs and angel investors alike have health happy relationships!

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    Karen Rands Interviews CEO of Embark Healthcare

    in Health

    Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, will interview CEO Michael Brouthers. His company Embark Healthcare provides a technology-based
    repository for the collection, distribution, and servicing of its member’s healthcare information and documents. Embark’s mission is to improve the end-of-life process for patients, families, loved ones, and caregivers. Embark’s Advance Directives Clearinghouse (ADC) empowers patients and their loved ones to document
    their own healthcare choices and to make these decisions available and enforceable wherever and
    whenever they are needed. We'll explore the value proposition and the business opportunity this company offers.

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    Karen Rands to Interview Tax Accounting Expert - Debbie Snelling

    in Business

    On this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show, Karen Rands will be interviewing small business tax and accounting expert, Debbie Snelling. Today, Ms. Snelling will discuss what the tax outlook look like for 2011 with the extension of some key tax cuts and what incentives are available for small business owners and high net worth individuals as they work to maximize their income, yet minimize their tax liability. Further, she will provide key things to not forget about filing your 2010 taxes to make sure you get full benefit of any economic incentives that were offered to corporate and organizational entities.

    Debbie Snelling has more than 25 years of experience in finance, accounting, and tax, managing custom tax application development initiatives; and leading Sarbanes-Oxley tax documentation and remediation projects. Ms. Snelling also has deep experience in income, sales and property tax disciplines which she shares in the monthly Snelling Report. Ms. Snelling works with early stage and expansion stage companies to minimize their tax burdens, while creating healthy financial operations for future growth and attracting capital. As Director of Taxation for a publicly traded e-commerce company, she focused on state and federal tax minimization and tax operational performance improvement initiatives. Ms. Snelling has designed and implemented clients’ accounting systems. Additionally she has performed business consulting, including financial budgets and projections. Ms. Snelling has advised companies across a range of industries, including real estate, manufacturing, construction, consumer business, technology, and financial services. As is sometimes necessary, particularly in this stressful economic times, Ms. Snelling provides expertise and management for bankruptcy filings and financial restatements and in providing the financial management of the sale of assets and dissolution and reorganization of entities.

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    Compassionate Capitalist Karen Rands and the Invention Guru - Jim Debetta

    in Business

    Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, will interview Jim DeBetta, a leading consumer products business advisor to inventors and entrepreneurs alike. As a highly sought-after coach and mentor for aspiring inventors worldwide, his unique methods and experienced insight is transforming the way people "go to market" with their unique products and services.
    For nearly twenty years, Jim has successfully launched companies and demystified the process of proven sales and marketing methods to world-renowned retailers while selling millions of dollars of products. tune in and we will take call in for questions with this expert. Just flag your call when you want to be acknowledged to ask a question. www.jimdebetta.com for more info about Jim and his company.

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    Compassionate Capitalist Show - Managing the Risk in your Business Investment

    in Business

    Karen Rands' Compassionate Capitalist Show returns to explore how entrepreneurs and investors can increase their odds of success in building small businesses and growing them through risk management.  Tom Mackey of Epic Brokers will join Karen to explore this topic.  If you ever thought insurance was predictable or boring, think again.  This is not your same old discussion on insurance.  You'll be amazed how the big businesses save big bucks on operations, contract management, and of course insurance....that all are available to early stage companies to help them 'insure' their success and investors to reap the benefits of those decisions. 

    Early stage private equity investing as an angel investor can be risky.  Launching a company can be risky.  Learn to manage that risk.  Tune In. 

    Tom Mackey is a risk management consultant, specializing in professional and management liability. He works for EPIC in Atlanta, GA and consults with mid-market companies to build and manage enterprise risk management programs to measure, monitor, and control the levels of risk that clients’ companies retain and transfer. Thompson is an avid world traveler and has been to more than 30 countries (and counting).  Learn more at his blog: www.thompsonmackey.com

    Karen Rands has been advising entrepreneurs and investors for more than a decade, helping to bridge the capital divide necessary to bring innovation to market, create jobs and create wealth.  Learn more at http://kugarand.com  and follow her on Twitter @karen_rands Entrepreneurs go to http://launchfn.com Investors go to http://nnoai.com 

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    Compassionate Capitalist Karen Rands Interviews Author of The Secret of Successful Inventors

    in Gadgets

    Karen Rands, the compassionate capitalist, will talk with John Hobbs, inventor and founder of Athelete's Oasis, about his new book, "The Secret of Successful Inventors". Author/inventor John R Hobbs reveals the "missing secrets" all inventors need to know so they become successful! After struggling for years, he could not figure out why only a few people understood and could truly see the benefits of his mass-market invention and brand. He finely figured it out and instantly started receiving the resources a product/brand needs to penetrate the market in an effective manner. Listen and learn from as this seasoned inventor describes the simple steps to increase the likelihood that your idea can become an invention that penetrates the market in a big way. You can pre-order John's book at www.TheSecretsofSuccessfulInventors.com
    For more info about Karen Rands and to learn about the services her firm offers, visit www.launchfn.com

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    Karen Rands, Compassionate Capitalist to Interview Possible Woman Leadership Conf Speakers

    in Management

    Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, will interview selected speakers from the upcoming 14th Annual Possible Woman Leadership Conference scheduled for April 20th in Atlanta. Linda Wind of Wind Enterprises has been at the forefront of bringing visionary women together to enhance and develop their skills in leadership, strategy, and team-building. We will provide a sneak peek at the incredible insights that will be shared by the speakers and panelists during this one day conference. Get tips on leadership, strategy, and marketing from thought leaders scheduled to participate in this conference for over 1000 business owners in attendance on April 20 in Atlanta. Conference info: http://www.windenterprises.com/2010-conference/
    tune in to get bonus code for discount on attendee fee. Special guests will include Melissa Galt, Ruth King, Joyce Bone and more.

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    Compassionate Capitalist Karen Rands: Alternative sources of Early Stage Capital

    in Finance

    Karen Rands will interview Financial Guru, Joe Donovan of Cape Securities about Alternative Ways to Secure Early Stage Capital for high potential companies. This show will benefit both Entrepreneurs and Investors because often times an investor wants to invest in a company but doesn't have the liquidity to make the investment. We'll explore options accredited angel investors can use to provide capital to an early stage company without liquidating their assets.