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    William Kareem & Yusuf Ramadan Present: A NEW DAY FOR AL ISLAM IN AMERICA

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    The "All New" Day  For Al-Islam In America

    1st & 2nd HOUR: William Kareem presents artistic sound and words of inspiration

    3rd HOUR: Imam Yusuf Ramadan gives political and social commentary on current events and other issues of concern.



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    Kareem was born in the projects of Trenton, New Jersey, raised by his mother in a single family home. Although his mother had seven children total, Kareem grew up with two brothers. “It was pretty rough growing up in the projects of New Jersey”, Kareem stated. Continuing “…drugs was a major problem.” He dropped out of high school in eleventh grade because he felt like he was too advanced for the contemporary school system. Later, he went back to acquire his GED and scored the highest in three categories, in the one percentile! He proceeded to attend college and formerly dropped out after one semester. Kareem currently resides in Winston Salem, North Carolina. “I live in a very sacred place. One of the most sacred places on Earth” he mentioned.

    Kareem is a world guide and healer. He refers to himself as a child of God. His work consists of channeling his higher self and other higher beings for guidance and healing, and that requires meditation. He heals people with this energy channeled down through words, touch, presence and any form of expression. The cause behind his work is that he had a super natural experience, where he was contacted by Maitreya, to speak the word of God. “I was asked if I wanted to help anchor the kingdom of heaven on Earth, and I said “yes” he said.

    Kareem’s goal is to travel the world and heal and guide as many people as he can. He aspires to create communities of light and to end poverty. Kareem spreads the word of God to reshape the world where there is suffering and to create a union. “Most of all” Kareem addressed “I want to raise our consciousness and awareness wherever I go.”

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    William Kareem & Yusuf Ramadan Present "A New Day For Al Islam In America"

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    1st & 2nd HOUR: Brother Lester and Brother Solomon bring you Our Music Our Selves, sharing a wealth of music, knowledge and inspiration.  Both are serious musicians, teachers and scholars. 

    3rd HOUR: A New Day For Al-Islam In America is where you can get political and social commentary from host Imam Yusuf Ramadan and William Kareem. 



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    The "All New" Day For Al-Islam In America with William Kareem & Yusuf Ramadan

    in Religion

    1st HOUR: Artistic Sounds with Brother William Kareem

    2nd HOUR: Comments and Responses from Audience

    3rd HOUR: Imam Yusuf Ramadan comments

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    How to find a quality Man after age 50 with Lisa Copeland

    in Relationships

    Why is dating so difficult especially after 50?

    Is Online Dating the only way to find a guy?

    How to identify Scammers online and how prevalent are they?

    Where to find men to date in the real world?

    Will someone want me at my age?

    These and more will be answered when you join me and Lisa Copeland, the dating coach on Oct 1, at 3 pm!

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    The "All New" Day For Al-Islam In America with William Kareem & Yusuf Ramadan

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    1st & 2nd HOUR: A Provacative Reminder: Speech by the Author of "The Black Man's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman - Shahrazad Ali...  "STOP BEING A SLAVE" & A Tribute to The Muslim Woman "AZIZAH MAGAZINE"

    3rd HOUR: A New Day For Al-Islam In America is where you can get political and social commentary from host Imam Yusuf Ramadan and William Kareem. 



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    Sapphire J Blue converses with Keith Kareem Williams and Keith Gatson

    in Entertainment

    I will be chatting with keith Kareem Williams and Keith Gatson. We will be talking about Blood & Vengeance, writing  and the life of Male Authors

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    Tony "Guitar" Copeland visits - This Side of the River

    in Music

    Back by Popular Demand .... You asked for him....  We caught up with him...  He's Here!

    RIVERS IN A DESERT is excited to announce another rare visit from our good friend TONY "GUITAR" COPELAND!!

    Tony "Guitar" Copeland is a self-taught musician from a musical family. By age 5 Tony "Guitar" had settled in his mind to becoming a professional musician. He taught himself to play lead and bass guitars, drums, french horn and later piano. Tony is also an accomplished vocalist whose style is similar to Frankie Beverly of the R&B group "Maze featuring Frankie Beverly". His jazz-style is a cross between gospel, reggae, rhythm and blues, fusion and funk, which appeals to young as well as mature audiences worldwide. It's been stated that he sounds like "George Benson", "Norman Brown" and "Earl Kluh" etc.

    Tony Guitar Copeland recently journeyed to the east coast, where he produced featured vocalist, Reginald and Reginald Halsey Jr., who teamed up and did a wonderful job on "Just My Imagination" for his upcoming "Waterfalls" CD release, produced by Grammy award winning, Felton Pilate Co-founder and current member of famous R&B group ConFunkshun.

    Copeland is not new to the music industry however; he released the "Panoramic View" jazz project which he wrote and produced on his Indie label "Danay Records" in 2010. You will find it at www.cdbaby.com/cd/tonycopeland.

    2 Corinthians 5:14 For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead:

    15 And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.

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    Qur'an Kareem & Arab Islamic Center

    in Islam

    Dear Muslim Brothers/Sisters

    Qur'an Kareem & Arab Islamic Center
    Offering Qur'an Kareem, Islamic and Arabic Language Classes for All Muslims every where,

    Our Teachers Masha ALLAH originally Arab from Makkah AL-Mukaramah Saudi Arabia,
    they Speak Arabic and Good English Language

    to join Us Please contact us through:

    Skype ID: qkinstitute
    Email ID:  info@aqctr.com
    Website: www.aqctr.com
    Tel: +1 437 888 7668
    Tel: +1 587 287 3330
    Fax: +1 647 367 4502


  • Civil Disobedience Is The American Way w/Bill Wells

    in Business

    Civil Disobedience Is The American Way: 

    Fighting Injustice with New Forms of Peaceful Protest

    From Trayvon Martin to Jordan Davis to Michael Brown to Eric Garner to DJ Henry. America has a problem.  A race and gender problem.   And sitting right in the bullseye are countless Black men, young and old victimized by police tactics that work against them in grand jury rulings and court house verdicts.  We can no longer look the other way…Americans are finally saying ENOUGH to the senseless killings that are happening throughout the land. 

    Important details missing from a dispatcher’s call to police resulted in a 12 year old child being gunned down by a rookie cop in Cleveland.  And a man with asthma desperately calling out “I can’t breathe” succumbed to a New York cop’s chokehold that finished his life forever.

    Veteran diversity professional and former chair of the National Black MBA Association Bill Wells will discuss the direction of our country as we wrestle with police brutality and its fatal impact on Black men everywhere.  And we’ll also look at the  groundswell of peaceful protests around the country and the world that are waking us all up the the changes needed to fix the injustices so badly derailing our nation.

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    Santa’s 6 Tips For Saving Money This Season w/Lurie Davis

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    You blink and the Christmas season is upon us. You blink again and it’s January and you have a mountain of new debt. Ever want to find new ways to reign in your urges to shop until you drop so that the Spirit of the Season won’t bite you in the wallet when the holidays are over?

    If you answered yes, this Show is for you, your colleagues, your friends and your family!

    I have teamed up with our resident financial expert Lurie Davis and we’ve created SIX easy ways to SAVE MONEY throughout the holidays.  From Christmas or  Hanukkah gifts to Kwanzaa to Three Kings… we’ll help you reign in your spending and breathe easy come January 2015.

    Get out your pen and paper and watch your spending shrink as you find new ways to celebrate the Season!!

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